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Movierulz: Watching movies is a favorite past time of many people, some of us prefer going to cinema hall while the rest of us watch it on our devices such as laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

The movies that we watch on our devices at home are mostly pirated, and when we talk about piracy, movierulz and tamilrockers are the two names that pop up in our minds.

Movierulz and tamilrockers have every Hollywood and Bollywood movie in their database, no matter how old is the movie.

The film industry and the Government is strictly against piracy, therefore sites like movierulz, tamilrockers had been taken down a lot of time, but movierulz always comes up with a new domain like, and a lot of other domains.

Movierulz, tamilrockers and other piracy sites have a lot of domains as the owners are well aware of the fact that the government along with ISP providers would blacklist their domains to stop piracy.

Owners of movierulz are always one step ahead of the Government, therefore they keep redirecting their main site to other domains whenever it gets banned.

Movierulz – An Overview

Movierulz has made its goodwill among the audience by providing them the latest Telugu movies, Hollywood movies, and Bollywood movies.

The HD movies download feature gives its audience a strong reason to return to the site whenever a new movie is released.

Another thing that makes sites like movierulz and tamilrockers the best movie piracy site is that they provide their audience an option to watch Telugu movies online or download them in a few clicks.

Tamilrockers is notorious when it comes to piracy, they are famous for leaking the latest Telugu movies online within a few days of the movie’s release.

They also provide an option for HD movie download, therefore visitors can easily download movies from movierulz and tamilrockers.

Movierulz – The working model of movierulz and tamilrockers.

The infamous website Movierulz and tamilrockers are managed by a group of people who keep track of the latest movie release date.

The group updates the hall print on movierulz and tamilrockers within a few hours of the release. After a few days, they upload the movie in HD quality by ripping from streaming sites like Netflix, amazon prime or other original content hosting companies.

If you are wondering why sites like movierulz and tamilrockers are still operating even after several bans, we have your answers.

The owners of movierulz and tamilrockers register almost every domain extensions with movierulz or tamilrockers in it. This is because they are aware of the fact that the government and ISP would track their domain and ban them.

Therefore, they keep redirecting or shifting the movie database from one domain to another which is quite easy as compared to making a new website.

Tracking down their location is very difficult as the notorious owners use offshore hosting which gives them strong privacy to hide the actual location of their servers and geographical location.

Movierulz and tamilrockers- modes of earning through piracy.

If you think that movierulz and tamilrockers are doing it all for free, you are wrong. These sites do not get approved by Google AdSense due to its strict policies against pirated content but there are a lot of other ad networks like taboola that approve these sites to run ads.

The visitors who access these sites often experience pop-up ads, background window ads that would open upon clicking anywhere on the screen.

These types of ads degrade the user experience therefore, Adsense approval would be a dream come true for piracy sites.

Movierulz proxy – List of working domains

As mentioned above, piracy sites have to keep shifting from one domain to another due to the government’s interference. Therefore movierulz has several registered domains, we are listing down the domains for you.

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How to download movies from Movierulz?


How to download movies from movierulz_


Movierulz provides an option to download movies for offline streaming. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having a strong internet connection whenever you want to stream movies.

We have penned down an easy tutorial on “how to download movies from movierulz”, in the next section of the article.

Disclaimer: Our tutorial on “how to download movies from movierulz” is for education purposes only. Therefore, we do not host or promote anything that goes against the policies of Government, Google, and the content creators.

How to download movies from movierulz in PC – tutorial (using pc)

This tutorial is only for users who want to download movies on their PC if you want to download movies from movierulz using an android device, skip to the next section of the post, otherwise continue.

  • Open Chrome or any other browser on your PC.
  • Enter the URL of the movierulz website, you can choose any URL from the list above. I recommend you to use
  • Movierulz website has a search option, you can either use the search box or choose any category from the menu.
  • Enter a keyword, let us say, Avengers endgame. Hit enter and the search results would appear.
  • A list of related movies would appear (see gallery for screenshots). Click on the avenger’s endgame.
  • You will be redirected to a page with torrent links and online streaming links. Click on Get this torrent.
To download the torrent, you need to have a torrent client. You can either download Bittorent or Utorrent to download torrents

  • If you already have a torrent client, open the torrent and your movie will start downloading.









So, this was a short and simple tutorial on downloading movies from Movierulz. If you are a smartphone user, jump to the next section of the article and see how to download movies from movierulz on a smartphone.

How to download movies from movierulz – (Android).

To download movies from movierulz on a smartphone, you need to have a torrent client. I would recommend you to install IDM manager.

Features of IDM

IDM is an android download manager that has a lot of features for downloading any time of media from the internet. You can download torrents, videos, music, documents or Softwares by pasting links in IDM.

  • Torrent downloader
  • Normal file downloading option.
  • Up to 5 simultaneous downloads.
  • Speed limiter for files.
  • Wifi only downloads option.
  • Inbuilt browser.
  • Download link grabber.



Steps to download movies from movierulz:

  • Go to
  • Enter the name of the movie that you want to download in the search box.
  • A download page with torrent links in different quality would open.
  • Tap on the quality that you prefer, a pop would appear asking you to start the download.
  • Now, tap on start and the download would begin.

Simple, isn’t it? If you are still facing issues, comment down.

Looking for movierulz alternatives? Don’t worry we have a list of some best sites to watch Telugu movies online.

Movierulz alternatives – 2019

Pirating websites have a very shortage as ISPs blacklist their domain as soon as they track it down. Therefore there are possibilities of movierulz not working in your region.

Here’s a list of sites that provides you free Hindi movies in HD quality, Hollywood, and Tollywood movies in various formats such as 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.



Tamilyogi is a movie pirating site which provides free Hindi movies download in HD, Hollywood movies, and Tollywood movies.

Is tamilyogi banned?

It is quite obvious that tamilyogi is banned in many countries including India, but you can easily access tamilyogi using a VPN.

I’d strongly recommend you to use a VPN while accessing any torrenting or pirating website, as your ISP might track your activity and blacklist your IP from accessing the internet.



Vist TamilYogi


1337X is the most visited torrenting website that can provide you almost everything you have been looking for whether it is movies, games, music, ebooks or tv series.

The user interface is fantastic, everything is arranged in categories, therefore, you just have to surf the categories to find the latest torrents or just use the search box.

You will also get the latest Tamil movies free on 1337x, make sure you use a VPN while accessing 1337x as there are chances of government tracing you.





Couchtuner is a famous site to stream or download Hollywood movies. If you are looking for a site to download Hollywood movies or TV series like Mr. Robot, or stranger things, Couchtuner is the best site for you.

The only drawback is that you won’t find any Bollywood movies. Tamil movies or Indian content on couchtuner.




Filmywap is another movie piracy website that uploads the latest leaked movies on its database within the first day of its release.

The site has not a very pleasant interface but you would be able to download movies in a few clicks. Another issue I faced with the site is the pop-up ads.

Anyway, ads are the main source of earning for piracy sites, and if you prefer downloading movies from these sites, a few pop-up ads wouldn’t bother you much.




Best VPN to access Movierulz

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. As the name suggests, the VPN protects the user’s identity while browsing the web. It basically spoofs that they are sitting in some other corner of the world.

So if you wanna use the Demonoid the proxy, then you can choose the location where the Demonoid is allowed in the VPN. Now, some of the VPNs are free while others are paid.

VPN or virtual private network protects the individual’s identity while surfing the web. The basic function of a VPN is to change the I.P address and location of the user randomly or upon the user’s choice.

If you want to surf Movierulz or any its alternatives, make sure you use either of the VPN listed below.

Ivacy Vpn

Ivacy VPN after Pure VPN, is one of the most recommended VPN services With plans starting from just $2.25/month for 2 years, Ivacy VPN is the most affordable VPN out there.

Features of Ivacy VPN:

  • 256-bit encryption.
  • Public wifi security.
  • No data bleaching to third parties.
  • Unlock any banned website or app using Ivacy.

Ivacy Vpn

Pure VPN

Pure VPN:- Pure VPN is one of the best VPN in the world offering a fast and secure connection. You can access any blocked sites using Pure VPN.

Features of Pure VPN:

  • More than 2000 servers across 140+ countries.
  • Get access to every server, no matter which plans you choose.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Fantastic support.


Final words

Over the years a lot of movie pirating sites have emerged on the internet. These sites illegally upload movies om their servers and place pop-up ads to earn some money whenever a user clicks on the download link.

Movierulz, tamilrockers, filmywap and many other sites have been banned from accessing directly to stop piracy.

But, these sites have more than 50 registered domains with the same name, therefore, permanently taking them down is quite difficult.

Netflix, amazon prime, hotstar and a lot of other legal sites are available to stream and download movies for free but there is hardly any Bollywood, Telegu or Tamil movies available on them.

If you want to watch a movie that is not available on Netflix, amazon prime or any famous streaming platform, you can buy a DVD from the local market.

But if you still can’t find your desired movie anywhere, movierulz or any other site of your choice from the list could be the only way to enjoy your favorite movie. Make sure you use a VPN while accessing any of the sites on the list for downloading movies.

If you still have any queries, make use of the comment box, we are happy to help you.



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