How To Make Powered Rails in Minecraft?


How To Make Powered Rails in Minecraft?

Advancing more and more in Minecraft, we discover even better things. One such discovery is the Redstone.

With Redstone, pro Minecraft players have built structures and designs unimaginable. Creativity is only limited to your imagination. Talking about structures, have you heard about roller coasters!? Yes, you can even make roller coasters in Minecraft. Wanna know how?

Yes, you guessed it right. Using powered rails! Powered rails in Minecraft are godsent. They work like normal rails, except built with a minor difference. Powered rails can be used for superfast transportation to long distances.

Like every magical automated or push to work structure in Minecraft, we are definitely going to need some unusual items here. So let’s start our detailed guide for making powered rails in Minecraft!

How To Make Powered Rails in Minecraft

How To Make Powered Rails In Minecraft?

So today we are going to learn about making rails in Minecraft. And not just any rail, but powered rails. Yes, as it sounds, it is going to be similar to our usual rail building programs, but quite expensive if you might ask. So let’s begin.

  1. Requirements

  • Crafting Table

The prime requirement, like the foundation of a building

  • Gold Ingots

Unusual, uncommonly used, but when put to use the right way, like now, will turn out to be very useful.

  • Sticks

Used like anything, most of the commonly used tools require the sticks, and so does the powered rail.

  • Furnace/Blast Furnace

Gold is usually not found as gold ingots, so to solve that problem, furnaces are the answer.

  • Redstone

The heart of all automated structures and builds in Minecraft.

  1. Crafting Table

As usual, for almost all our equipment and uses, we need the crafting table.

The crafting table is one of the first items we make in Minecraft, without it, we wouldn‘t be able to advance beyond running around and dying.

So crafting tables can be found in villages, lucky if you can find any within the first few minutes of your initial spawn. But you can make your own crafting table easily.

To make a crafting table, we need four wooden planks. How do we get that you ask? We can make planks from the wood obtained from the trees.

Now it doesn’t matter if they are oak wood trees or acacia trees or birch trees or spruce trees. All will work just the same.

How To Make Powered Rails in Minecraft

To get wood from the tree, aim your crosshair on the wood, and keep the left mouse button clicked. It will break the tree blocks and get you wood. Next, simply place the wood into the crafting section of your inventory.

On the result side, you will have planks ready. One wood log gives 4 wood planks.

How To Make Powered Rails in Minecraft

Once we have the planks ready, place the singular pieces of them in all 4 squares of the crafting section of your inventory. The result would be the crafting table.

How To Make Powered Rails in Minecraft

Now that we have our crafting table ready, let’s move on to our next step.

  1. Collect Gold Ore

For our next requirement of making powered rails, we are going to need gold ingots. Gold ingots are not found as it is, we need to first find the gold ore, then turn them into ingots.

Now gold ores are less common than iron and coal but rarer than diamonds. To find gold ores, we need to do mining in Y level 0-32.

To check your Y-level (as well as X and Z coordinates in the Minecraft world) press F3.

How To Make Powered Rails in Minecraft

This is what gold ores look like. To break the gold ore blocks you need to have either an iron pickaxe or a diamond pickaxe.

Once we break and collect gold ore blocks, we can move on to our next step, which is turning them into gold ingots.

  1. Smelting to Gold Ingots

To smelt and turn our gold ore into gold ingots, we are going to use furnaces. We can also use blast furnaces.

To make a furnace, we need 8 cobblestone blocks. Putting the 8 cobblestone blocks in all the squares of the crafting table except the center square will provide us with a cobblestone.

Now to finally get gold ingots, we simply need to put our gold ore blocks into the smelting section, which is the upper square of the furnace. The lower square means the fuel, so we can use coal or charcoal or wood logs and planks. But since wood provides a lot less efficiency, we will stick to our option of using coal as furnace fuel.

  1. Sticks

Sticks are, as spoken earlier, very commonly used in Minecraft. Most of our tools require sticks, like the fishing rod or bow, or sword.

So how do we get sticks?

Sticks can be found by breaking small bushes that are present in deserts. But if you are far from any desert, you can do one more thing, much easier. That is, turning wood planks into sticks.

To make sticks from wood planks, we need to place at least two wood planks one above another in the crafting section. The result would be four sticks. Two blocks of wood planks provide us with 4 sticks.

Now you can use the crafting table or even the crafting section of your inventory since it needs two squares of crafting only.

  1. Redstone

Redstone is the heart of every advanced build in Minecraft. But this is one even harder substance to find in Minecraft.

As for gold, we have a wider range for mining, below level Y 32, for Redstone, we need to go much further down below, as Redstone is found in level 16 and below.

On the left side of the picture below, as you can see, is Lava, and the red dotted textured blocks you see on the right side, are the Redstone blocks.

Redstone blocks do not need melting to turn into pure form, unlike iron and gold, they are not in ores. Just break the Redstone blocks and you will have Redstone in its direct form. Note that you need an iron pickaxe to break the blocks.

  1. Final Step

Now that we finally are ready with our Redstone, gold ingots, crafting table, and sticks, we can move forward to our last final step, which is to assemble the powered rail.

If you already know how to make rails in Minecraft, then this step will not be unfamiliar to you, but if you don’t, worry not, shall we learn that too. To make normal rails in Minecraft, we need iron ingots and sticks.

To combine, place 6 iron ingots, 3 each in the left and right columns of the crafting table, and a stick in the center square.

Now we know the recipe and method of crafting rails in Minecraft. Now using this same method, we can move on to our powered rails recipe for Minecraft too, since they are very much similar.

For making powered rails in Minecraft, we need to follow the similar way we used in the normal rails, except the difference will be, first, we will be replacing the iron ingots with gold ingots.

Second, in the lower central square, which was empty earlier, we will place one Redstone.

The formation will look like this.

To be clear once again, place 6 gold ingots, 3 in each column, left and right of the crafting section, from top to bottom. One stick in the center square, and one Redstone right below the sticks, that is, the lower middle square.

And that on the resulting square of the crafting table you can see, what we have is our very own Powered Rails!


Making powered rails in Minecraft can be a little time taking, as we need to dig down a lot below the usual sea level grounds. Going down in those levels can be a little risky too as if we come across caves and caverns, there can be dangerous mobs.

In the end, we have precious gold and Redstone in our hands. And using them, we can make our powered rails, just how we learned in our easy to go, detailed guide of making/crafting/building powered rails in Minecraft! Hope you enjoyed it, have a good day!

Sumit Bagga
Sumit Bagga is a blogger, writer, former music producer and a student of Advertising & Marketing in Commerce. He loves writing how-to guides, product/service reviews stuff.


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Sumit Bagga
Sumit Bagga is a blogger, writer, former music producer and a student of Advertising & Marketing in Commerce. He loves writing how-to guides, product/service reviews stuff.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.