How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft [Explained]

A smoker in Minecraft is something like a furnace but built specifically for cooking food.

There are 3 methods to cook food in Minecraft(actually 4, but we will discuss that later). They are as follows, using a smoker, using a furnace, and using a campfire.

Using the smoker gives us food the fastest, and we can not melt metal ore in it. Using a furnace, on the other hand, can melt metal too, but it gives food a little slower than the smoker.

Lastly, the campfire is not really used for cooking food unless you are looking for a little bit of camping fun. Campfire takes the longest to cook food, but at the same time, it does not require any fuel.

So today our best option is to cook using a smoker, and how do we make it? Let’s find out!

How To Make A Smoker In Minecraft?

Making a smoker in Minecraft can be a little tricky. Now the Minecraft smoker recipe requires us to use the given items below.


The items that are going to need for smoker recipes Minecraft are –

  • Wood Logs

These will be our first primary ingredients to build a smoker.

  • Crafting Table

As always, since a smoker is one big item to make, we are going to need our crafting table to assemble the items.

  • Furnace

The furnace is an integrated part of the smoker, so it will be our second primary ingredient for building a smoker in Minecraft.

  1. Wood Logs

Wood logs are usually the first and foremost thing we obtain in Minecraft.

After spawning in a thick forest, we start with using the mighty punches of steve for breaking trees in Minecraft. Breaking a tree block (not the leaves but the stem) gives us one block of wood logs.

Now we are going to need a wood log from any tree in Minecraft, it does not need to be only a particular kind, it can be any tree, acacia wood, oak wood, or birch wood.

how to craft a smoker

Acquiring wood from the trees is a quite simple process. Just aim at the tree and keep the left click/left mouse button pressed till the block breaks.

Once we have obtained wood, we can now move on to the next step, which is the crafting table.

  1. Crafting Table

Making a crafting table is an absolute basics-level task. But yet it is something that lasts the whole game long and we use it all the time. That is why we probably make it immediately after spawning in the Minecraft world. So let’s make the crafting table.

If we are not spawned super close to any village, then making a crafting table is possibly the second thing we do, could be first too, but definitely not more than that, since everything next comes from the crafting table. So how do we make it?

To make a crafting table, we are going to need 1 block of the wood log, that is it. Now, we directly can not use the wood log to make a crafting table, we are going to need to convert the log into planks, and then we can make the Minecraft crafting table.

To do so, open your inventory and go to the crafting section. In the inventory’s crafting section, place a wood log, which will result in 4 wood planks. Next, place the wood planks obtained from the log into all four squares of the crafting section again, and boom we have our very own Minecraft crafting table ready!

how to craft a smoker

  1. Furnace

Furnaces as we know, are used to cook food as well as melting ores to metal, and some more stuff. And most commonly we build and place a furnace as soon as we can in Minecraft since that is the fastest we can get to a stable safe house.

So, to make a furnace, we are going to need 8 blocks of cobblestone.

Cobblestone can be found very easily in almost every place where you can dig, just after a few blocks of dirt.

how to make a smoker minecraft

To make a furnace, we need to place 8 blocks of cobblestones into the crafting table.

The pattern of making a furnace in Minecraft is very easy. Place 8 blocks of cobblestone in all the squares of the crafting table, except the center square. Which will look something like this –

how to make a smoker minecraft

That is our furnace ready, so let us move on to the final step of the ‘how to craft a smoker’ guide.

  1. Assembly

Now with our furnace, and wood logs ready, we can finally finish making the smoker in Minecraft.

The pattern of putting items together, i.e. the furnace and the wood logs, in the crafting table to form a smoker in Minecraft is something like this.

In the middle square of the top and bottom row of the crafting table, put one block of wood log. Similarly in the middle square of the left and right side columns, place one wood log.

Now in the centermost square, place the furnace.

In other words, place a furnace in the central square and four wood logs on each side of it, top, bottom, left, and right.

It should look like this

how to make a smoker minecraft

After placing the items correctly, left click on the resulting square to finally obtain the smoker from the crafting table.


As we spoke earlier, the fourth method of cooking food. Now, this is not really a method of cooking but rather directly obtaining cooked meat directly. For this, we need to have one flint and steel in Minecraft.

Flint and steel usually set on fire whatever it is we interact with. Doing so with animals will cause them to start burning and if they can’t find water nearby, they will die and drop cooked chicken or cooked beef, or cooked porkchop.

One more important thing to know is those blast furnaces are an excellent method of turning ores into metal ingots, as they do it very fast. But, we can not use them to cook food.


So this was our detailed and easy to go guide to learn how to make a smoker Minecraft. Since a smoker is probably our best option to cook food in Minecraft, we also discussed what other ways are there, and what is the difference between them.

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