How to See Who Reacted in Discord

In a world full of gamers, Discord is your best friend. When it comes to video games, Communications and Communities gives you an advantage over players who do not have it. Discord is popular among gamers because of its amazing communication technology and millions of active communities. It is a full-package for games since you get bots, channels, audio channels, text communication and many such features. In this article, you will learn about Discord how to see who reacted. 

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A Little On Discord React Feature 

Discord is filled with many different features but Reacting to messages is something which is used frequently. Reactions have become a new way of interaction. With reactions, emojis and stickers, you can express yourself in a far better way than just plain boring texts. 

Even some Server Moderators ask you to react to certain message to get complete access to their discord servers. All emojis are available in Discord by default. Also, some servers have their own set of stickers and emojis available to use in addition to normal ones.  

Reactions are very common on discord. If somebody reacted on your message and you want to check the names of people who reacted, this is how you can see who reacted in discord.  

How to See Who Reacted in Discord for Mobile 

Reactions have been on the internet for a long time. They are available on discord as well. You can react to messages and othercan react to yours as well. You can also check who reacted to your messages.  

In early days, when three or more people reacted to a single text message, it would show you the name of first three people who reacted and then it will just show “+ the number of people who have reacted”.

For example

X, Y and Z reacted to your funny meme and then A, B, C reacted as well. Discord will tell you that X, Y, Z and +3 people reacted to your message.  

Well, that is not the case anymore. Now you can check the names of every person who reacted to your message. 

Follow these steps to learn how to see who reacted to your messages in Discord. 

  1. You need to download Discord on your mobile device. Discord may not work well in mobile browsers so you need the app. 
  2. Sign in on the Discord. 
  3. If you are new to Discord, you need to join a server after signing up. You can join a server using an invite link or code. If you don’t have a server invitation, then you can find many amazing public servers on 
  4. After joining a server, go to a channel and find the chat where you have the messages you need to check. 
  5. After you find the message with reactions, all you have to do is long-press on the reaction, and a new page will open which will tell you the names people and what reactions have they reacted. 

discord how to see who reacted

6. That was it. Just 5 steps and they are easy to do and follow. The same thing can also be done in Discord PC or Discord website.  

How to See Who Reacted in Discord for PC 

Finding out who reacted to your message in Discord on your PC is easier compared to the finding out in mobile. If you are wondering how to see who reacted in Discord on your PC, just follow these steps:  

  1. Download Discord on your PC if you don’t have it downloaded already. You can use Discord Website on your PC as well. 
  2. Go to Discord and select the server and the channel in it where the message is. If you are new to discord, you will need to join a server. Use an invitation code or link if you have one. You can also find public servers on 
  3. Look for the message with reactions. RightClick on the reaction 
  4. On right-clicking on the reaction, a small menu will open where you will have options like Add Reaction, Reactions, etc. Click on the reactions and it will show you who reacted to the selected message. 

That’s it. Using this method, you can find out the names of all persons who reacted to the message. This way you can find out the opinions of others on your message or even check the feelings and opinions of others on someone else’s message. 


Discord is helpful for people who are looking for different communities and want to interact with them. We can talk with people from the opposite end of the world using it. Reactions help us communicate in a better and easier way. We hope this post helped you and after reading it, you know how to see who reacted on your message in Discord.  

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