How To Make A Fence In Minecraft

The fences in Minecraft are quite some tool for preventing the useful mobs in a check. There are more ways to do that, but fences are often suitable.

One problem with the fences is that they are not much helpful against hostile mobs. But if we are only concerned with some small defensive tasks, like keeping a check on our village against some zombies and escaping farm sheep or cows, then for sure our fences in Minecraft can prove to be very useful.

Making a fence requires minimum items. And it has quite some unique features, in response to different mobs, it reacts differently.

So let us start our today’s guide by telling us about how do we make fences in Minecraft.

How To Make A Fence In Minecraft?

  1. Requirements

The requirements for making our fence in Minecraft are not very hefty. The ingredients are quite easy to obtain, and to be precise, a tree alone can provide everything to us for fences.

So what are the materials needed for making a fence in Minecraft?

Here is the list –

  • Crafting Table

As commonly we always need it for making almost all our builds.

  • Planks

Planks are one of the structure-based requirements for building things.

  • Sticks

The structure of the Minecraft campfire certainly needs some crafting, sticks are gonna be our help for that.

  1. Wood Planks and Crafting Table

Now since all our crafting needs more than a 2×2 structure, we need a crafting table. So let’s make one.

As we are aware of the fact that villages can be a good startup for us as they hold a lot of important equipment and tools, like the crafting table. But only if you can be lucky enough to find any during the beginning few moments of starting the game. That being said, it is not much even hard to craft one on our own for ourselves.

So for building a crafting table, the requirement will be four wooden planks. To get that, we will rely on the wood obtained from the trees.

It is not going to affect the crafting procedure which tree you choose for the wood, be it an oak tree, or birch tree, or spruce tree, or acacia tree, they will all be perfectly fine.

Now that we know about the tree, to get wood, simply just look at the tree and keep your left mouse button pressed for a few seconds, that is, till the blocks you see are destroyed and are floating around like small cubes. Now collect them, for we can directly easily obtain planks now.

So for making planks, we will just need to input the wood logs in the crafting section of our inventory, and on the other side, we will obtain planks. Note that we only need to put the wood logs in only one square of the crafting section, leave the other three empty.

One block of the wood log when converted will result and provide us with 4 blocks of planks.

Since we have made the planks, the crafting table is only a few seconds away from us. To get a crafting table using these planks, open your inventory. In the crafting section, place four planks, one in each square. That’s it! We got the crafting table ready!

How To Make A Fence In Minecraft

All ready with our planks and crafting table, let’s step onto the next step.

  1. Sticks

Sticks are, as spoken earlier, very commonly used in Minecraft. Most of our tools require sticks, like the fishing rod or bow, or sword.

So how do we get sticks?
Sticks can be found by breaking small bushes that are present in deserts. But if you are far from any desert, you can do one more thing, much easier. That is, turning wood planks into sticks.

To make sticks from wood planks, we need to place at least two wood planks one above another in the crafting section. The result would be four sticks. Two blocks of wood planks provide us with 4 sticks.

Now we can use the crafting table or even the crafting section of your inventory since it needs two squares of crafting only.

How To Make A Fence In Minecraft

Now that we are ready for our sticks and planks and our crafting table, let us finally get to the last step of the guide telling us how to make fences in Minecraft.

  1. Assembly

In the final step of our fence Minecraft recipe, we are going to use our crafting table to put all the sticks and planks together, to finally get formed into the desired fence that we need.

To make a fence in Minecraft, we are going to use our crafting table to assemble the materials.
In the crafting table, the pattern of setting up the sticks and planks will be as follows –

Put in one plank, then one stick, then again one plank, side by side in a row. Follow the same for one row above or below it. The picture given next will be an accurate depiction of how to place the items in the crafting table.

How To Make A Fence In Minecraft

As you can see, crafting a fence in Minecraft needs 6 squares in a 2×3 pattern, therefore it is necessary for us to use a crafting table instead of our inventory’s crafting section.

Once we have put in the planks and sticks, we will notice the result square in the crafting table showing us the fence. Left click on the fence icon to form it and place it in the inventory.

As the amounting shows, 4 planks and 2 sticks combined results and provides us with 3 fence blocks. So the economy can be adjusted as required for the amount of fence, needs double the amount of ingredients to build it.

[Note that the planks used in making the fence must be of the same type, every different plank provides a different kind of fence. So we have to use all 4 planks in the crafting table of the same kind.]


Fences are very effective in preventing animals/mobs like sheep, cows from getting out and away from our farms. Hostile mobs like zombies can not harm us through the fence since they can not cross it, nor hit us from outside.
Skeletons can not cross the fences but they still can shoot arrows over it, so it must be noticed that fences will keep the skeletons away from us, but not their arrows. Lastly, creepers when provoked near fences, will damage and blast as usual, taking away nearby blocks, but they also can not pass through or over the fences.

Lastly, spiders are the mobs that can climb over any wall and fences, so they can still reach you through it.


Well, this was our detailed and easy-to-go guide, telling us how to make Minecraft fences.

We also learned about the mobs that can be affected by the fences and those that can not.

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