How To Craft A Book In Minecraft


How To Craft A Book In Minecraft

Welcome to another episode of our Minecraft’s guide of How To.

We have learned to make a lot of things, for example, the cake, boat, even repairing. Today we are going to talk about something advanced, a little easy to make, but will be used not so easily.

So today what we will talk about is, how to make books in Minecraft. Yes, Minecraft also has books, but sadly, we can not read them as it is. But that does not mean that they are just a showpiece, hold on, we will learn how important and useful the books can be.

So without wasting any more time, let’s get started with our detailed and easy to go guide of Minecraft, how to craft a book.

How To Craft A Book In Minecraft?

If you are wondering how to make a book in Minecraft, then you are in the right place.
Crafting a book in Minecraft is quite short and easy work, but it has one complication. Let us learn how do we make a book in Minecraft.

  1. Requirements

  • Crafting Table

As we always do for most of our crafting, a crafting table is very important, very easy to make and use, and very versatile.

  • Sugarcanes

Sugarcane will not be our direct ingredient, but it will provide us with the prime ingredient of our recipe.

  • Paper

Paper is the first ingredient of our recipe that will be directly put into use to convert to the book that we are going to make in Minecraft.

  • Leather

Lastly, our book will need to hold onto something so our pages do not fly away in the wind. Leather will be our second and final ingredient, which will be directly put in use.

  1. Crafting Table

The crafting table is used almost everywhere in Minecraft, from survival to hardcore, we often carry one crafting table in the inventory as it might prove useful on our cavern ventures, or deep nether real searches. Knowing that crafting table is pretty easy to make and to use.

To make a crafting table, we are going to need 1 wood log, which will turn into 4 wooden planks. Any wood will do, acacia log, or spruce tree, or oak tree, all of them will work just the same, totally fine.

Put your wood log into the crafting area of the inventory to turn it into wooden planks, it would look like this.
Make sure to place the wood in only one square, in any square, as that is the procedure. Placing in any more than one square will not turn the logs into planks.


how to make a book in minecraft

Now that we have our planks ready, we can put them into use for making into a crafting table.

To turn our wood into planks, we need to simply put one plank in all 4 squares of the crafting section in our inventory.

how to make a book in minecraft

Now that we have our crafting table ready, we can move on to our next step, which is quite important.

  1. Get Sugarcanes

Paper, as the prime ingredient for making the book in Minecraft, is not easy to come by. But once we know how to make it, it will become very easy to advance forward.

For making paper we are going to need sugarcanes.
Sugarcanes can be very easily found at the direct edge of most water bodies. They can be grown on sand or dirt blocks, the only important requirement is to be directly next to the water.

book recipe minecraft

As we always tell, it is advisable to make farms of sugarcane, since they can be depleted easily if taken from the ground block, so break it from 2nd block onwards, and always grow on further farms.

  1. Make Paper from Sugarcanes

[You can also look into this detailed guide of ours for making paper if you are new to Minecraft:-  ]

Now that we have our sugarcanes ready, we can get our papers in hand.

For this step, we are going to need our crafting table, as we learnt to build in step number 2.

That said, to make paper from sugarcanes, we are simply just going to place our sugarcanes in the crafting table, in the following way –

Take three sugar canes, place them side by side in any single row in the crafting table.

book recipe minecraft

That is it, we have our paper ready,

  1. Obtain Leather

Now that almost all our work is done, we need one last ingredient to finally craft our book in Minecraft. Leather, as we talked about, is not easy to find. But do not worry, we have a solution for that too.

Leather can be obtained by slaying cows, donkeys, llamas, hoglins in the nether realm, mushrooms, horses, mules, and foxes.

book recipe minecraft

As usual, we suggest building a cow farm, to keep a sustainable amount of leather/milk/food flowing into your inventory.

Now, foxes usually hold a piece of leather in their mouth, so you don’t necessarily have to kill them, but often giving them food to eat, so they often drop the piece of leather if they go to pick up the food. What to feed the foxes you might ask? The answer is, sweet berries!

book recipe minecraft

You can also enchant your swords to slay the mobs, with “Loot III” as it increases your drop chances from 0 to 5!

Fishing is also one of the ways you can get leather in Minecraft. And since leather counts as junk in Minecraft, if you use a “luck of the sea” enchantment fishing rod, it will reduce your chances to get leather by half.

book recipe minecraft

Trading is a method to get a lot of items in Minecraft. But to trade, or to have a chance of trading leather, you need to cross the nether portal. As only piglins in Minecraft will drop you leather.

To be precise, you need to drop gold ingots in front of/near the piglins, there is a chance of the piglins dropping 4-10 leather.

book recipe minecraft

One last method of obtaining leather is from the rabbits.

book recipe minecraft

Rabbits are commonly found in desert biomes, although outside desert biomes too, but not as commonly. Slaying a rabbit has a chance of providing you with one rabbit’s hide.

Combining 4 such hides will form one leather.

book recipe minecraft

  1. Final Step

Now that we have our paper and leather ready, all we need to do is combine to make a book in Minecraft.

We can do this in two ways, one, by using the crafting table. This can be done by putting 3 papers in 3 different squares of the crafting table and one leather.

Second, we can do this in the crafting section of our inventory, since the maximum requirement for building/crafting a book in Minecraft requires only 4 crafting squares.

Once this is done, we can left-click on the book icon shown on the result square of our crafting section, we can put the book we made in our inventory!

Like we said earlier, we will also know more about the uses of books in Minecraft.

Books can now be further used for making enchanting tables, bookshelves, and book and quill.

Enchanting tables will be further very useful for enchanting our armors for fire resistance and stuff. While bookshelves can be used for decorations, as well as enchanting too.

Books can also be used for trading for emeralds, and for enchanting our tools and armors.

Book and quill have a special feature, as it can be used for writing! Making journals and diaries, or even trolling other players on servers!


So in the end, this was our detailed guide about making/crafting/building/creating books in Minecraft. We learned how to craft a book from scratch, including almost everything required in between. Further, we also learned about what we can do with a book, things we can further make.

Hope this was helpful, thank you!

Sumit Bagga
Sumit Bagga is a blogger, writer, former music producer and a student of Advertising & Marketing in Commerce. He loves writing how-to guides, product/service reviews stuff.


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Sumit Bagga
Sumit Bagga is a blogger, writer, former music producer and a student of Advertising & Marketing in Commerce. He loves writing how-to guides, product/service reviews stuff.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.