How To Make Bed In Minecraft [Step-by-Step Guide]

Beds seem to be such a simple thing in the world to do, just lay down and have a good night’s sleep, or relax on a Sunday with some snacks and movies. But the thing about beds in Minecraft is that they aren’t just limited to sleeping, they hold bigger importance.

To sleep like a baby is one of the best things one can have, but a good comfortable bed for that is very important. And although the singular beds that we make in Minecraft may not look so comfortable, they provide us with features that can make our gameplay quite comfortable.

So what do these beds do, why do people carry some in their inventory and how do we even make it? There must be some questions popping up in your mind. Well, we will answer them all in our today’s guide of making a bed in Minecraft.

How To Make Bed In Minecraft?

Making a bed is one of the easiest things we do in Minecraft, could be a little time taking but very crucial as we might need it on our very first day itself.

If we spawn in a remote area, or even around the sea or some nice biome, we need to work super fast to get enough materials to build a house and get food for ourselves on day one of our worlds.

We might spend some time looking for a village nearby but if we could not find one and get in a situation where our hunger points are getting low(we can even die with hunger in Minecraft’s hardcore mode on Java edition), no shelter/defense from the mobs that haunt the night, it could be fatal.

But, if only we had a bed from the first day itself, we can easily sleep off our difficult to survive nights of the initial days. So let’s find out the Minecraft bed recipe to make our warm and cozy bed to make the gameplay easier and better.

  1. Requirements

To make a bed in Minecraft, we need only a few items. To be precise, only two items to combine for the bed, and one to help them combine

  • Crafting Table

As we often need our crafting table to make most of our stuff, we can not forget it

  • Wood planks

To make a base for our strong bed, we need something like wooden planks

  • Sheep wool

Something soft for us to lay on? Thanks to the sheep for such nice wool.

  1. Wood Planks and Crafting Table

Like every time, today also, for most of our crafting and uses, we are going to need the crafting table.

We know that we can find the crafting tables in villages, by any chance if you can find any village while searching for the first few minutes of your initial spawn. But you can make your own crafting table much more easily.

For building our crafting table, we will need four wooden planks. So we will make planks from the wood obtained from the trees.

Now it is not going to matter if they are taken from oak wood trees or acacia trees or birch trees or spruce trees. All of them will be just fine.

To get wood from the tree, aim your crosshair on the wood, and keep the left mouse button clicked. It will break the tree blocks and get you wood. Next, simply place the wood into the crafting section of your inventory.

On the result side, you will have planks ready. One wood log gives 4 wood planks.

Now with our planks ready to go, we must put a single piece of those in the 4 squares of the crafting area of our inventory. The result in the crafting section will be our crafting table.

How To Make Bed In Minecraft

So now we are ready with our crafting table and planks, let’s jump on to the next procedure.

  1. Wool

Now that we have almost all our stuff required for making the bed in Minecraft, we will move on to our final requirement, that is, the wool.

Wool in Minecraft can be acquired from sheep. To obtain wool from a sheep in Minecraft, there are two ways.

  • By slaying with a weapon
  • Using a shear

How To Make Bed In Minecraft

What is the difference between the two methods? First, slaying/killing a sheep with a pickaxe or sword will permanently get rid of that particular sheep and leave us with one meat and a probability of dropping 0 to 3 blocks of wool.

But when shear is used on a sheep, it will guarantee a drop of 1-3 blocks of wool and the sheep will not be permanently gone. After some time/feeding with wheat, the sheep will grow back its wool and it can be sheared down again. This can be used to farm the wool in Minecraft sustainably.

Since sheep are very easy to find in the forest biomes, grassland biomes in Minecraft, try looking for areas with a lot of trees and grass.

Also, sheep can be found in various colors of their wool, like black, white, grey, even pink(which is rarest). Different colored wool used in crafting the bed in Minecraft will make a different color of bed, naturally of course.

Now that we have all our requirements ready, wool, planks, and the crafting table, let us move onto the final step of making a bed in Minecraft.

  1. Final Step

On our step-by-step guide telling us how to craft a bed in Minecraft, we have arrived at the final procedure, that is, assembling the items.

To assemble our bed in Minecraft, we are going to use the crafting table that we made. To make one bed in Minecraft, we are going to need exactly 3 blocks of wool (of the same color) and 3 blocks of wood planks (of any kind, from any type of tree).

Now to assemble the materials, we are going to put three blocks of wool side by side in our crafting table, in a row, either top row or middle, just not the bottom one. Next, we put three wood planks side by side in the row below the wool one, as shown in the picture below.

How To Make Bed In Minecraft

Once put together out materials like this, then on the result section of our crafting table, we will finally find the bed we needed!

Now it can be noted that we are here using white wool for our bed, but you can use any colored wool, white black pink blue (even if it is dyed), just as long as all three are of the same color.

But in the case of planks, it is the opposite. You can use any type of plank from any tree, be it acacia tree or birch tree, or oak tree, any three planks would work all the same.  


Beds in Minecraft are flammable. We can always use our beds to sleep the nights off after a good day of farming. Since mobs also come out during heavy rain and thunderstorms, it is somewhat equivalent to night in Minecraft, hence we can also sleep during rain and thunderstorms.

At times when you are in the vicinity of one or more hostile mobs, the bed will not allow you to sleep and will display a message saying “you may not sleep there are monsters nearby”.

To get over it, either make your bed a little distant from the walls of the house or caves, since if you can’t hear them, they are not apparently near you.

As it works perfectly normally in our usual overworld, the bed can be totally different in the nether realm and end world.

The physics of nether are different than usual, in the nether world and end world, a bed can be used as a big explosive. If you attempt to sleep on a bed in the nether world or end world, it will explode as it is not allowed to work in those dimensions.


So this was our detailed and easy-to-go guide for making a bed in Minecraft. It can be often used to relocate our respawn points, except in hardcore mode, where if you are once gone, you are gone forever.

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