How To Make Cookies In Minecraft A Complete Guide

Making delicacies in Minecraft is something of a special task, just like in real life. One such food that we are going to talk about today, is the cookie.

Cookies are not commonly found in Minecraft, but once we know how to make a cookie on Minecraft, it can become very convenient.

One exceptional point is that they do look amazingly delicious in-game. Seems they are most probably chocolate-chip cookies. Since this is one of the food items that can be a pretty nice snack on our adventures and small non-combat tours, we can easily choose to carry lots of cookies in our inventory.

That being said, let us start our today’s guide of Minecraft cookie crafting recipe.

How To Make Cookies In Minecraft?

The cookie recipe Minecraft has only two ingredients to mix, so let us start by mentioning the requirements of our cookies recipe Minecraft.

Requirements for Cookie Crafting Recipe

  • Crafting Table

A crafting table would be needed most of the time for crafting and combining our ingredients for almost everything we make.

  • Wheat

Our first ingredient for making a cookie in Minecraft.

  • Cocoa Beans

The second ingredient for making a cookie in Minecraft.

  1. Crafting table

Of course, as we always need the crafting table for our maximum projects, we are going to need it today too.

The crafting table is one of the easiest things to form in the game, and one of the most heavily used items. At the beginning itself of our conquest, we start with making our crafting table. We might even carry around one in the inventory since it can come in handy anytime at all.

That being said, let us make the crafting table.
For making a crafting table, we are going to need just one block of wood log. Although technically we are going to need wood planks, but, since a log itself converts into planks, we are going to start with a log only.

To get wood planks, we are going to need to find some trees, which is not going to be a problem since we are in Minecraft, look around, everywhere there are trees. Well, except frozen ocean and desert biomes.

Cookies In Minecraft

But even then, we can move around and get out of them too.

So to get wood from trees, we will do this simple task. Get close to a tree, aim at it, and keep the left click of the mouse(or the touchpad) pressed.

In a second we will see the blocks breaking, these are our wood log blocks. Collect them, and we can move on to start making planks from them.

Now it can be noted that any kind of tree can be used in Minecraft to obtain the wood logs, it is not mandatory to use only a particular tree. We can use any tree which we find closest to us. Be it acacia tree, or oak tree, or birch tree, all of them will work fine.

Now to make planks with our wood logs, we need to access the inventory. In the inventory, we will use the crafting section. To make wood planks from wood logs using the crafting section of our inventory, we simply need to place wood logs in one square of the crafting section. And that’s it, we can take out our wood planks ready from the resulting square of the crafting section.

Now finally that we are ready with our planks, let us put them together to make our crafting table. To make a crafting table, we will need to assemble our wood planks in the crafting section of our inventory. The pattern to form a crafting table will be pretty easy. Put wood planks in all 4 squares of the crafting section in the inventory, and boom we are ready with our crafting table!

Cookies In Minecraft

  1. Wheat

Our first ingredient for making a cookie, that is, wheat in Minecraft can be obtained in multiple ways. The first one is, through hay bales found in the villages of Minecraft.

how to make cookies in minecraft

Once we have found hay bale stacks in Minecraft villages, we can move forward to turning them into wheat directly.

To do so, we are going to need to put our hay bale in either the crafting table or the crafting section of our inventory. Use only one square to place the hay bale, and in the result square, we will obtain the wheat.

One block of hay bale will convert into 9 wheat., which is the reversal of turning hay bale from 9 wheat.

how to make cookies in minecraft

Another method of obtaining wheat is through wheat farms.

cookies recipe minecraft

We can farm our own wheat to keep a sustainable supply of it. Now these farms can often be found in villages, but considering we haven’t come across one, we are going to use the old ways.

Now to make a wood farm, we will need some wheat seeds, which can be found easily while clearing grass. Grass can drop one wheat seed around every few blocks.

  1. Cocoa Beans

Now for the last part of our ingredients, that is the cocoa beans, are quite a difficult substance to find.
Cocoa beans do not across as easy as other food items, to find them, we know of three ways.

One, by trading. To obtain cocoa beans we can try our luck with a wandering trader since they give 3 cocoa beans for 1 emerald.

The second way is in the jungle tree logs. They can be found on cocoa pods.

cookies recipe minecraft

The third and last method to obtain cocoa seeds will be from the dungeons. In the chests found in the dungeons, we can sometimes find cocoa beans.

  1. Final Step

After running around for wood, wheat, and cocoa, we can now rest with our crafting table to finally make our cookies in Minecraft.

So when asked how do you make cookies in Minecraft, we are simply going to answer like this.

Take two wheat stalks and one cocoa bean, put them in this pattern in the crafting table.

One wheat stalk in the left column, any row, then in the same row, place one cocoa bean in the middle column, right next to the wheat stalk, then again one wheat stalk in the rightmost column. That is, in a straight line from left to right.

cookies recipe minecraft

And this is how we make a cookie in Minecraft.

Cookies in Minecraft can be stacked, and the 3 ingredients used will provide us with 8 cookies. Pretty fair deal it seems.


So this was our detailed and easy to go guide for crafting/making/building/cooking cookies in Minecraft! Hope you enjoyed it, try making some by yourself and have fun!

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