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Chia anime has gained a lot of popularity when it comes to streaming anime online or downloading anime. Chiaanime has been feeding weebs with Japanese content with subtitles and dubbing both.

Chia-Anime is definitely an amazing anime streaming site where you can watch anime without paying for any subscription. Although, Chiaanime shows advertisements on the site to generate revenue and keep the servers up for the viewers.

Moreover, the advertisements are click baits and scams which can be easily identified by a visitor, therefore I would suggest you avoid the advertisements.

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Is Chia anime Safe?

Almost every other anime site whether it is Kissanime, Gogoanime or Chia Anime, all of them are illegal sites to download and watch anime online.

Chia anime does not have any copyrights to host the content on its servers, therefore, there are chances of Chiaanime getting permanently blocked from every country.

The main reasons people prefer anime streaming sites like Chiaanime are:

  • Provides classical anime series for streaming and download
  • Chiaanime allows you to download anime soundtracks for free,
  • You can even watch anime drama on Chia-anime
  • Chiaanime also gives you an option to download anime.

You might think Chia-anime is the best site to stream anime online but there are hundreds of anime streaming sites that provide more features and an amazing user interface.

Therefore, if you are facing any issues with Chiaanime you can use any of the alternatives listed below and watch anime without any interruption.

20 Best Chia-Anime Alternatives


Like Chia Anime, KissAnime is also a site for all the weebs out there to watch their favorite anime. The website has a lot of proxies which ensures smooth performance even in the presence of high traffic.

It is one of the most widely preferred anime websites by anime fans. Kissanime doesn’t require you to register or login to watch anime, so no liabilities!

Although, if you want to comment or be a part of a community discussion on the site, you’ll have to register (and no spoilers allowed in the comment section).

The interface of the site is quite sorted, but some links redirect to pages different than intended. You can report broken videos on the site and request for anime that isn’t available yet.

A significant drawback of the site is a large number of ads on the site. Major advantage? It’s free! 




The first thing you notice about this site you open it is that it requires you to register and that too a paid one, which is not a case in Chia-Anime.

The site justifies this membership fee by the fact that there are very little to no ads or pop-ups to interrupt your viewing. The interface is very well planned and is easy to surf through.

Once you do register, you get access to an extensive list of not just anime, but also movies, music videos, TV shows and a lot more.  




Horriblesubs is another excellent alternative to Chia Anime when it comes to watching anime. This site too, like Chiaanime, is free and does not ask you to login or register on the site.

The site offers a very systematic user interface and a massive list of anime shows and movies. The videos are streamed by various third-party servers and can be viewed in a range of different quality levels.

What’s more? You can even download these videos on your device. There are a few ads on the site but don’t bother much.

The site also has its own community where you can interact with other people around the globe with similar viewing interests. 


Cause how do we talk about streaming anime and not talk about the “official source of anime”? Crunchyroll prides in being all about anime, manga, and drama.

The base version comes with a few ads, but you can get rid of them by upgrading to the paid premium version. The site offers HD quality videos to watch.

You don’t have to sign up for watching the content, but you may for better user experience. The site has a community. The user interface is clean and comfortable.

Here’s a fact you’ll love: the site has its very own line of anime-inspired merchandise



One of the best alternatives of Chia-Anime present today, 9Anime is a free site that offers a wide range of anime videos, TV shows, and movies.

The website does not ask you to register or login and comes with an interface that lets you filter easily through genres, seasons, languages, etc. The site has quite a few ads which can become irritating sometimes, but hey it’s free stuff after all! 


Like Chia Anime, Gogoanime too lets you stream anime without having to pay some subscription fees or having to sign up or log in.

But, the site is crawling with a lot of ads and a lot of links available redirect the user to other irrelevant websites, making it a little difficult for new users to browse through.

Plus side is that the GoGoAnime has a wide range of anime, both recently released and old, in decent quality. Besides the ads, the interface of the site is pretty neat.

You also get a community of people like you and a dedicated blog for all the anime heads. 



The most impressive thing about AnimeFrenzy is its straightforward user interface. It means business to bring the best quality anime to its viewers and keeps the complexity aside very efficiently.

Though there are a few but bearable ads on the site, one doesn’t need to log in or register. The videos present are well-sorted and available as original, subbed, dubbed, or subbed and dubbed, as per the viewers’ requirement.

The people behind have a community and are available on discord as can be easily found from the website. Also, the site has a YouTube channel by the name AnimeFrenzy, available for its users. 

chia anime


With a well-categorized collection of subbed and dubbed anime videos, the site has a beautiful layout. The social community of the website is well maintained, as is prominent from its home page itself.

Besides anime, the website also offers a vast collection of famous cartoons like Garfield and The Pink Panther for all the “kid at heart” souls.

The site is free, so one does not need to register on the site. Although there are occasional pop-ups, the site is quite an excellent alternative to Chia Anime. 

Visit ExAnime

Anime Planet

Let’s talk about the interface first. The layout of Anime-Planet is much more comfortable than that of Chia Anime, with a funky interface.

The website takes pride in offering over 45k anime and manga to its users. There are a few ads on the site, a consequence of the free service.

Sign up, or login isn’t required on the website, but if you do, the website keeps track of the videos you watch. It also has a community for all the weeb heads to interact with each other.

What’s unique about this website is that it has a separate “Characters” tab that enlists all the characters in the content it provides, along with the most loved and hated characters.  

anime planet

Visit Animal Planet


With a clean and smooth interface, AnimeUltima has a wide range of anime at the disposal of its users. You don’t need to register/login on the website to watch the videos, but you do if you want to be a part of the AnimeUltima’s community.

The site has a few ads though they don’t interfere with one’s viewing. The most exciting feature of the website is that it offers a night mode for watching videos at night, unlike Chia-Anime or most other sites of its kind. 


Visit Anime Ultima


Certainly not the best, but a decent alternative to Chia Anime. The website comes with a compact interface and contains some ads which are really annoying.

One can classify the videos according to series, movies, subbed and dubbed, which makes finding an anime easier. There is no need for logging in or registering on the website, and the videos can be watched directly.

You can give recommendations for the site’s and its collection’s betterment. The site also contains a cartoon section, therefore, you can watch cartoons online on Anilinkz.

Visit Anilinkz


AnimeLand is a US-based anime streaming website, much like Chia-Anime. The website is free, and thus, the users do not need to register or login onto the site to watch the videos available.

The anime collection of the site is relatively large, with both original and dubbed or subbed videos available. There are some ads on the page, but they aren’t much of an issue.

The user interface is well designed to not cause any problems to the users while navigating through the website. There is a chat section available too for the users to interact with the people behind. 


AnimeHeaven is another anime streaming website like Chia Anime. When you first open this site, it appears to be more like a search engine made especially for anime.

Thereon, you can search for the anime you want to watch, or can directly go surfing from their list of dubbed anime, anime series, anime movies, popular anime, etc.

Thus the user interface is very clean with no scope of confusion. The website has a day/night mode to ensure less strain on the users’ eyes.

The videos are streamed through third parties, and the site is free. There are some ads, but they do not hamper the user experience of the website.

Visit AnimeHeaven


Much like Chia Anime, Masterani is free and does not ask its users to sign up or login onto the site. The interface of the website is straightforward, and the home page looks like an anime search engine.

You can directly search for your favorite anime or browse through the list of anime series and anime movies made available on the website.

There are negligible ads on the site, which makes it even better. The videos are available in HD quality. One can also contact the admins for a request to stream new anime.


Visit Masterani


The website has a dark user interface, like that of Chia Anime, with a few ads. It will seldom be that you encounter any pop-ups. There is a login or register option on the site.

However, it is not mandatory to log in before streaming a video. The collection of anime videos, both series, and movies, available on the website is vast.

There is a separate hat section where you can connect with the admins as well as other viewers like you. The latest anime gets uploaded here at the soonest, and you get various filters to select your next watch, be it through genre, by directly searching for it, etc. 

Anime freak

Visit AnimeFreak

Dubbed Anime

The collection of this anime streaming website is enormous! There are some ads and a few pop-ups once in a while, but the website is absolutely free.

There is no need to login onto the site for watching your favorite anime. However, you have to if you want to join their online community.

The user interface is decent with the videos flagged as subbed or dubbed, much to the convenience of the viewer. You can also find a cartoon section on the website.

Another feature is that you can have a random video played, in case you can’t decide what to watch.  Please note, Animeland and Dubbed Anime are similar sites.

Visit AnimeLand

Anime Park (Anime Sim)

Anime Park, now known as AnimeSim, is one of my favorite anime streaming sites in the list and it not just because of its eye-catchy user interface but also because of its amazing user experience.

The site has a yellow-black theme with no on-page ads which makes it easier for you to search any anime or click anywhere on the screen without getting redirected on a malicious and spammy website.

Although, some of the links were broken and there is no option to report broken links but we hope that the admin will fix this issue.

As of now, I only saw one ad before the beginning of an episode which was also skippable after five seconds just like youtube.

If you follow the ideology of watching anime with Japanese audio and English subtitles, AnimeSim is a perfect anime streaming site for you. The majority of the anime series are English subbed and in high quality.

chia anime alternatives

Visit AnimeSIm


Never-ending collection, HD quality videos, and a straightforward and smooth interface: that’s AnimeDao for you. And, like Chia Anime, it’s absolutely free too!

The website has a minimum number of ads and no pop-ups. There is absolutely no need to register or log in onto the site. Streaming anime is straightforward since there are no misleading or redirecting links.

The viewers are also blessed with the light and dark modes for comfortable viewing. The anime list is alphabetically sorted making it easier to find a particular title, but can also be sorted out according to genres, posters and movies. You can also be a part of the community.  

chia anime alternatives

Visit AnimeDao


Without a doubt, there is a noticeable amount of ads on this website, but they do not come in the way of watching your favorite anime. The site has a vast array of anime series and movies available for its viewers.

The layout is well planned and can be accessed over various platforms for a better user experience. The website’s interface is dark, much similar to Chia Anime.

The videos are flagged as subbed or dubbed respectively. One can also blackout other parts of the screen while streaming a video on this website.

An amazingly unique feature of this site is that it has some anime-inspired games available for its viewers. 

chia anime alternatives

Visit AnimeJolt


The user interface of this website is very nicely organized, even better than that of Chia Anime. The site is free, though it contains some ads.

The videos are in HD and numerous of them available. You may log on to the site, but it’s not entirely necessary for your streaming of anime.

One can directly search for the anime he wishes to watch or can browse through the long list of genres made available on the site.

One may also turn off other screen lights while watching a video. Every video has a short description attached to it along with its rating. Additionally, one may also choose from various servers to ensure the best viewing experience. 

chia anime alternatives

Visit 123Anime


Chia Anime is definitely a perfect choice for streaming and downloading subbed and dubbed anime series. Although, some users have issues due to its changing domain and interface.

Therefore, we have penned down 20 best alternatives of Chiaanime which you can use to watch anime online without paying any charges for the subscription.

If you have any other suggestions for Chiaanime alternatives comment down and let us know.


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