How To Make Pumpkin Pie In Minecraft [Quick Recipe]

Just a while ago we learned about making a cake in Minecraft, and as delicious it turned out to be, we will not stop discovering and playing around with more recipes and foods in Minecraft.

That being said, today we will learn how to make a pumpkin pie in Minecraft.

Yes, there are a lot more delicacies in Minecraft than just a cake, there is even a recipe for golden apple but that comes to a lot later.

So, the recipe for making a pumpkin pie in Minecraft is quite easy, although it may have sounded somewhat complex, or difficult. But believe us, this one would be an easy and a small journey, although there is one part that might trouble you, but once that is done, everything would be a walk in the park. Let’s get started then!

How To Make A Pumpkin Pie In Minecraft?

Ingredients Required

  • Pumpkins

Of course, the first and the prime ingredient, the pumpkin itself, would definitely be required for making a pumpkin pie.

  • Sugarcanes

Sugarcanes would not be required directly in the recipe for making the delicious pumpkin pie today, but it will help indirectly for another recipe that we will talk about next.

  • Sugar

As mentioned earlier, unlike its source, the sugarcane, sugar is the second ingredient, and it would be directly used.

  • Chickens

Once again, an indirect ingredient, we will not use it, but it will provide us with something that we surely are going to use.

  • Eggs (from chicken)

Eggs laid by chickens are the third and final ingredient we will need for our awesome pumpkin pie.

  • Crafting Table

The absolute necessity, the tool which we will use for finally assembling our ingredients on to make the pumpkin pie.

1. Pumpkin

As said, the main ingredient, the star of the show, we are going to learn about the first item, the pumpkins for our pumpkin pie.

Pumpkins in Minecraft are not as scarce but are neither so readily found.

pumpkin pie recipe minecraft

As the image above for reference makes it easy what a pumpkin looks like, now we need to go out in the wild and search for them, hunt for them in the wild for our recipe for pumpkin pie.

One notable point is that pumpkins can be found in villages. Do not worry, stealing them right in front of them will not be any issue, knowing how generous the villagers are in Minecraft.

Also, it is always advisable to make our own pumpkin farm.

2. Sugarcanes

As we have mentioned earlier, we can not use sugarcane directly, but still, it is very important for us as it provides us with sugar.

So looking for sugarcanes is not something really hard to do, all we need is some water body areas, since sugarcanes are found on the edges of small or big ponds, they just directly need to be on the edge with water.

pumpkin pie recipe minecraft

Once we have found our sugarcanes, we can start making them into sugar, but as always, it is advisable to make a farm so for further uses it will come in handy.

We can simply put the sugarcane in the crafting table or even in the crafting section of our inventory, and it will convert it into sugar.

 pumpkin pie recipe minecraft

One sugarcane yields one sugar. So just place it in any single square and you have it converted.

3. Sugar

Crafting a pumpkin pie in Minecraft is similar to making a pumpkin pie in real life, maybe not completely, but of course, both are going to be sweet as hell.

Talking about making them sweet, we do need sugar right? So that our next ingredient sugar is going to be used in the pumpkin pie recipe Minecraft!

We have learned how to obtain sugar from sugarcanes, which is gonna help us well enough.

4. Chickens  

Chickens, as delicious as they are when cooked, much more tempting it is to slain them and cook in the furnace, but hold your horses, we need them here as they are our only sustainable source for eggs.

pumpkin pie recipe minecraft

Knowing this is how a chicken looks like in Minecraft, we need to find them, as where there are chickens, there are surely eggs laid around too.

5. Eggs

The final ingredient required for our recipe of the pumpkin pie is the egg laid by chickens.

pumpkin pie recipe minecraft

Since this is a horde of chicken eggs, we can sort one out and keep aside for our pumpkin pie recipe.

6. Crafting Table

The cooktop, or the workbench, crafting table works well for almost all our works.

So let’s make one for our Minecraft pumpkin pie recipe.

All we need for that is 4 wood planks, of any wood at all, placed into the crafting section of our inventory and that’s it!

crafting table

7. Final Step/ Making the pumpkin pie

The final step of making the pumpkin pie in Minecraft takes us to combining all the ingredients together on the crafting table, one pumpkin, one sugar, and one egg. They can be put anywhere in the squares, no specific order needed.

pumpkin pie recipe minecraft

[Note that carved pumpkins might not work in making the pie, you might need to use a regular pumpkin]

All the ingredients put together will finally reward us with a delicious pumpkin pie!


So this is our easy and detailed guide of making or crafting a pumpkin pie in Minecraft!

Hope you have enjoyed the content, have a good day!

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