How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft An Illustrative Guide

In Minecraft, we start with nothing but the bare hands of the mighty Steve! We go on to build houses, boats, mansions, and even villages! But we make our way through and craft tools like swords and armors, and the Bow, which we are concerned about today.

But what would you do when your bow gets used a lot and it gets damaged and near to getting destroyed (like almost every tool that we use)?  

Note that we are talking about any version, not just specific, not just how to repair a bow in Minecraft 1.14, but newer versions too, like Minecraft PE, or Minecraft 1.15, and so on.

So let’s start talking about how to repair bow in Minecraft, or even how to repair an enchanted bow!

How to repair a bow in Minecraft – An Illustrative Guide

1. Using the crafting table

The simplest method, to repair a bow in Minecraft, includes repairing a bow with just a crafting table.

Crafting Table in Minecraft

Now, crafting table is the most common and possibly the first and most important thing we build in our journey of Minecraft. It helps us to create and craft almost everything that we are going to use in our journey ahead, from furnaces to pickaxes, even the bow that we are going to repair! 

So! To build a crafting table we need 4 wooden planks, of any wood/tree, place them all in your default crafting 4-box place.
Once we have our crafting table, place any of your damaged bows with another damaged bow to combine and form one comparatively less damaged bow. If you use a completely new bow here, it will just be the same.

2. Using the grindstone

We can also use a grindstone if you are wondering how to repair a bow in Minecraft.

To make a grindstone, using the crafting table, place two planks in the bottom left and right corner, two sticks in the middle left and right edge, and a stone slab in the center square. 

How to make a stone slab? Put your cobblestone into the furnace and wait till it forms into regular stone, then, use 3 regular stones in the crafting table side by side, in any row, to make a stone slab.
Now in our grindstone, we can simply put the damaged bows, and obtain a new one.

Note: This method repairs and disenchant your tools, so any enchanted bows you use will become normal, be careful.

3. Using the anvil (for the Enchanted Bow) 

This is the most important method that we will see because now we will know how to repair an enchanted bow in Minecraft without losing its enchantment.

We need an anvil here.

To make an anvil, we need to have 3 Blocks of Iron, and 4 Iron ingots.

First, place your three blocks of iron into the top 3 squares of a crafting table, side by side. Second, place an iron ingot in the centermost square of the crafting table, and 3 more iron ingots in the bottom row of the crafting table. 

Here we have our Anvil!

Enchant and ordinary bow

Repair using Crafting

Now that we have our anvil, the only thing left to do is to repair our magical mystical enchanted bow!

Place your enchanted bow and another bow in the two square slots of the anvil, and boom! We have our anvil repaired!

Now, if you are wondering how to repair a bow in Minecraft using an anvil, just a normal bow, then that we can do too! We can use a similar way to repair our normal non-enchanted bows.

Note: Placing the enchanted bow in the first square of the anvil and the other one in the second, will cost us less, while if we place our enchanted bow in the second square of the anvil, it will cost more. 

In Conclusion

So this is how to repair a bow in Minecraft, using three different instruments, namely the crafting table, the grindstone, and most importantly, the anvil.
In summary, we can clearly see the best option to repair an enchanted bow in Minecraft is through the anvil, since it makes sure to not lose our enchantments on it. Although for the regular bow we can use any other method, be it the grindstone or the crafting table. 

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