Textsheet Alternative – 10 Free Websites like Textsheet

It is undeniably true that Textsheet was one of the best free platforms for students to get help for their homework and assignments. Since it’s shut down, users on the internet are looking for Textsheet alternatives as a replacement for the same.

The best Textsheet alternatives are mentioned in the list below.

  • LitAnswers
  • Chegg
  • CourseHero
  • CrazyForStudy
  • Slader
  • PaperHelp
  • StudyLib
  • Spark Notes
  • Quizlet
  • BookFinder
  • Skooli

Textsheets was taken down as they were not the legal owner of the content they hosted on their platform and got taken down after a DMCA notice.

In this article, we will be discussing everything related to Textsheet, why it was taken down, and some of the best alternatives to fill its place on the internet.

What is Textsheet?

As said above, Textsheet was an online educational portal that used to help college students to find the solutions to their homework and assessments for absolutely free.

The platform helped the students to find the solutions without any hassle, but as expected, textsheet had no right over the content it hosted, they were scraping content from various sources such as Chegg answers, which is the reason why textsheet is down.

Textsheets uses to provide answers for the Chegg online practice papers. The solutions were presented using a Chegg API that used to scrape the question from the link provided by the user.

Why is Textsheet Down?

TextSheet is currently banned from the Internet because of some copyright infringements that Chegg laid on them. The DMCA copyright violation forced the Text sheet to shut down its website. They used to provide the users with solutions to the problems available at Chegg.

textsheet alternative

TextSheet’s Chegg API scraped Chegg to hunt for the solutions without having to pay for it. The Textsheets user interface was straightforward and had a clean user interface. The user would enter the Chegg question’s URL into the section, and Textsheet would search the URL to find out the solution for the question. Answers with a detailed explanation were provided further.

If you want academics related ebooks for free, check out these free alternatives to Library Genesis.

Best Textsheet alternatives – Free & Paid

It has been confirmed that Textsheet has been taken down from the internet permanently, which means no one can access it with VPN, proxies, or in any other way.

But, you should worry a little less now as we have penned down a list of Best Textsheets alternatives that are either free or paid. You will be able to access these textsheet alternatives without having to use a VPN.

1. Chegg –  Best TextSheet Alternative 


The best Textsheet alternative is Chegg itself. Textsheets used to use Chegg API to scrape the website for questions and their solutions. Chegg is an American educational platform that helps high school and college students in their academics, homework assistance, and many other scholarly fields.

textsheet alternative

Chegg demands some registration fee that is used as the cost for all the services. The user can then rent books for studies, get free questions, and homework helps. If you are an android user, click here to download the Chegg ereader app.

Visit Chegg

2. Course Hero

Course hero is another amazing website that performs its job of providing solutions to students related to their queries in various fields of education.

The site has more than 25 million types of courses and is the best choice for college students who are finding out ways to complete their assignments and homework.

Course Hero offers 24/7 homework help but that is not free, you will have to choose a plan to unlock answers but there is also an option to upload your own study materials and earn “unlocks.”

Textsheet alternative

You will have to upload 10 documents in Course Hero which will give you 5 free unlocks if you don’t have any study material and willing to pay, here is its price chart.

Visit Coursehero

3. CrazyForStudy

One more addition to our list of best textsheet alternatives is CrazyForStudy. This site provides access to more than 50 million books for which you will have to pay a small fee.

textsheet alternative

It also helps students in completing their assignments and homework in various fields of education.

Visit CrazyForStudy

4. Slader


Moving towards the next famous textsheet alternative which is quite popular among the students in the United States, Slader has all of the study material based on the US syllabus on its platform. Slader is an independent website and provides free homework help to the students.


You can find answers from dozens of books, just type in the name of the subject and you will get a lot of suggestions. The website provides solutions for free but has a few ads on its platform which is not a problem anyway.

The user interface is clean and simple, you will get used to the site after using it for a couple of minutes. You can either create an account or find solutions without registration.

Visit Slader

5. PaperHelp

Another great site joining our list of best textsheet alternatives is PaperHelp. The name pretty much says everything that you will be reading further.


PaperHelp will help you to write research papers once you pay a small amount of fee to it, it doesn’t provide any solutions for your queries in any subjects but can help you with hundred pages of research papers and stuff. The pricing depends upon your levels like high school, college, or Ph.D.

Visit Paperhelp

6. StudyLib

StudyLib is no doubt one of the best Textsheet alternatives available on the internet. The website features a vast collection of academic documents, flashcards, question papers, and assignments. Students can download the materials for free and even upload their own. With over 150,000 student registrations, Studylib is an emerging educational platform for the students.


Users can create a free account on the website and they are good to go. With an account, almost anyone can access the thousands of flashcards and documents uploaded by other students.

Visit StudyLib

7. Spark Notes

Spark Notes is a child company of the brand Spark, started by the Harvard students Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, Chris Coyne, and Eli Bolotin. The main aim of the platform is to present high-quality study guides to all the students. If you are studying literature, poetry, history, film, or philosophy, then Spark Notes is the best choice among all the mentioned Textsheet Alternatives.

textsheet alternatives

However, the website has now been expanded as study guides for various other fields are also added. Some of the primary fields of study are biology, chemistry, economics, health, math, physics, and sociology.

Visit SparkNotes

8. Quizlet

Quizlet is an American educational platform that helps its students in enhancing their learning potential. The website is a perfect choice for anyone who experiences a lack of concentration during their study session. This is because Quizlet provides information to its students in the form of engaging videos, tools, and games.

This application provides efficient and fast learning flashcards to all of its students. There are more than 50 Million active users on Quizlet. If you also get out of focus sometimes, then you should definitely try this Textsheet alternative.

Visit Quizlet

9. BookFinder

Some people prefer reading books as it helps them maintain focus and retain information for a long time. If you are into books as well, then this website will surely come in handy. Bookfinder helps its users by searching for books and their prices in its database.

The BookFinder database contains an index of thousands of book inventories shared by a number of sellers. The website then compares the seller prices and presents the user with the lowest possible price of the book over the internet.

Visit BookFinder

10. Skooli

Private tutoring is an excellent choice if you are a hard learner. Hopefully, Skooli is an amazing platform that provides online tutoring services to its members.

The website has teachers for a variety of academic fields such as Mathematics, Humanities, Business, Language, and Science. However, even if you are still in school, the website has got you covered. The Grade Level tutoring option is all that you need.

Students can also hire tutors to get help in their homework. The website charges a fee for each class that you take. Pay for the time you use, and study anywhere, anytime.

Visit Skooli

FAQs Related To Textsheet

What is Textsheet?

Textsheet was a free site for highschool and college students that used to provide solutions related to various subjects without having to pay for a subscription.

Is Textsheet illegal?

Yes, Textsheet was an illegal website as it had no rights over any content hosted on its platform. It used to fetch answers using Chegg API and later received a DMCA takedown request by Chegg for reproducing answers.

Are Textsheet alternatives free?

Textsheet alternatives are not totally free but you may get some discounts or free trials if you request the customer chat support.

Did Textsheet get taken Down?

Textsheet received a DMCA takedown request by Chegg and the owner, Sultron, had his GitHub repositories taken down by a Chegg employee.


We have provided details and reasons for the takedown of the Textsheet platform. On the other hand, for people looking out for Textsheet alternative, we also listed some of the best alternatives available on the Internet currently in 2019.

Feel free to comment on any issues regarding Textsheets and Textsheet alternatives. Do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter to keep receiving such excellent posts daily.

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