DNSmasq Software Version 2.78 – Official Download

dnsmasq software version 2.78

In this article, we will explain all about DNSmasq Software version 2.78 which is the latest version of the official DNSmasq toolkit for a server system.

Download DNSMasq Software Version 2.78

We have provided some methods to download and implement the latest DNSMasq version in your system. Here is a couple of them.

Using GIT clone

If you are on a UNIX like a system, you can take benefit from the inbuilt GIT clone feature. All you need to do is open a terminal and paste the following commands in it. We have provided a step by step guide on how to GIT clone the DNSMasq software.

  1. Fire up your Linux/UNIX machine.
  2. Open terminal by navigating to the terminal icon on your taskbar. You can also use the shortcut to the terminal window. Ctrl + Shift + T
  3. Enter the following command in the terminal to start cloning.
    git clone git://thekelleys.org.uk/dnsmasq.git
  4. The cloning process will now begin. You may be asked for your root password before the download process.

From The Official Index Database

If you want to download the latest version of DNSMasq from official sources, you can download it from the index database for DNSMasq.

DNSMasq Software Version 2.78

dnsmasq software version 2.78

DNSMasq is a free toolkit that is packed in a small program. The program allows users to access some of the network statistics settings in a local server or system.

It is specially designed to run on low-end systems. It can be used on Linux, BSDs, Android, and OS X. The toolkit usually comes pre-installed in numerous Linux distributions.

The latest version of the toolkit is the DNSMasq Software Version 2.78 which can be downloaded from the official DNSMasq index database or can be cloned using the GIT feature in UNIX systems.

The DNSMasq Software version 2.78 provides the user with the following functions:

Domain Name System Forwarder

dnsmasq software version 2.78

DNSMasq is programmed as a lightweight DNS Forwarder which provides DNS services to a small and local network. DNS or Domain name system is the hierarchical database that includes information about all the domain names and hosts that are currently active on the Internet. DNS is responsible for the conversion of URLs in IP addresses. DNS plays a major role in browsing and transmission of packets in a network.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server

dnsmasq software version 2.78

DNSMasq provides DHCP servers to local networks. DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is responsible for the assignment of IP addresses to each and every device on a network. IP Addresses are crucial for the transmission of data in a network. They accelerate the speed of data transfer by providing an address to every machine.

Router Advertisement

According to the official DNSMasq Website, the Router Advertisement subsystem provides basic auto-configuration for IPv6 hosts.


So this was our post on the latest DNSMasq software version 2.78 which is used to provide DNS services to local server systems. We have provided two methods to download the latest version.

Feel free to comment on any issues you face while downloading DNSMasq Software Version 2.78 and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome posts.


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