How To Make A Redstone Comparator?

Redstone is not really a very hard to find mineral in Minecraft, but yet can be time taking the first time we start mining. Once we advance a lot and get in total control, then we can start hoarding dozens of redstone for all our redstone based projects..

But talking about projects, we are going to be remembering the first important one, that is, the Redstone Comparator.

What is a redstone comparator you might ask this question.

A redstone comparator is a device built and used in Minecraft to compare, reduce and maintain signal strength, and measure some specific block states.  

The ingredients required in this recipe of crafting a Redstone Comparator are quite unusual, and one of them is even more bizarre than what we have commonly used till now.

So without even more delay, let us start with today’s detailed and easy-to-go Minecraft guide of making a redstone comparator.

How To Make A Redstone Comparator?

As we always do, we will start out by listing the ingredients/requirements for our necessary work. So here it goes.

  1. Requirements

The items in Minecraft that we are going to need for making our redstone comparator are as given below.

  • Crafting Table

The heart and soul of almost everything we build, make, or use in Minecraft. Without this, most of the tasks can’t be executed, so let us get one.

  • Stone

Stone in Minecraft is not really like a stone in the real world, but a little different. Why are we going to need it, and how are we going to make it, we will find out both.

  • Redstone Torch

As during our most mining adventures we have come across a lot of redstone than we thought we could need. So not as much for lights, but more for functionality, let us take a look at redstone torch

  • Nether Quartz

Now, this could probably be the hardest and rarest, and probably the last item to get in Minecraft.

Knowing what would be the requirements of our task today of making a redstone comparator, we can now proceed to learn how we can obtain them.

  1. Crafting Table

Now that we are never moving forward without our crafting table, let us get onto chopping and shopping.

Now for making a crafting table, we need a simple tree log. Although the exact requirement is of planks, but how is it the same let us see.

Once we have the logs, we can simply convert them into planks, using the crafting section of the inventory. To do so, simply place the log into any but single square in the crafting section in your inventory.

redstone comparator recipe

Ready with planks, let us make the crafting table we need the most.

From planks to crafting table is a really short journey, to complete, it, just take 4 planks and

place them singularly each into a square of the crafting section of the inventory.

Thus, we will have our crafting table ready for us.

redstone comparator recipe

Once ready with our crafting table, let’s move on to our next step for making a redstone comparator.

  1. Stone

Stone in Minecraft can be found by an indirect method.

To obtain the stone, we will be going to smelt the cobblestone into the stone by using a furnace in Minecraft.

redstone comparator recipe 

To use a furnace for turning cobblestone into stone, simply put coal as fuel and cobblestone as a subject in the furnace. And we will have our stone ready. One cobblestone block turns into one stone block.

Now that we are ready with our stone blocks for making a Redstone comparator, let us move to the next required ingredient.

  1. Nether Quartz

Nether Quartz is definitely going to be one of the hardest items to get by. What is the reason for that? Well, the name itself suggests that. It is a “Nether” Quartz, which means, we are going to need to be in the menacing Nether World to get this final ingredient of making a Minecraft Redstone comparator.


Once we make our Nether portal, we can have access to the Nether World. This can be done by placing obsidian blocks in a rectangle shape of 4×5(4 left to right, 5 top to bottom) leaving the inner 2×3 blocks area empty.

To start up a Nether Portal, we need to use flint and steel to ignite the fire and open up the nether portal.

Now that we have gained access to the Nether world in Minecraft, we can look around for Nether Quartz blocks, which are quite commonly available and easily found in the nether.

redstone comparator recipe

For reference to what Nether Quartz blocks look like in Minecraft Nether World 

  1. Redstone Torch

For our final ingredient, we are going to be needing the Redstone torch. Now as we have done a lot of digging, we know having Redstone takes a little time at first, but once we have reached the ground level very low in our mines, we can be assured that finding Redstone will not be much time taking.

Next, use a stick to combine with redstone to finally get our hands on the redstone torch. The process is similar to making normal torches in Minecraft, just simply replace coal with redstone.

  1. Assembly

Now that we have all our items ready to build the redstone comparator as we need, we can now start putting them together to ultimately form it.

So the pattern that we are going to follow for making a Redstone comparator is like this.

Place three stone blocks in the bottom row of the crafting table in each square.

Place one nether quartz in the center most square of the crafting table.

Lastly, 3 Redstone torches, one on top of the nether quartz, one on the left, and one on the right side of the nether quartz in the center square.

This can be simply understood from the picture displayed right above.

This is how, we can finally, easily craft/build/make Redstone comparators in Minecraft.


So this was our detailed and easy-to-go guide for making/crafting/building a Redstone comparator in Minecraft. These are some of the complicated items build in Minecraft.

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