What is childhood without cartoons? Unlike kids of today, childhood for every 90s kid meant arguments on favorite cartoon characters and an evening at a friend’s place meant watching cartoons together. Gone are those days, and now we have smartphones.

Kids today are stuck with devices and digital games. But how could they even be watching cartoons? Cartoons today stand no chance next to the old and classic ones.

Tom and Jerry, Popeye The Sailor Man, Johnny Bravo, Dexter, Powerpuff Girls, Mickey Mouse, Noddy, The Looney Toons Show, Scooby-Doo, and whatnot. The list can go on and on.

But apart from the nostalgia, the best thing about the cartoons of the 90s is that they are going to be evergreen. Try them when you are a little off or tired, it would still work like the way it did in childhood. But the question is where do you see them now? None of those old cartoon network shows are aired on the Television now. 

If you want to watch cartoons online in high quality, then we recommend checking out this article where we have mentioned some of the best websites to watch HD cartoons for free.

Best Sites To Watch Old And Classic Cartoons Online For Free In 2020

Here we have a list of websites and apps that can give you easy access to your favorite cartoons both for you and your kids and that too for free.

Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network as we know has been a favorite channel for many at one point in time. Their official website offers quite a number of videos from their old cartoons if not all.

But what is striking about this option is that along with your favorite cartoons, both the website and the app are extremely interactive with amazing games with known cartoon characters. And the best part, all of this is absolutely free. 


You might be bored with this name, but this video platform will never fail to surprise you. The search bar on the app works like real magic, better than Google at times.

Search anything and it will be right there. Ask for the classic Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck movies or the Tom and Jerry Show, or Jumbo elephant or even the Road Runner Show, YouTube has all the old cartoon network shows for you.

The best thing about the app is the super amazing recommendations. The platform understands you within minutes and lines up the cartoons you will like without you having to search again. 

Cartoons On

Another free website that allows you to stream unlimited cartoons on any device. The platform has an amazing collection but may not have everything you ask for like its possible on YouTube.

But, Cartoons On may be a better choice for you as you can be sure to only find cartoons and nothing else that can distract you or your kids from watching what was planned. 

Watch Cartoons Online

Also known as Watch Anime Dub, the website initially may seem to be a good place for anime lovers only. But you will get treated with the real surprise when you navigate to cartoons from the menu and see the collection assorted in alphabetical order.

The cartoon library is so huge that it may even require a lifetime to complete watching all of them, because why not as they can all be streamed for free.

Watch Anime Online

If Japanese anime has been your thing then watch anime online is the best place to go to. From old and classic ones to the latest ongoing series, the website has it all.

If you want to watch high-quality animes on your smartphone, then the official Kissanime App will be a lifesaver for you.

But you need not worry even if you are looking for old cartoon network shows because the website is not going to disappoint you. Only if you have an active ad block then streaming on this website could be a bit difficult.

Kiss Cartoon

This website is the ultimate hub of cartoons be it any genre, language, region, or time frame if a cartoon ever existed then it is here on this website. Some even dubbed and with subtitles.

People think this website is amazing to use as a streaming service for cartoons as compare to other sites. However, people do not know why is kisscartoon down on the internet and that question makes the last in the list.

Which one is the best choice?

Though each and every website mentioned above has an amazing collection, especially the last three but they are also not safe to browse. Multiple redirects and high chances of extracting malware makes them not a good choice for streaming cartoons. 

While Cartoon Network may be a little disappointing in terms of size in comparison with the rest,  YouTube undoubtedly serves to be the safest option to watch old and classic cartoons online for free in 2020.



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