watch cartoon online
watch cartoon online

Watch Cartoon Online: It is undeniably true that we used to stick to the television during younger days to watch cartoons no matter what time it is, some of us even used to wake up early to watch Dragon Tales Show.

But, as time passed, these cartoon shows have stopped airing on cartoon channels but there is a way to watch cartoon online, and in this article, we will be listing down the best sites to watch cartoons online.

There are a lot of sites on the internet that allows you to watch cartoons online free but, usually, the sites are cluttered with lots of pop-up ads and misleading click baits.

Anyways, you don’t have to worry about this anymore, as we have handpicked the best sites to watch cartoons online with minimum ads that can be removed with adblockers.

Make sure you check out the full list and also go through the section where we have explained the process of removing ads from the below-listed sites.

If you are planning to watch cartoons on your smartphone, then we recommend you use one of the apps mentioned below. These apps are free to use and provide premium benefits to its users.

Where can I stream cartoons online?

It is quite obvious that we hardly have time to watch television at home and even if we manage to make time for watching television, it not necessary that the channels will be airing the cartoons shows we want to watch.

Nowadays, everything can be done on laptops and smartphones whether it is to watch cartoon online or read the latest news. No one has time to sit in front of the idiot box and wait till the channel starts airing the show they want to watch.

There are a countless number of sites where you can stream cartoons online whether it is a year old or a decade old. In this article, we will be answering your queries like Where can I watch cartoon online free, Where can I watch old cartoons and much more.

20 Best Sites to Watch Cartoon Online

1. YouTube

Of course, isn’t it the biggest streaming platform of all times! Providing you with the biggest collection ever of every kind of video, YouTube also has a vast list of cartoons available on it.

You can find almost all of your favorite cartoons, browsing through episode names, or just binge-watching through seasons. YouTube is one of the best sites to watch cartoons online.

What makes it even better is that to watch cartoons online, you don’t need to pay anything since YouTube is completely free! You get a selection to make from different qualities of video to watch cartoon online. You can either stream cartoons or download your cartoons to watch later even when you are offline. The simple interface makes the streaming experience even better. 

2. WatchCartoonOnline

 Whether you are an anime fan or a cartoon lover, WatchCartoonOnline is the site for you. The website has a wide and sorted array to stream cartoons and anime.

The videos are in high quality, and the user interface of the website is very properly aligned. This makes browsing through the site very easy, even for new users.

The website has no pop-ups, although there are a few ads, they do not interfere with your viewing. The users do not need to log in or register on the site to watch cartoons online. And the best part? It’s free! 

watch cartoon online

Visit WatchcartoonOnline

3. KimCartoon

This is one of the best websites available today to watch cartoon online. There are a few ads and pop-ups, but everything is free! KimCartoon doesn’t even require you to login or register onto the site to watch cartoons online.

Although you have to if you want to be a part of the community discussion. The user interface is tremendously clean and well planned, with the videos divided under categories as “Cartoon Movies” and “Cartoon Series” and with more subcategories within.

There is also this “Suggestion” list to tell you what everyone else is watching. The website is home to a large number of videos and you find almost any of your likings to watch cartoons online.

You may also turn off other screen lights while watching, for a better streaming experience. Additionally, every video comes with a description and ratings to give you a quick overview. 

watch cartoons online

Visit Kimcartoon

4. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn is another amazing option to watch cartoon online, and for free. The website accounts for an uncountable number of cartoon videos, all of them in excellent quality.

There are a few ads on the website but they are well out of the way of your viewing, thus saying that the website has a great user interface which is very well chalked out. 

There are no annoying pop-ups to disturb you. What’s more? The website doesn’t ask you to login or register to watch cartoon online.

The website also lets you browse through studios like Walt Disney, Pixar, etc. as well as among famous characters like Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, etc. There is also a blog section on the website with some interesting facts for the website’s viewers. 

watch cartoons online

Visit CartoonsOn

5. CartoonCrazy

With over 25000 cartoon and anime videos available, CartoonCrazy provides a platter full of entertainment, and all for free. The website doesn’t ask you to login or register.

The user interface is very well organized and neat which makes browsing through the site easy and comfortable. The videos available are of high quality, with almost zero ads or pop-ups.

You can search for a title directly or browse through genres to find your video to watch cartoon online. The website also has a chat section for people that have the same viewing interests as you. 

watch cartoon online

Visit Cartoon Crazy

6. Nickelodeon

Cause how do we talk about getting to watch cartoons online, and miss out on one of the major cartoon channels! Nickelodeon lets you watch cartoon online for free, that is aired on the TV channel.

Along with the cartoons, you can also watch all other shows broadcasted on the channel. The site has hardly any ads and absolutely no pop-ups, improving the viewing experience.

The user interface is very funky, something which every cartoon lover would love. The website also has a nice collection of games and rewards, without tying you down to the commitment of login or registration. And, if you are lucky enough, you may even one of the contests help on the website! 

watch cartoons online

Visit Nickelodeon

7. ToonOva

With a very clean user interface and almost no ads at all, ToonOva makes up for an awesome choice to watch cartoon online.

The website houses a never-ending list of cartoons for you to watch cartoons online. You may also watch anime here. There are no pop-ups on the site, and the cartoons are well sorted out so that you can find your favorite cartoon easily.

You may log in to be a part of the discussion on the website, although logging in or registering isn’t necessary merely to watch cartoon online. You also get the power to report any videos which you find to be broken, making the website better.  

ToonOva also has an Android app, download ToonOva android app, and watch cartoons on your android device.

Visit ToonOva

8. WatchCartoonsOnline (not to be confused with watchcartoononline)

No sugar coating, yes the site does have quite a lot of ads, but its other features overcome this fact to make WatchCartoonsOnline one of the best options to watch cartoon online. 

Besides the ads, the interface is decent and easy to use with all its videos flagged according to their genres. The user can instantly find a cartoon and start streaming it without having to log in or register.

One can browse through the site to find their favorite cartoon either directly through the search menu or by looking through genres or years.

The list of available cartoons is sorted alphabetically, making it even easier to find the video to watch cartoons online. 

Visit WatchCartoonsOnline

9. CartoonExtra

CartoonExtra has a comfortable and easy to surf interface, with a few ads here and there, although they aren’t very noticeable, and do not come in the way of your viewing.

The number of videos available is huge, and all in great picture quality. The website doesn’t even give you the obligation of logging in or registering on the website.

There are multiple servers available for every video so that there is no crashing of the site even under huge traffic. The website is free of cost and can provide you with almost all your favorites to watch cartoons online.

watch cartoons online

Visit CartoonExtra

10. Cartoon Network

Well hello, Millennials! Yup this one is for all the people quoting “still a kid at heart” out there. Cartoon Network has always been the most popular cartoon channel on TV, and its website has become one of the best sites to watch cartoon online. The interface of the website is extremely funky and chic.

There are a few ads on the website, as a consequence of the site being free, but the ads aren’t much of an annoyance to watch cartoons online.

The website doesn’t require login or registration of any sort to enable its users to stream cartoons online. The website also has a bucket full of cartoon-inspired game that the users can play, bedsides a lot of contests that the users can play and win.  

Visit Cartoon Network

11. Boomerang

Like all the other names on this list, Boomerang is yet another preferable go-to option for you to watch cartoons online. The website has that extra goofy appeal to it, which makes the interface easy to glide through.

There are a few ads on the site, but can be ignored and skipped easily, given the website provides all its high-quality cartoon videos for free.

Besides watching cartoon online, the website comes with a lot more perks, like cartoon-inspired games, quizzes, a chance for you to show your creativity with drawing up some characters, and other contests that you might win.

The cartoons get updated regularly, so you can find almost anything that you want to watch, without having to register or login.

Visit Boomerang Tv

12. AnimeToon 

As the name suggests, this website hosts both anime and cartoons and has a huge collection for both of them. A few ads are outlining the site, but the watching remains uninterrupted, with no pop-ups whatsoever.

The videos are played through various servers, hence the site rarely goes down. There is no need to register or login, and you can directly start streaming to watch cartoons online.

The user interface is well planned to bring you the best viewing experience. You can also find a list of manga here if you intend to read any.

watch cartoon online

Visit AnimeToon

13. ToonGet

Similar to AnimeToonToonGet too has a collection of both anime and cartoon videos for your entertainment. The site is free, which compensates for the few ads available on the website.

You may also encounter one or two pop-ups on the viewing page, but they aren’t much of an inconvenience. Besides, the website is home to a vast list of high-quality cartoons and anime, so you’d always find what you want to watch.

The interface is very neat, making it one of the best websites to watch cartoon online and be on this list. You may also watch Korean drama or read the manga if you may, on this website.

Visit ToonGet

14. SuperCartoons

Talking about the interface, the website is best suited to please the child in you. There is hardly any noticeable ads on the website and no pop-ups at all.

The videos are played in a nice TV like containment, although you might enter full-screen viewing. With no necessity to log in or register, you might browse through the website to watch cartoons online, filtering through characters or studios. The website also has short descriptions and ratings on its videos.

Visit SuperCartoons

15. WatchCartoon

With an extremely well laid out user interface, WatchCartoon is one of the best choices on our list. The website is free, curtesy to the few ads you might encounter, but they do not hamper the viewing experience.

The list of cartoons available goes on and on for you to easily watch cartoon online. There is an option to login onto the site. However, you can skip that part to directly get to streaming cartoons.

You may directly search for a cartoon title, or browse through the numerous genres available. You might also enter the discussions on the website by logging in to the website or even connect to the developers behind the website through their social media links provided.  

Visit Watch Cartoon


Another great choice to watch cartoons online, CartoonTab has an extremely easy to use interface, even for new users. The website does have quite some ads and pop-ups but well hey, it is free! Besides, the website has a huge number of videos available for you to watch cartoons online.

The videos are streamed through multiple servers, and you may also turn off other screen lights, which ensure comfortable viewing.

Also, the website provides you with a lot of comics, if you are into reading too. The website doesn’t need any login or registration so you can get straight to streaming your favorite cartoons. 

Visit CartoonTab

Download Snaptube for pc to save cartoons for offline streaming.

17. Cartoon8

This amazing choice to watch cartoon online is free and comes with loads and loads of videos to watch. You may directly search for a title to watch, browse through an alphabetically sorted list, or filter out through an asserted array of genres.

There are no ads or pop-ups on the site which makes it one of the best choices. Every video is hosted over multiple servers, so smooth viewing.

You have a choice to login onto the site although it is not necessary to watch cartoons online. You also get different light modes for even more comfortable viewing. 

watch cartoons online

Visit Cartoon8

18. ItSaturday

The website is convincingly one of the best choices to watch cartoons online. It is free, with no ads on the home page, although you may come across some noticeable ads on the viewing page, and there are no interrupting pop-ups.

The website has a seemingly never-ending list of videos available to watch cartoons online. One doesn’t need to register or login onto this website to start streaming cartoons.

The user interface is very simple to use and browse through and is an efficient choice to watch cartoons online. 

watch cartoons online

Visit ItsSaturday

19. Hulu

You probably know Hulu to be one of the best-streaming sites available today. Well, Hulu has got cartoons too! You can get a free trial version of the website, although you may have to pay a small amount later.

The price paid is well justified by the complete absence of ads and pop-ups and the vast ocean of videos available, be it movies, TV shows, or of course cartoons.

This makes Hulu one of the top choices to watch cartoon online on. The user interface is of course extremely well designed and very convenient to search through the site to find what you want to watch.  


Visit Hulu

20. Netflix

Lastly, talk about the king of streaming. Netflix has a wide range of videos available over many genres, cartoons included. You can easily find the best cartoons to watch cartoon online here. It comes with a small membership fee, although it is available for free for an initial trial month too.

The user interface is undoubtedly the best with no interfering ads or annoying pop-ups.  Streaming cartoons online is fairly comfortable on Netflix, besides other popular movies and TV shows around the world. 

Visit Netflix

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Watch Cartoon Online

Is Kisscartoon legal?

No, Kisscartoon is not a legal site to watch cartoons online. The site does not hold any copyrights to distribute the content.

Can I watch cartoon network online?

Yes, you can watch all the old and the latest shows of the Cartoon network on the sites we have listed in this article.

Where can I watch old cartoons?

You can watch old cartoons on Kimcartoon, CartoonsOn, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more sites.

Wrapping Up

For the sake of your nostalgia or desperation to re-live your childhood, we managed to find the best working sites to watch cartoons online. Televisions are of no use nowadays as everything is available on the internet.

With the sites listed above, you can stream cartoons and animes both at the same place. Some of the sites are cluttered with ads but that is the only way for the administrators to pay the hefty server bills.

We know how annoying these ads and pop-ups turns out to be, therefore an adblocker extension will help you to get rid of the ads.

You can drop down some sites to watch cartoon online that are not mentioned in the list, we will update the list after verifying the site.


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