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Kissanime app: Watching Anime is a favorite pastime of many teenagers nowadays because of its good storyline and character background and also it’s a great source of entertainment.

With so many options available to stream anime online on pc, there are very few available for mobile. Few premium apps like Crunchyroll and Netflix are available but not everyone can pay to watch so there is a substitute available i.e, Kissanime app for android.

The Kissanime website has a huge database for Anime series. You can create an account and interact with the community, bookmark your favorite series, and download it to watch later without an internet connection. But the Kissanime website doesn’t work with Mini browsers.

There have been rumors spread around the internet that Kissanime site closed or Kissanime isn’t safe but it’s not true. Kissanime is safe but the mirror websites aren’t safe.

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 Kissanime app – An Overview

Most of us probably use a Laptop or a tablet for watching anime which is not portable and handy at all. But every problem has a solution. Kissanime apk allows you to stream your favorite anime on your android smartphone.

Kissanime app is best for those who don’t have a laptop or tablet and want to watch their favorite anime series on their smartphones.

Now, I will tell you how to download the Kissanime apk and use it to watch your favorite anime series.

Installation guide

1. This is pretty simple, first of all, download the Kissanime apk file from the download button below.

2. Search for the downloaded Kissanime apk in the download folder of your device.

3. Allow installation from unknown sources.

Go to Settings> Security> Device Admin> tap on Unknown sources once.

4. Tap on the Kissanime apk file and click on install.

5. Wait for a couple of seconds and the installation of kissanime apk will be completed.

Features of Kissanime

The Kissanime apk has a lot of features. We will list some of them for you so that you can get to know the kissanime apk better.

  1. With Kissanime app, you can watch thousands of Anime series on your smartphone
  2. Chances of server errors are rare as the servers are fast and responsive.
  3. You don’t have to wiki about the genre and plot of every anime series as they are already arranged in their respective genres.
  4. Instead of noting down the names of your favorite anime to watch you can create a favorite list in the kissanime mobile app.
  5. You can find the dubbed and subbed version of your favorite anime on the kissanime mobile app.
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Download Anime From Kissanime app

Streaming isn’t fun actually, it consumes more data than downloading. Also if you want to store your favorite anime series in your device storage so that you can watch them anywhere without an internet connection, we have a trick for that, here’s how.

  1. Download the Advanced Download Manager application from the Google Play store.
  2. Open the application once and close it.
  3. Open Kissanime apk and search for the anime series you want to save as offline.
  4. Tap on it and then on episodes.
  5. You now have to tap on the episode you want to save for offline.
  6. Pick your source Gsource(good).
  7. You can now see an option, “Open with ADM editor”, tap on Just once.
  8. ADM editor screen will pop up. You can set the download location according to your choice and tap on the start.

Easy isn’t it? You can now store your favorite anime series in your device by using Kissanime apk.

 Kissanime app Bugs

However, the Kissanime app has some bugs and issues that are yet to be fixed. But, no worries, that issue is not major.

When you try to load the episode it will display an error message saying “Ad was reloaded too frequently“. Just tap on the episode once again and it will start streaming.

Screenshots For Kissanime app

Here are some screenshots of the Kissanime app.

Kissanime apk


In the end, I would say that Kissanime apk is a great application for streaming anime series. They keep adding new episodes and series frequently. Animes are subbed and dubbed in English so you don’t need to understand Japanese to watch your favorite series.

Feel free to contact us regarding the Kissanime app and its a must to all the anime Otakus to download Kissanime mobile app.


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