How to Create A Website For Free Using A Website builder

For brands and businesses, an online presence is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing and outreach. Larger companies can easily hire teams that specialize in website development and design. On the other hand, small brands are often left with no choice.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, then you would be delighted to know that you can build your own website from scratch with no coding skills.

There are a lot of website builders on the internet that provide website development services for free. One such service is Boxmode. It provides users with a platform to create, manage, and publish their sites with ease.

In this article, we will share a detailed tutorial on how to create a website with no coding skills and shed some light on the Boxmode website builder.

The Need for Website Builders

Many big brands frown on the thought of using website builders for their business. This is because they can afford a fully-equipped professional team for the task. Small brands do not have assets to hire one and compromise with website builders for their web development needs.

However, website builders shouldn’t be underrated at all. They offer several features to the users.

  • Cost Cutting

Using a free website builder can turn out to be expense-free for your brand. You can just sign up for a free account, create a site, and publish it, all for free.

  • No Coding Experience Required

For people who do not have significant experience in the IT industry, website builders can be the perfect choice for their needs. With a few clicks, your website could be live in under 10 minutes.

  • Perfect for Personal Use

If you are an individual who wants a website for personal use, website builders can work out well for you. Create a free account, make a site, and publish it without any hidden costs and charges.

Boxmode – A Free Website Builder

Talking about free website builders, Boxmode provides website building tools and ready-made templates. Users can sign up for a free account and start enjoying the fabulous features Boxmode has to offer.

Creating a website is easy. Build a new website, customize it, and hit “Publish.” While other website builders charge a fee for adding a custom domain, users can connect their domain names for free using Boxmode.

website builder

If you want to build a website for your brand or personal use, then we have provided the complete guide on developing a website without coding.

How to Build a Website Without Coding

Gone are the days when you had to learn development languages like HTML and CSS to build websites. Today’s digital world is primarily focused on enhancing usability. To create your website for free, follow this step-by-step guide mentioned below.

We’ll be using Boxmode as the website builder in this post. However, you are free to use any website builder you want.

Creating an Account

The very first step of using a website builder is to sign up for their services. To create a free Boxmode account, follow the steps below.

  • Head over to the official Boxmode website.
  • On the landing page, you’ll find an option to “Create an Account.” Click on that option.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy by checking the corresponding boxes.
  • Select the “Create account” button on your screen.

Your free Boxmode account has been created. Now, you need to log in.

  • On the homepage, click “Log in.”
  • Enter your email address and password in the respective fields.
  • Click on “Log in.”
  • You’ll be redirected to the account dashboard.

Now that you have an account, it is time for you to start building your website.

Designing the Website

When you create an account, you’ll be directed to the Boxmode website editor. Here, you can do everything related to the look and feel of your website.

Boxmode offers two choices to every user. The first choice is building a website using ready-made templates. And second is to create your website from a blank page.

Ready-made Templates

If you are building a site for the first time, we recommend using the templates. Boxmode will offer you a wide variety of beautiful and professional themes for your website.

To apply a template to your website, just hover your cursor on the theme and click “Select Template.”

You can even edit and customize templates so that they suit your needs.

Custom Theme

If you have prior experience in designing websites, then Boxmode makes it easier for you. With numerous widgets to choose from, even a beginner can build their template from scratch.

To build your website from a blank page, choose the corresponding option, and use the widgets to customize your webpage.

Designing a website from scratch can be a time-consuming task and is not recommended to beginners.

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Adding Domain Name

When you create an account, you’ll be asked to enter a domain name for your website. Enter any name that you feel is suitable.

Note: Boxmode offers * subdomains for free to its users.

How to Add a Custom Domain

If you want to add your custom domain, you can do it easily. Follow the steps below.

  • Head over to Project Settings in your Dashboard.
  • Select “Manage Domain” from the left sidebar and head over to the “Add Domain” tab.
  • You’ll be presented with the DNS settings of your website.
  • Login to your domain name provider account (from where you have bought the domain) and add these DNS settings to your domain.
  • You can monitor the status of your custom domain from the “Connected Domains” tab.

Note: It usually takes a couple of hours for the domain to get integrated with your website. However, in some cases, you may have to wait for a maximum of 48 hours. This is where the “Connected Domains” tab comes handy.

Publishing the Site

Now that you have successfully designed your website and added a domain name to it, your site is now ready to be published.

When you have finished editing and designing the website, you can simply hit “Publish” on the top right of your screen to get your website live.

Note: Enter the website URL in your browser to check out your live website.

Wrapping Up

So that was our take on how to build a website with no coding skills. We shared a step-by-step guide on creating a website with an online website builder. For this guide, we chose Boxmode because it offers a wide variety of amazing features to the users. And the best part, it is completely free.

You can even add your custom domain with Boxmode for free. Other website builders charge a fee for adding a domain name, but Boxmode is not like others.

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