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Faxing is the safest way through which you can deliver your documents. And when we are talking about online faxing, fax services are our prime concern. Through this guide, you’ll get to know everything about the fax services used for online faxing.

If one wants to securely deliver documents, faxing is the only method that comes to mind. Due to its incredible security pros, faxing is popular in the communication world. It has been used by innumerable people all over the world.

But the thing that keeps most of the people from using faxing is its impractical and absurd requirements. People do not want to use the big and troublesome fax machines or set up phone lines and fax modems. All this trouble just to send one document.

But they miss out on the ultimate security provided by faxes. So, to make things easier, fax experts have given faxing a makeover. Don’t worry, the security benefits remain as they were. Only the requirements have been made simpler and easier.

Now, you don’t have to go through the trouble of using fax machines and all other bothersome requirements. Here, we have the best 5 fax services that you can use for faxing through the internet.

1. CocoFax – Online Faxing like Never Before

CocoFax is the best online fax service that you can use for faxing your documents through the internet. You can send and receive free fax on CocoFax. Yes, it’s the best as well as it’s free, what can be better than that?

online fax services

Coming towards its services, CocoFax has the best bunch of services that any online fax could offer to the fax users. It is comfortable and easy to use and that is why people all over the world love it. CocoFax has a user base of millions of people who trust no other fax service but CocoFax.

Talking about its popularity, CocoFax is the most popular and famous online fax service of all. It has a reputation that none of its competitors have. Many big news outlets like the New York Times, TechRadar, and Forbes have covered it and talked good about it.

CocoFax has not one but many effective features for faxing documents. CocoFax has fax via email feature through which you are allowed to fax using your email account, it can be any email client.

online fax services

Features That Make CocoFax The Best

If we start talking about all its features, your device might run out of battery because CocoFax is a feature-loaded fax service and has some excellent faxing highlights. So we will talk about only a few major ones.

An Easy-to-use Online Dashboard

CocoFax does not require that you install any application or software for the purpose of faxing through it. CocoFax provides you with a personal online dashboard that can be accessed from any internet browser.

online fax services

It is really simple and anyone with basic internet knowledge can use it well. Through the dashboard, you can send and also receive faxes from anywhere in the world.

Offers a 30-Day Free Trial

As we said before, CocoFax is full of excellent features and the 30-day free trial is one of them. You get to use it during the sign-up time. It is completely free of cost and you even don’t need to provide any payment details.

As it’s a trial, you get to try out CocoFax’s services for free before you start paying for them. After this trial month, you have to pick a subscription plan according to your faxing needs.


Provides Free Custom-made Fax Numbers

A fax number is something you must have in order to fax a document. It doesn’t matter which faxing method you use, you must have a fax number to proceed with faxing. And in the old days, getting a fax number was also a problem. You needed to contact your telephone operator.

online fax services

But with CocoFax, everything’s easy. There is no need to contact anyone. Just enter your email address and you will get your free fax number then and there. What’s more, you even get to choose your fax number.

This is really helpful if you’re a company employee and want a fax number matching the company’s codes.

24/7 Customer Care

Customer care is a very important department. While many other fax services don’t pay attention to this part, CocoFax has a whole team of dedicated members who are available all the time to answer customer’s queries and entertain their requests.

This way, CocoFax gains customer satisfaction in an effective way.

2. RingCentral

Having the second place in the list of top 5 best fax services to let you fax online in no time is RingCentral. It is the second best online fax service after CocoFax and carries some good faxing highlights.

RingCentral is one of the modern inventions. Through this service, you can fax many pages throughout the month. And it also has the email faxing feature that allows you to fax documents through any email client easily.

However, no fax service can be best than CocoFax. The same is the case with RingCentral. It has good faxing features but one thing it lacks is affordable rates. It will cost you much if you choose to use it for online faxing.

online fax services


Coming down the list, we have It is also one of the greatest rivals in the faxing arena that has found its place on the list of 5 best online fax services in the entire world. has good faxing features that work effectively. It is also less expensive than many other faxing services. However, it is not as much loaded in features as our top pick, CocoFax.

online fax services

4. FaxZero

Here’s another online fax service that made it to the top-5 list. FaxZero is a fine and effective fax service that can fax any document for you anywhere in the world.

It works through a ‘fax form’ that you need to fill every time you have to send new fax. You have to provide all the details including the receiver’s fax number and the actual fax document in this form. You can also write a message through the text box on the form.

5. MyFax

Having the last spot is MyFax. It’s placed in the last position due to its primitive and old-fashioned services. MyFax lacks advancements and up-to-dateness in its design.

But still, it is better than many other fax services who do nothing and just steal your private data. It’s not like those fax services who claim to do online faxing for you but instead do nothing. MyFax is effective and also has a mobile app for faxing.

MyFax app - send fax from phone - Apps on Google Play


So, now you know all the top online fax services in the world. All you need to do is pick the most suitable fax service, one that fulfills all your faxing requirements. And there can be no better choice than CocoFax because it’s an all-in-one service.


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