Zooqle, also known as Zoogle, is one of the most visited and user-friendly torrent sites in the world. It has more than 4 million verified torrents and has more than 7.4 Petabytes of data.

Zoogle is a one-stop-shop for video games, pdfs, movies, tv-series, anime, apps, and documentaries. It has almost everything you have been looking for on different torrent sites. The site has received a lot of traffic over the past few years.

The site is infamous for providing pirated content, due to this, it has been banned in the majority of the countries including India, the US, UK, and more. You don’t have to worry about it as we are going to list down Zooqle proxy which will ultimately get Zooqle unblocked for you.

In this article, we have covered everything related to Zoogle along with some of the best alternatives to it. Make sure you stick to the post as there is a lot more to explore about this amazing torrent site.

What is Zooqle?

Zoogle is a torrent site that provides pirated content in a form of torrent files. The site has more than 4.5 million torrents and thousands of new torrents are added on the site every day.

Zoogle uploads the latest content faster than the other torrent sites like 1337x, pirate bay, or other sites. The best thing about Zoogle is that it categorizes the download links according to the quality, peers, seeds, and year of upload.


In this way, it becomes a lot easier to download the torrent files. You can also create an account and bookmark torrents.

The site provides torrents for various categories such as:

  1. Movies
  2. Tv Shows
  3. Anime
  4. Apps, games, and Softwares
  5. Books, epub and pdfs
  6. Other stuff like wallpaper packs and more.

This makes Zoogle a complete package for torrents. There are various other benefits of using the platform, let us see below.

Zoogle Features

Zoogle is simply an amazing torrent platform, it has more features than any other famous torrent site. We tested the site for a week and penned down the reasons why people are loving it.

Here are some of the reasons which make Zooqle the best torrenting website.

Fast & Reliable

Zoogle is good in terms of loading speed and has a very low downtime.  The site worked like a charm even on a free VPN, which is very slow.

The availability of all types of torrent makes Zoogle reliable. As the government is becoming strict against piracy, a lot of torrent sites have been completely shut down.

Therefore, finding a place where you can find all types of torrents is a bit hard. But this website is a one-stop-shop for all types of torrents.

High-quality downloads

Zooqle provides various formats for every movie and tv series torrent. The links are organized in a tabular format with a label of quality such as 480p, 720p, etc., which makes it easier to download the desired format.

Latest tv shows and movies

The favorite part of using Zoogle is that it keeps listing the newly released movies and tv shows on its homepage making it less complex to hunt for the new episodes of tv shows and movies.

Comics and Ebooks

If you are a reader and love to explore new books, audiobooks, comics, magazines, and other stuff, Zoogle is a perfect place for you. There are a lot of ebooks on the website as well.

Login or Register

To save torrents in your bookmark list, the site provides you an option to register for an account. The site doesn’t ask for sensitive information like date of birth, mobile number, location, you just have to provide your email account and choose a password.

Subscribe for updates

Zooqle has a feature that keeps you updated about the newly released episodes. All you have to do is register for an account >> select an “on-air” >> subscribe to updates.

Once done, it will send you an email whenever the torrent file is updated or whenever a new episode is added.

These features sound amazing, but the sad part is that direct access to the site has been blocked in many regions, but we have listed down proxies so that you can access the site easily.

List of Zooqle Unblocked sites – Zoogle Proxy 2020

The proxy sites are hosted in a region where the site has not been ban yet, which makes it easily accessible. This proxy may or may not work for you, therefore using a VPN is the only method to access the site.


Some more Zooqle Unblocked sites in 2020

Unblock zooqle.comPremium Mirror
zooqle.unblockproject.pwUnited Kingdom
zooqle.prox4you.clubUnited States
zooqle.123unblock.spaceUnited States
zoogle.unblockninja.funUnited Kingdom
Proxy of zoogle.com

Premium Mirror

If none of the above Zooqle proxies worked for you, consider using the second method to unblock the site.

How to unblock Zooqle?

As mentioned above, Zoogle is banned in a lot of regions, the zoogle proxy is also getting banned by the ISPs, therefore using a VPN is the best way to access the banned sites.

Steps to unblock the site:

  • Download Turbo VPN if you are on an android device, or Ivacy VPN if you are on a Windows PC.
  • Connect to the VPN service, make sure you select a fast server.
  • Visit Zooqle.com to access the site.
  • The site is now accessible, you can search for any torrent.

Method 2: Accessing via Opera Mini

If you don’t want to download a VPN, this is surely the best method to access the site.

  • Tap on the download button below to begin downloading opera mini for your windows pc.

download button

  • Now, install the browser and go settings >> search for VPN >> Enable VPN.
  • A VPN symbol will appear on the left side of the URL bar, click on it. Select the location to “Americas” and click on ok.
  • Now visit Zooqle.com to access the site.
  • That’s all. You can now use the site whenever you want to.

Looks easy, isn’t it? There are a lot of other torrent sites too but Zoogle is one of the most appealing sites out of them.

Wrap Up

So, this was our review of the site. We have also added a list of Zoogle Proxy to make it less complex for you to visit the site.

Zoogle is a perfect place to look out for tv series, movies, games, and apps. However, this is piracy and we kindly request you to support the creators as it helps them to bring out more amazing stuff for you in the future.

You can use torrenting sites for apps, games, movies that are not available in the marketplace anymore, always purchase the original product and play on the safer side.


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