Windows 95 Wallpaper [200+ Walls] [ZIP]

Almost everyone wants to customize their desktop system in terms of visuals. If you are one of them, we have provided a complete zip file containing Windows 95 Wallpaper. Direct Download link is provided below. One can use the provided Windows 95 wallpaper as their Desktop wallpaper or a banner.

Windows 95

Windows is probably the most popular operating system in the world right now. It is used by all the major corporations and big companies in their systems. This is because of its easy to use graphical user interface.

It is said that an operating system is the connecting link that joins the hardware to the user and Windows stands out in this aspect from others. The interface is neat and without cluttering. With simple usage to advanced control, almost everything is provided to the user.

Windows was first launched in the year 1985 by Bill Gates and has been updating their software in a frequent manner. There are many versions of Windows that won the hearts of its users. From the simple Windows 95 to the elegant Windows 10, Microsoft has set up a journey that has no end now.

Windows 95 was one of the best operating system in its time. It is still used by majority of people because of its simplicity and lack of resource consumption. It provides basic visuals in addition to all of the major functions that are vital for a system’s life.

For attributing their System, wallpapers are the best. Almost everyone uses custom wallpapers on their system to enhance the beauty of the system. Below we have provided the direct download link for Windows 95 Wallpapers that almost anyone with a Windows machine can use.

Windows 95 Wallpaper

Here is the link for the ZIP file containing more than 200 windows 95 wallpaper. You can use them as a wallpaper or a banner. We have also provided some of the best wallpapers from the collection.

Click on the below Download button to get access to the collection of 200+ Windows 95 wallpaper.

Download Button

Here is a preview of the wallpapers that are included in the above Windows wallpaper collection.

windows 95 wallpaper

windows 95 wallpaper

windows 95 wallpaper

windows 95 wallpaper

windows 95 wallpaper


windows 95 wallpaper

windows 95 wallpaper

windows 95 wallpaper

windows 95 wallpaper



This was our collection of 200+ Windows 95 wallpaper. Feel free to comment regarding the Windows 95 wallpaper and do not forget subscribe to our newsletter to keep receiving updates about our posts.

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