Mini Militia for PC (Doodle Army 2) – Download and Install

Mini Militia for PC: Alright, smartphone multiplayer games are no doubt the best way of enjoying the moment while refreshing one’s mind. Before the release of Pubg, Fortnite, and Call of Duty mobile, games like Mini Militia were played massively.

Gamers would create rooms, connect to each other locally, and enjoy the beautiful yet adventurous experience of the game. Mini Militia is one of the best multiplayer games made for smartphones.

But, now with the advancement in emulation, users can play android and iOS games on their desktop as well. Yes, you can play Mini Militia on your computer. This is what we’re going to discuss today.

mini militia for pc

If you’re a fan of Mini Militia as well, then sit tight. In this article, we will be sharing everything related to Mini Militia for PC, its features, and how to download and play it on your PC.

Mini Militia for PC Overview

Mini Militia, also known as Doodle Army 2, is an online multiplayer game that can be played on smartphones. The game features a two-dimensional map with amazing landscapes and decent graphics.

Users can join and battle with each other for points. And as obvious, the player with more points is declared as the winner.

Gamers can play with each other by either creating a room on their local network or over the internet. There is always a room owner that hosts the network, and players that connect to the host.

Mini Militia for PC is the same. However, the responsive and comfortable controls of the keyboard and mouse add to the beauty of the game.

Download Mini Militia for PC

If you want to play Mini Militia on your computer, then click on the button below to get the Mini Militia download for PC.

Mini Militia Download for PC

Many website owners provide the Mini Militia for PC executable files. It must be noted that there is no official executable for the game, and the website is probably providing you malware and viruses.

Install Mini Militia on Windows

Now, that you’ve downloaded the game, it is time to install it on your system and start playing it right away. 

In this guide, we will be using the mEmu emulator for running the game on our system.

Emulators are softwares that can mimic the working and architecture of any other system. For example, android emulators can run android applications on your computer.

To install Mini Militia for PC on your Windows machine, follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the Mini Militia App from the section above.
  2. Download the mEmu software from the official website. Install it on your system.
  3. After the installation is finished, launch the emulator on your computer.
    mini militia for pc
  4. Drag and drop the Apk file into the emulator window.
  5. Mini Militia will now be installed automatically.
  6. After keymapping, you can play the game on your computer with a keyboard.

That’s how you install Mini Militia Apk on your Windows system.

Install Mini Militia on MacOs

If you own a Mac device and want to play the game, you’ll have to use the Bluestacks emulator. It is one of the best android emulators for the macOS system.

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks emulator from the official website.
  2. Download Mini Militia apk from the above section.
  3. Launch the emulator on your desktop.
  4. You’ll see an “Install Apk” or App icon on the emulator window. Click on the option.
    mini militia apk
  5. Open the apk file using the emulator.
  6. The installation process will start automatically.
  7. Now, you can play Mini Militia on your computer with a keyboard.

That’s how you install Mini Militia Apk on your macOS device.

Mini Militia for PC Features

Mini Militia for Pc comes with a lot of features packed in a small game. Below we have mentioned some of the best features of the game along with a short description of each.

Free to Play

Mini Militia is completely free to play and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and App Store. Users can play with their friends as the game doesn’t feature any hidden fee for different modes.

Amazing Experience

mini militia pc download

The game offers a breathtaking fast-paced adventurous experience to the users. With its fantastic maps and responsive controls, almost anyone can get addicted to the game. Users can also customize their characters to give them a personal touch.

Different Modes

Mini Militia for PC (Doodle Army 2) has a number of modes pre-provided in the game. Solo Play, Deathmatch, and Multiplayer Mode are some of them. The game doesn’t charge any fee from the user to unlock the mods.

Multiplayer Mode

The Multiplayer Mode is by far the best game mode in the Doodle Army 2 App. Users can play with each other by creating a room on the game servers. The multiplayer gameplay is smooth and the players do not experience lag or stuttering. Offline Multiplayer is also possible.

Offline Multiplayer

The best part about Mini Militia for PC is the offline multiplayer. Users can connect with each other using Client-Server networking. One player can host the network and other players can connect to it. 

Final Words

So that was our take on the Mini Militia App. Many users do not know but the game can be played on a desktop computer as well. Though there is no official desktop variant of the game available, you can always use emulators to play the game.

In this article, we mentioned guides to install and play Mini Militia for PC on Windows and macOS system, and also provided Mini Militia download for PC links. Lastly, we discussed the various features that this game has to offer to its users.

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