How to Keep Your Blog or Website Anonymous: Google has an answer for every question. When you ask Google about the author of an article that you have gone through and found it to be informative, it quickly gives the author’s name.

There are many facts associated with the author that would be disclosed. It may sound like a breach of privacy, but we are living in a world where everything is exposed when you share it online. 

If you are planning to start your blog where you can express the thoughts or opinions about a niche topic and worried about the people who know about you, then it could put you into pressure.

You may drop the idea of starting a blog after retrospection. When you are not comfortable revealing your identity through the blog posts, why not think about the anonymous blogs. 

There are many famous bloggers today, having started blogging anonymously. Soon after attaining success in the blogging business, they started to reveal their identity.

It is always a way of silently weaving your success story through blogging. You can let the whole world know about you through the content you are creating.

Your privacy is as important as your website. Here’s how to secure your digital life in just 7 days. Follow the steps given for the day to completely prevent others from accessing your details.

Few bloggers are ready to share their names, picture, and personal details without hiding anything. Sometimes, sharing the name when you write some sensitive posts can result in trolling. It puts you into mental trauma when people backlash on your post. 

It is tough to earn money by blogging anonymously than normal blogging. However, there is a solution to every problem, and the same applies to the blog. You can also blog without sharing your first or last name with the readers.

These are a few tips that you can follow for making an anonymous blog:

1. Use the first name

If you do not want people to identify you, then you can give just the first name. These names would be common. No one would doubt that it is you who has been writing the posts. If there is some short form or nickname, you can use that. For instance, if your name is Zachery, you can go by Zach. It makes it tough for people to discover you.

2. Use a photo that is not shared on any social media site.

Google Reverse image search is a tool that can disclose your identity. When you capture an image from the internet and upload it to the Google Reverse image search, it then pulls out the same image in different places. 

When you start a blog and do not share your first or last name, you can upload your photo to let the people know about the author through the image. However, if you want to keep it private, you can upload a picture of your favorite celebrity.

You should not upload the photos that you have already shared on Facebook or other social media sites since it can help others to extract your history though it sounds scary but is the fact. You should never share a picture that shows the home, neighborhood, or a landmark of your place. By avoiding this, you can preserve anonymity.

3. Pay for protecting your domain privacy

Can we have an anonymous blog? Yes. When you buy a domain name for the blog, you must provide the email address and phone number. This information is accessible by all until and unless you don’t choose the domain name protection.

When you avail of the domain privacy protection service, it conceals all the information about you to the public. The service is available at a nominal fee. Many don’t even realize that their phone number and name are available for people to see. 

It protects the privacy of the blogger. The strangers will not have your phone number to behave creepily with you. When this information is provided, it will be available to the online world. 

4. Use the never used Pseudonym

Many bloggers use different names, such as a stage name or name of the writer. If you want to keep your identity safe and protected, you must use the name that you have never used before.

Avoid using even the nickname with which people used to call you in childhood. Few people can recognize you by this name. It makes you feel uncomfortable. You should avoid using the names that are connected to you in the past. Many bloggers would face stalker situations, which is terrible. 

You must give a fresh start by choosing a name that you have never used before. 

5. Prepare a blogger persona.

You can create a blogger persona by explaining your interests and the reason for starting the blog, but with a different name. It is the old trick that was used by the spies. They will create a persona and character similar to theirs. This does not let their anonymous blog get caught as all they share is true except with a different name.


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