EmailChecker Review: One of the Best Email Verifiers Out there

The need for email verification is very important at present. Numerous spam and fake mails are consuming a major part of our inbox. To keep the workflow normal, it is necessary to identify and stop these emails. To identify such fake emails, EmailChecker is one of the best options that you can go for in the present.

EmailChecker: Detailed Description

The EmailChecker details are as follows-

  • Subscription

EmailChecker is not a free service. However, the starting price is as low as 10 dollars, where users can check over 1000 emails. One of the most popular plans of EmailChecker is the “Pay as you go”, where users will only pay for the amount of service they are requesting. The subscriptions are mainly available on a monthly basis.

  • Methods of Verification

API verification and real-time checking are done to verify the authenticity of the mails. Programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP, and C are all supported for verification purposes.

  • Advantages of EmailChecker

The accuracy rate of EmailChecker for email deliverability is over 99 percent. Bulk verification can be done, and domains can be easily listed as fake or real. Spam keywords are recognized rapidly, which improves accuracy. Disposable Email Address or DEA identification is present to even strengthen the verifying process. Error correction can also be used, which is extremely helpful for removing unaccepted characters or inputs. When the addresses are free of such invalid characters, the accuracy will automatically increase.

  • Data Protection by EmailChecker

It is a strict policy of EmailChecker to keep the data of their users completely safe. Multiple reports suggest that EmailChecker is one of the most trusted services when it comes to verifying emails. HTTPS can be disabled, and the endpoints of both HTTP and HTTPS are available.

The environment transport is checked well by the firewall, and whenever there is an emergency, steps are taken to secure the SSL at a moment’s notice. EmailChecker also uses very strong servers, and outsiders will not be able to access the inside data in any way.

For the regular maintenance of the servers and the data features, the data sometimes need to be accessed by the server administrators. This is the only time when this data can be accessed by administrative personnel.

Data storage is mainly done on the EU centrally, and replication of data is also carried out in a very secure way. The data field has been encrypted in all the required places. The servers are mainly processed in regions like the US, EU, and the UK, and data processing is also done beyond the EU.

In such cases, the data does not get stored, and the output is only the required results. Other than this, the EmailChecker users also need to access the service after they have successfully verified their credentials.

Reasons Why People Choose EmailChecker

One of the primary reasons why EmailChecker is so popular is because of its excellent integration abilities. Multiple users will be obviously having multiple choices, and to satisfy all the users, integration is available in multiple techniques and options.

The users are also welcome to take the advice of the experts and use matching and mixing the options for integration. This can widen a whole new level of integration options. Batch file submissions are done properly, and retrieving such files can be easily done when requested.

The FTP access for that particular account is only required, and for this purpose, the batch API is also displayed. A manual upload is also an available option.

The bulk API service is another sector where the services of EmailChecker are unmatched in the market. They provide an outstanding API service, and top-notch materials and processes that are generally used for processing large batch lists are applied here as well.

On average, each day sees the counting of nearly a million records. The availability of the response codes also acts as an advantage. There are proper explanations provided for each email that has been identified and fake and discarded.

EmailChecker is very well known for their professionalism, and users can also request for services that can be considered as personal. Navigating the dashboard is very easy, and the staff members are available for live interactions. With the use of the quick PI, the time of response is super fast.

99.99 percent of accurate results and deliverability have been obtained from EmailChecker, and this is due to their brilliant uptime and SLA. EmailChecker also provides excellent documentation, and there are multiple examples that are provided to the users which contain highly useful codes.

The process of verification is extremely strict and accurate, and the Yahoo database gets used in the EmailChecker verification process, which provides even accurate results.  Real-time API verification is also available to the users, with a great accuracy level as always.

Additional Features of EmailChecker

One of the hits EmailChecker exclusive services is the catch-all verification. EmailChecker already has a strong verification process. With the use of this service, the verification level becomes even stronger. Therefore, it is easy to even detect hard bounces.

Extreme care is taken when the verification process goes on, and the detection and discarding of spam emails are done very quickly. With such excellent services, it is also possible to track the loyal and proper customers. Customers are always notified every time a spam email gets detected and blocked. The order notifications are also sent on time.

To make sure that EmailChecker services can be used by anyone, the dashboard has been made extremely user-friendly. The usage and navigation can be easily done even for first-time visitors, and customization options for users are also available.

The emails for verification need not be selected individually. Instead, the drag and drop feature can be used for selecting a large number of emails at one go and verifying them.


Cleaning the email list has never been this easy with EmailChecker. No matter how you are looking to verify your emails, EmailChecker is one of the best options that are available in the market. The pricing plans are minimal, with great features, excellent verification processes, and an astounding accuracy and deliverability rate. To increase your workflow, EmailChecker is definitely a worthy service.

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