Verizon is a renowned brand widely known for its telecommunication services all over the United States. Many users want to get rid of their fiber service and often search the internet for How to cancel Verizon FIOS.

Canceling Verizon FIOS can be hard. This is because you’ll have to be on call with representatives that do not want you to leave their brand. Call the official customer support number 844-837-2262 and state your reason for cancellation.

Be consistent about your canceling decision and do not get lured into any new limited-time offers and deals. Just keep a calm attitude and you’ll be good to go.

Since the customer care agents make it very hard for you to leave the business, it might become a bit time-consuming for you to cancel the subscription.

This is why in this article, we will be sharing the best ways to cancel Verizon FIOS. We will be mentioning some reasons that you can spit out on the call with the support, and how not to get charged after canceling the subscription.

Reasons for Canceling Verizon FIOS

The first and the most important thing that you should keep in mind is – You should have a strong reason for leaving their services.

The customer support agents literally have a counter-offer for any excuse you make for canceling. This is why you should stick to your decision and do not turn in because of greed.

The agents are clever enough to make you avoid not being in business with them. They’ll try their best to push their services to you.

cancel verizon fios

Make sure that you do not get too friendly with them, but also try not to lose your temper as they are just doing their work.

Here is a list of some reasons that will make your work easier.

  1. I’m moving to my family’s place and they already have an internet connection.
  2. The company where I started my new job is covering all my expenses.
  3. I’m moving to some other country (where there’s no Verizon service) for work purposes.
  4. I’ve already got another ISP set up at my house, I want to cancel Verizon FIOS.

Now that you have a reason all set up, it is time to dial up their number and cancel the service.

How to Cancel Verizon FIOS

To cancel the Verizon FIOS service, follow the steps below.

  1. Dial-up 844-837-2262 with your telephone (between Monday-Friday 08:00 AM – 06:00 PM).
  2. Firstly, you will be connected to an automated bot that will collect information from you.
  3. Provide your phone number and the account number related to the Verizon services.
  4. As soon as your phone connects to the customer service agent, throw in your reason for cancellation.
  5. Be strong and stick to your decision no matter how many deals they try to provide you.
  6. Tell them you will return all of their equipment (to avoid additional charges).
  7. They will send you a mail with a list of all the equipment.
  8. If everything goes according to plan, your Verizon FIOS service will be canceled soon.

This is how you can cancel your Verizon FIOS service.

How to NOT Get Charged After Canceling

The one thing that most people do not pay attention to is – Returning the Equipment.

If you do not tell them that you are returning the equipment, they will get a reason for adding some additional charges to your bank account.

This is why Step 6 mentioned in the guide above is important.

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Final Words

So that was our take on How to cancel Verizon FIOS. We mentioned the reasons that you can state for canceling their services, and provided a step-by-step guide that can make this process easier.

Call the official customer support number 844-837-2262 and state your reason for cancellation.

Make sure that you are calling them strictly for canceling your Verizon FIOS subscription. Do not get lured into any limited time offers or deals they throw at you.

Keep a calm mind and do not lose your temper as they are just people who are trying to do their work.

And if you find it hard to cancel Verizon FIOS, they are doing their work effectively.


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