Lockdown has brought the world to a standstill. Businesses have been impacted, the sales have been impacted and even the employee performance has been affected. People are not able to go out, pursue a business, or create sales. 

But does this mean the business sale has succumbed to the pejorative impact of lockdown? Is there no alternative to the physical interface of meetings? It is true that interpersonal sales presentations are effective, but there are other potential alternatives.

During the lockdown, the sales challenges can be overcome by attaining a sound strategy towards pursuing the stated sales target. Below are some of the vital ways to ensure achievement of goals during such period:

Making Robust Sales Calls

The calling culture can come to rescue in the times of lockdown. For instance, having a number like 0871 number not only gives calling leverage to your business, but it also saves a lot of calling costs.

You must pursue the right kind of calling code from a virtual number provider such as WeNumber. This will provide the necessary impetus to meet your sales goal even during the lockdown.

Prioritize Employee Interests

Employees working remotely have their own set of challenges. When there is a lack of physical intervention, there are doubts and questions if the functions are being ardently performed or not. 

Attaining sales during lockdown can be efficient when there is a motivation for employees. By virtue of flexible work locations, remote working, bonuses, and increments, the sales professionals would go out of their way in attaining them.

Regular Sales Meeting

Sales meetings are imperative for holding the sales team personnel accountable for the leads and status of their sales. Therefore, having a business phone system that allows video conference and audio conference call features is important.

Regular sales meetings ensure proper sales reporting, update, and creates a sense of peer performance pressure on the sales executives. This creates a competitive sales environment and everyone would want to reflect better sales.

Better Line Management

Considering the lack of physical interface during the lockdown, it is important for the sales manager to be in close touch with the sales team. Ensuring that the sales team is motivated and managed plays an essential role in the motivation of the sales personnel.

The sales personnel can reach out and report on time to time basis to their line manager. Any issues they face or any support they require from their line manager can be served timely with a good communication support system. 

Regular Sales Reviews

There should be the conduct of regular sales performance reviews. This makes the sales personnel focused on attaining performance targets in a timely manner. This also serves as motivation as everyone seeks a good review. 

The reviews not only end up motivating the personnel, but it also creates a sense of healthy competition and a drive towards attaining their goals.

Technology Support

As the physical interface and one on one sales meeting is a completely ruled out phenomenon in lockdown, alternative modes of communication are to be considered. It demands a lot of technological support.

Therefore, an active information technology team must be in place to support the sales team with technological support. WeNumber has many bespoke calling plans that ensure streamlined connections and cost-saving at the same time.

So, be it an investment in the right kind of technology or regular technological support, there must be an impetus for the sales team to perform. Technological bottlenecks can actually hamper the performance of the sales team. 

Educate the Sales Personnel 

While lockdown is not a recurrent phenomenon, the sales team must be briefed by experts in the field to ensure their goals are met. The sales personnel must regularly engage in tricks and tips from experts and their performance would enhance in accordance.

This will keep them in touch with the most robust techniques available. The sales deliverable will be more effective and they will be able to approach a lot of people with newer and better techniques.

Further, the role of the line manager is immensely important. They can frequently review and suggest their sales personnel. The creation of healthy competition through conference sales meetings can also hit the right chord.

The sales team must feel motivated to perform, deliver, achieve, and even surpass their goals. This can be done through regular engagement with the team, additional lockdown bonuses on surpassing the target. Motivation plays an important factor during the lockdown.

The technological advancement has essentially curbed the gap that lack of physical intervention creates during the lockdown. Therefore, ensuring that the sales team is equipped with effective software is important. All these would just bring them closer to their sales goal.


Lockdown might not be the most favorable performance scenarios for the sales team. Still, there are better and modern techniques to ensure that the sales target can still be met. Through many alternate measures, the lack of physical intervention can be covered.

Platforms such as WeNumber help in ensuring that lockdown does not hinder the performance. As a virtual number provider, it provides various codes like 0871 numbers and other popular number codes. 


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