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One of the hottest and the most popular message board or a forum, Xossip was quite infamous in the eyes of the Indian government and the people.

It was best known for sharing lustrous pictures, short videos, Gifs, and discussions on trending topics or Bollywood.

A lot of people don’t know that the site into existence soon after its parent company Exbii, which had its launch way back in 2008 had to shut down its operations due to the government’s interference. The website soon reached out to a lot of people and became one of the most famous boards all over India.

It received a ton of traffic due to which the servers failed and the administrator faced a lot of problems. As the board was getting famous every day, it soon caught the eyes of the Government and was banned.

Well, there is a lot to tell about Xossip and in this article, we have covered everything related to the site and also shared a method through which you can access the board and re-live the nostalgic moments of the website.

Xossip – An Overview

The original logo of Xossip

Xossip was one of the many hot adult boards for the Indians citizens where the community was highly active and had the most engaging threads.

ThefThe board offered videos, live threads, Hindi, and xossip regional stories, exclusive pics of couples, news, sports, etc. to its members.

The forum had more 100,000 users with regular engagement and new posts; the discussion offered media in the form of images, videos, and gifs.

It was more like a forum in a sense as the members could register or log in to their account. To maintain anonymity, surfing anonymously as a guest was also kept as an option.

The forum was very engaging and helpful; anything trending in India would become a new thread in a couple of seconds.

The community had various boards related to the life of teens and peoples. Some of the boards were xossip/dil ka rishta and xossip zindagi ek sangharsh that was enormously active with a lot of new posts and members visiting the board.

Facts About Xossip

There was no other forum which had such a huge number of audience and content. Although, it had very filthy content that most of the parents would stop their children from watching.

Moreover, the community was highly active and the members used to post multiple threads every day which were mostly offensive or contained NSFW content. This type of content was posted on a regular basis to provoke other members of the community.

Furthermore, the threads that contained offensive and explicit content was never removed even after several reports and emails to the administrator of the site. The website was flooded with such threads and received a million of traffic every month on these explicit threads.

Why Was Xossip Banned?

Not once but the website faced several bans in India due to the type of content it hosts, as it goes against the policies of the government, and some time back the wave of banning adult sites also captured Xossip with it.

That time, the Indian government was steadily banning such sites because of the adult content it hosted.
The members highly criticized this move of the government and also forced them to lift the ban from the forum.


However, the ban was lifted after the members of the forum pressurized the government to lift up the ban. But, the problems didn’t stop here.

The administrator who managed the servers and the forum ran out of money and was forced to shut down the infamous board.

Is the Xossip website down?

The straightforward answer is, Yes. Xossip has been shut down as the admin had no money left to pay for the server’s bill and for the maintenance of the board.

The cost of the server must be hefty as the forum had more than 100,000 daily active users.

To keep the user interface and the user experience amazing, the administrator did not run any advertisements which are also one of the main reasons why xossip shut down.

But the forum still received the love of its members in a form of small donations and gifts which supported the forum for a while.

Xossip Alternatives – Working alternatives [2020]

As we all know, the original URL for the board was https://www.xossip.com. But as the site failed to continue its operations, a lot of xossip alternatives have emerged that are worth giving a try.

The alternatives of the forum mentioned below are not owned/managed by the owner of Xossip.com, these alternatives are either made by the existing members of Xossip or any anonymous person.



Kicking off with one of the most popular alternatives, Xforum.live is an amazing place to gossip and chill with random strangers on the internet.

The platform has a good amount of active users who manage to keep the forum alive. The forum has annoying ads but you can get rid of them easily by registering an account.

I will recommend you to use any alternative email address rather than using your primary mail address to sign up.

Features of Xforum.live

  • An active and engaging community.
  • Simple and straightforward user interface
  • Hassle-free registration

Drawbacks of Xforum.live

  • Annoying Pop-ups
  • Mandatory registration to remove ads

Visit Xforum.live




Another great alternative of Xossip which looks very similar to the original board. Xossipz is gaining a handsome amount of audience every day.

The user interface is similar to that of the original board which gives a very homely feeling to the old members of the original forum.

The forum is limited to only the registered members, therefore you will have to create an account and register yourself as a member of the board to view the posts and interact with the other members of the board.

The process of registration is easy and I will recommend you to use an alternate email address to register an account on Xossipz.

Visit Xossipz


 Update – Xossipy is live now. 


As compared to the other alternatives in the list, there is nothing unique I could find in xossipy. Thankfully, the admin of xossipy didn’t forget to keep an option of login and registration.

This website is currently down as we checked. However, we will keep you updated about the downtime.

The website is live now, and the administrator has received up to $500 donations to keep the forum alive. Server overload forced the admin to make the registration process compulsory, anyway, registration is not a big deal.

Note:- There are many other alternatives such as Xossip-regional.com, Masaladesi, and Desibees.com, but these boards do not have that large of a community.

How to access Xossip?

You all must be looking for ways to access the site but as we all know, the government has banned the domain and the administrator has completely removed the site from Google, there is still one way to access the original website, here is how.

This trick is not rocket science, you just need to learn how to use the internet more effectively. Follow the steps below to access Xossip.com

We will be using the Wayback Machine which crawls the site as soon as it gets updated and takes a snapshot.

  • Head over to the Wayback Machine, a new tab will open in your web browser.
  • Now type “xossip.com” in the URL box.

wayback machine

  • Hit enter and the calendar will appear.

how to access

  • Upon selecting a specific year, say 2020, the archive of 2020 will be opened. A calendar representing the date when the snapshots were taken will appear.
  • The dates marked with a blue circle is when the Wayback Machine took a snapshot of xossip.com
  • You can now access the board and use the arrow keys to toggle between snapshots.

xossip snap

In this way, you will be able to access threads. However, some threads failed to open but the majority of them were working fine.

You cannot create an account, log in, comment, or do anything but read the threads.

Frequently Answered Questions Related to Xossip

Q. What is Xossip?

A. Xossip was an Indian adult forum and an active community where people used to share trending xossip stories, news, gifs, videos, images, and facts.

Q. What happened to Xossip?

A. As aforementioned, the website faced numerous bans by the government of India as it was promoting adult content which is against the laws of the government. Later, the admin had to shut down the forum due to a lack of maintenance funds.

Q. What is the alternative to Xossip?

A. There are a few sites like xossip, but a lot of them like masaladesi have been banned by the government. Some alternatives are:

  • Xossipy
  • Xossipz
  • Xforum

Q. How to read Xossip stories?

A. You can read the stories by using a trick that we have explained in this article above.

Final words

There are plenty of message boards like Xossip available on the internet now but none of them can be as good and active as Xossip used to be.

The members have a lot of memories attached to the forum and a lot of people have come closer because of the forum.

But, the content of the forum was adult, therefore the government of India had to take actions against the board and shut it down.

Even though the ban didn’t last for a lot of time but the forum had to shut down its operations due to a lack of funds to pay for the server bill.

In this article, we have shared some sites like Xossip and also penned down the reasons why the forum is down.