Xossip is Back – Here are the working alternatives [2019]

Xossip was a very famous adult board among all of the adult boards in India, but due to some legal reasons, the administrator couldn’t continue the forum.

A few months ago, xossip made a massive comeback with the old site redirected to the new domain name.

In this article, we have listed down even the tiniest detail related to the xossip forum and listed down a list of every alternative. Make sure you read the full article.

Xossip – An Overview.


The original logo of Xossip

Xossip was one of the many hot adult boards for the Indians citizens where the community that was highly active and had the most engaging threads.

Xossip forum board offered videos, live threads, Hindi, and xossip regional stories, exclusive pics of couples, news, sports, etc. to its members.

The forum had more 100,000 users with regular engagement and new posts; the discussion offered media in the form of images, videos, and gifs.

It was more like a forum in a sense as the members could register or log in to their account. To maintain anonymity, surfing anonymously as a guest was also kept as an option.

Xossip community was very engaging and helpful; anything trending in India would become a new thread in a couple of seconds.

The community had various boards related to the life of teens and peoples. Some of the boards were xossip/dil ka rishta and xossip zindagi ek sangharsh that was enormously active with a lot of new posts and members visiting the board.

Why Was Xossip Banned?

First of all, we would like to inform you that Xossip was not banned once, it was banned several times. It was an adult website where people used to share their ideas, stories, and media.

That time, the Indian government was steadily banning such sites because of the adult content it hosted.
The members highly criticized this move of the government and also forced them to lift the ban from the Xossip forum.



Is the Xossip website down?

If you still think the Xossip website is down, then you should wake up from your deep sleep. The forum had experienced several bans before, but sadly, it was shut down again but not because of government interference.

The administrator of the forum, who controlled and managed it had no other options but to shut the whole website down due to a lack of hosting funds.

As the sources say, whatever the caring xossip community donated was not enough to keep the forum running and clear out the hosting bills.

The administrator didn’t run any ads to keep the user experience enjoyable. Therefore the forum was solely dependent upon the donations it received.

Xossip Alternatives – Working alternatives [2019]


As we all know, the original URL for the board was https://www.xossip.com. But, as the previous website couldn’t continue, some of the community members decided to start their version of the board.

A lot of alternatives have been surfacing on the internet, and in this article, we have listed down all of them for you.




Xforum is one of the best alternatives of Xossip forums as it is relatively fast and more optimized than the other alternatives. The forum also offers the visitors an option to register a new account.

After our review, we noticed that the website has a high number of pop ads that come up every time you try to click. However, the site points out “Register to get rid of ads.”






Xossipz has a pleasant forum user interface, and the options to login and sign up are also provided to returning users.
As per my experience, the user interface is neat, and this website has a less number of ads as compared to the other listed alternatives.



 Update – Xossipy is live now. 


As compared to the other alternatives in the list, there is nothing unique I could find in xossipy. Thankfully, the admin of xossipy didn’t forget to keep an option of login and registration.

This website is currently down as we checked. However, we will keep you updated about xossip downtime.

The website is live now, and the administrator has received up to $500 donations to keep the forum alive. Server overload forced the admin to make the registration process compulsory, anyway, registration is not a big deal

Note:- There are many other alternatives such as Xossip-regional.com, Masaladesi, and Desibees.com, but these do not have that large of a community.

Final words.

So, this was our article on Xossip forum and its working alternatives. We will keep updating the article if we find some more alternatives that are worthy enough to be on this list.

There might be chances of the government taking down these alternatives also, or the administrator might close the forum due to server overload or pending bills.

You can also check out our other articles as well.

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