Is Grammarly premium worth it? Get Grammarly Premium Free Trial

How to get grammarly premium for free

Grammarly Premium Free: With a change in technology, creating notes, sending invitations, letters and other stuff have also shifted to the digital platforms.

While typing any of these, you must be tensed over the wrong use of commas, tense mistakes, a missing article, or a dangling modifier that confuses the reader. That’s where Grammarly premium comes to your rescue.

Before purchasing a Grammarly Premium plan, you must be wondering Is Grammarly premium worth it? Well, if you think so, you should continue reading this article to avail of a Grammarly premium free trial before you purchase a plan.

What is Grammarly Premium Free? 

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Grammarly Premium Free is an online platform for users to check and correct their grammatical errors, like a missing article, punctuation marks, sentence formation, and more.

Grammarly Premium Free can rectify the errors by scanning the entire document and highlighting the mistakes by providing a perfect suggestion.

Some of the key features of Grammarly Premium includes Punctuation, Style, and Structure of the sentence and Grammar.

The Grammarly Premium Free is available for users across many platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac platforms, which makes it accessible to most of the people around the world.

The application can also build a user’s control over the grammar and structure formation in the language by suggesting appropriate suggestions while writing.  

Moreover, the Grammarly Premium is not only limited as an application as it can be used as a plugin or an extension in many different text editors and browsers.

You can use it as a plugin in MS Word which is an essential feature, and helpful to a wide range of users in the community and also as an extension is various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and many more to correct grammatical errors and mistakes while sending important emails and messages to someone.

Hence, it makes the application a free and one of the best available solutions to have a good grasp of the language. 

Grammarly Premium uses AI-powered assistant which makes it easy to point out mistakes in live-action, it means that the application can also point out the mistakes and errors in the document while editing mode is enabled making the Grammarly Premium a reliable tool to use. 

Is Grammarly any good? 

There shouldn’t be any doubt regarding the service and performance of the Grammarly Premium tool if you are a regular user of Grammarly premium free version.

Moreover, if you are new to this platform or planning to get into it, then the following article can be useful for you. 

As mentioned above, Grammarly uses its AI-powered technology to interpret with the input text received on its servers and sends back if any possible suggestions required in the article. 

One of the key features of the application, which is hardly observed in any of the other such applications or tools is that users can check for advanced grammar issues, plagiarism, and set genre.

Free Check for Plagiarism

Though these features aren’t included in the Grammarly premium free subscription and you need to get a premium version to use them. 

Is Grammarly premium worth it? 

Yes, Totally. If you have used the Grammarly premium free version, then you must have been fascinated with integrity and the feasibleness of the software. 

Though there are some features that are only available on the premium subscription such as plagiarism checker or difficult issues detector and many more, if you have a premium subscription, users can also send their articles to proofreaders to proofread them.

It can be much helpful feature in removing any unmasked errors in case the software misses a few of it. 

Users can easily avail of Grammarly premium subscription under three subscription rates and periods available. The available plans and pricing are as follows Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually which are billed at $ 29.95 per month, $ 19.98 per month to $ 59.95 and $ 11.66 per month to $ 139.95 respectively. 

How to get Grammarly premium for free?

Many users are looking for how to get Grammarly premium for free on the google, follow this article, and you can get your Grammarly premium free trial.

Grammarly has undoubtedly been one of the best software in this niche in 2019 among many software and applications.

Though users might be looking at how to get Grammarly premium for free or Grammarly premium crack. But it’s disheartening to say that there isn’t any Grammarly premium crack available though you can still avail free Grammarly premium for Free.

In order to avail Grammarly premium free trial, you need to promote Grammarly by participating in its Grammarly Affiliate Programme. 

Grammarly Affiliate Programme 

If you have a blog or website platform, then it is a fantastic option for you to earn money and avail huge discounts at Grammarly products. 

To start an affiliate program, you need to sign up at Grammarly. To sign in to the Grammarly premium affiliate, head over to the official Website.

After signing up, you need to place banner ads and write a post on Grammarly to receive $ 25 as a bonus. Make sure you cover all the required features offered by the platform in the article. 

Apart from bonuses, Grammarly also provides commission for every sign up from the banner ads from your platform.

The commission can be $ 0.20 for each free user register from your platform and as high as $ 20 for every purchase of a premium subscription.

So, it can also earn you a reasonable sum of money in your pocket. Thus, you can easily avail of Grammarly premium free trial. 

The perks of participating in the affiliate program are not only limited to this, as the top performers are also offered with great incentives included in the program such as Increased pay-outs, Higher discount rates, and other cash bonuses. 

how to get grammarly premium for free

Apps similar to Grammarly 

Grammarly premium is one of the most successful and renowned tools for correcting grammar mistakes and errors due to its interface which makes it easy for its users to interact with the software.

Also, the service provided by them is excellent and the users can still use the application free of cost if they are willing to opt-out of subscriptions. 

In the meantime, you can also check some of the alternatives available for Grammarly premium free, which also offers excellent service to a wide range of users. Below are some of the other options available for Grammarly. 

Ginger (Free and premium version both)

how to get grammarly premium for free

Ginger is a good alternative for Grammarly premium-free as it offers similar and accurate suggestions to the English language and vocabulary.

Apart from English, the tool assists its users across 40 different languages, which include Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese, and many more. 


how to get grammarly premium for free

ProWritingAid is an all in one Grammar checker, Writing Editor and Writing Mentor, which is capable of suggesting smart suggestions to its users using its sophisticated algorithms.

The application is available across many platforms and can be accessed through many applications and browsers. 

WhiteSmoke (Free and premium version both)

how to get grammarly premium for free


WhiteSmoke is another good alternative for Grammarly. The software also offers suggestions to errors along with details regarding them, which can help users to understand the grammar and vocabulary.  


how to get grammarly premium for free


Jetpack is a proofreading tool that offers many features along with correcting your grammatical mistakes such as free themes, also as a WordPress plugin, and many more.

The tool can work on many languages such as English, German, French, Portuguese, etc. 

Final Words

Grammarly premium free is an online-based software that can look upon your grammatical error and flaws in statements and suggest you some fitting edits to the sentence formation. 

Grammarly premium offers a wide range of services to its users, such as looking for advanced grammar issues, genre selection, and plagiarism checkers.

Users can also send their articles to proofreaders to proofread it and fix any possible errors if remaining. 

Moreover, some of these features aren’t included in the free Grammarly premium, and users need to get a premium subscription to avail of these features.

There are different subscriptions available under different time intervals, such as Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly. 

Though subscriptions at Grammarly are a bit costly to avail. If you have a blog with good traffic, it can work for you by participating in its affiliate program.

To participate in the affiliate program, you need to sign up at the link given above. Then write a neat blog post, mentioning key features of the application. This post can earn you a bonus of up to $25 and commission on each referral from your banner ad. So, you have availed your free Grammarly premium. 

There are plenty of alternatives available across the internet for Grammarly. Some of the best alternatives are Ginger, ProWritingAid, Slick Write, WhiteSmoke, and many more. 



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