Top 7 of the Best Gaming Applications for Earning Money on the Internet

The internet provides an excellent platform full of opportunities. In this era, you can make money online by doing many things like playing online casino games. There are numerous apps in this industry that offer to pay you to play their games.

However, it is critical to note that playing games online is just a side hassle to earn extra cash. The games are also suited for Canadian punters who like to play, have fun and pass the time.  

To learn more about gaming apps that offer an opportunity to earn money on the internet, we had an interactive session with our gaming expert Michelle Thomas (view profile). Here is a review of casino apps to earn real money. 

1. MistPlay

This is an Android mobile game from Canada. It is a game testing app that hosts several games. As a player, you can earn points referred to as units when you play these games. To collect more points, you need to play more. 

After signing up on the account, you will be given a list of games to play after the company confirms your location. After completing the games and all requirements, you will earn some units. The units are Mistplay’s currency which you can later convert into Gift cards. As a player, you can make an average of $40-50 per month. 

2. TapChamps

This is a game testing app that allows players to play games and get rewards. Which in turn helps the game developers gather information about the user’s experience. TapChamps enables users to start earning by downloading the app. 

Gaining XP is the primary goal of the games as it allows players to earn Trophies and Diamonds, which later on can be redeemed for gift cards. Amazon, eBay, and Visa are some of the gift cards supported by the company. 

3. Spin Casino 

Spin Casino is an online gambling app that offers a safe and secure environment for betting. The app guarantees endless excitement and fun as it offers various games like slots and live casino games like roulette and blackjack. 

It offers most of the Canadian casino games and these games are designed with bet limits bringing winning thrills that are hard to find elsewhere. In addition to this, the app offers 24/7 customer support and remarkable encryption technology that ensures safe deposits and withdrawals. 

4. InboxDollars

This is a survey app that allows users to earn cash after completing short tasks online. The company has partnered with different brands, including online game developers, which require feedback on their products.

You can start earning by participating and completing various InboxDollar games and their tasks. After signing in, you will see a list of tasks to complete. Just click ‘do’ to begin working on the assignments. The app pays roughly $0.10 – $7 per task, and you can receive your cash either through PayPal, check, or Gift Cards. 

5. Bananatic

This online gaming app offers rewards for watching videos, completing offers, referrals, watching videos, and playing games. As a Canadian player, if you want an online platform that allows you to meet new people, earn cash and enjoy fun games, Bananatic is your app. 

To earn money, you have to complete a task to collect “bananas,” which you can redeem later on for cash on PayPal or Amazon gift cards. 

6. PlaySport

PlaySport is a reward app that pays players to play games online and you can use the money earned to settle various expenses. The app has many free games for its players. To begin earning money, you need to download a game and start playing. On this app, every time you play casino games or reach a higher level, you get a coin. As a player, therefore, the more you play, the more coins you get. You can redeem the coins through GooglePlay, Paypal, and Gift Cards. 

7. iGameLab

This is a survey website that is part of PanelPolls. It is a platform that allows gamers to play games while making money by providing feedback. For every feedback that you provide about an app or a game, you will receive a coin. The site pays players monthly and can earn up to $15. 

As a Canadian punter, even though you cannot rely on these apps to generate enough income. You are sure you will enjoy, have fun and earn some extra cash signing in and playing games on these apps.

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