People nowadays use social media daily, whether in leisure time or when they grab their phone and go through tweets and posts. Twitter is popular not only for adults but also for teenagers. It is a platform wherein people can share their thoughts and what is currently happening in their daily lifestyle. Through the years, many people use it. 

People, approximately three hundred million, are actively using this social media platform. A lot use this platform to share creativity, feelings, thoughts, music, and experiences. Twitter is a free way to express everything and share it with millions of people. People enjoyed using Twitter, yet many of you might not know interesting facts about this big platform.

Introducing Hashtag In The Year 2007

There are many Twitter facts that you might not know about, the usage of hashtags in Twitter is popular nowadays, and the person behind this sign is Chris Messina. This simple hashtag sign made users connect more with just a word beside it. This will compile topics or themes when a hashtag is added to a tweet—making it easier for people to search for posts they want.

Finding posts about one specific topic or thing can now be viewed and searched easily because of this sign. Searching the hashtag of your choice on the search bar will direct you to many tweets that used the same hashtag you have. This will not only limit you to your country, but you can also view the tweets of people who are using the Twitter application.

Chris Messina had doubts if the hashtag sign would be a hit or become a popular trend. When it was first introduced, many people did not know about its importance and how it works. Now that people know its essence and how it helps people connect with one particular topic, users now enjoy using it by adding hashtags on their tweets or posts. 

Twitter Is Considered To Be A Way For Getting Information And Sharing 

Because of people who are actively using Twitter, they also share informational tweets that can help people be informed of what is happening around the world. Through Twitter, you can again ask questions, and people would easily respond and help you find what you are looking for. Twitter became a convenient way of knowing details and info. 

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms for the year 2020. It is popular among millennials, but there are accounts where news and daily happenings are tweeted. They are making it easy for people to view the latest or trending situations. Sharing information has never been made easier and accessible because of social media platforms, like the famous Twitter.

Twitter’s Most Shared Tweet

A shared tweet is one of Twitter’s features to expand and spread the tweet on a larger scale. Retweeting or sharing the tweet will show it to other people’s feed or timeline. If you wonder who’s tweet has the most shared tweet, it is Barack Obama’s 800k shared tweet. 

Katy Perry Is The Most Followed Person On Twitter 

Ever since the year 2019, Katy Perry has gained millions of followers. She signed up for the social media platform in 2009. From then, her followers grew and grew, and she became the person who had more followers than Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, and more. Enthusiastic fans of Katy perry followed her social media account when she joined Twitter.

If you are new to this social media platform or a beginner user of Twitter before, there was no authentication whether the account is a verified true celebrity. Now, Twitter made it easy for people to look for real celebrities’ accounts by looking at the verification check beside their username.

In Every Minute, Approximately There Are 350,000 Posted Tweets

If you add everything up, everything equates to over five hundred million tweets per day, hence being included in the most prominent social media platforms created. A single account can tweet as many as he or she wants. Twitter is free to use, and users worldwide are free to post whatever they want to share. 

Connect with the world using Twitter

If you are one of the people who is actively using Twitter as their main social media platform, you might as well know more about Twitter with these interesting and fun facts. These facts are underrated, and most people are not aware of it. This article gave you five facts that you can also share with your friends or Tweet about what you have gathered today about Twitter as trivias which can also be helpful to them.

Interesting facts about Twitter are worth sharing since it is a popular platform. Nowadays, people use it every day and share what they feel. This platform helped a lot of users to express what they want to people around the world.



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