What Tools are used in Enterprise Web Development?

Since the creation of a site implies a multi-page project with great functionality, you should consider a rational-to-use structure. It forms a chain of key folders and attachments. The success of the enterprise and the resource itself. Here the ease of use and speed of indexing in search engines depend on it.

Most of the typical corporate resources share common structural techniques, including:

  • The most informative and attractive home page, with a multi-level menu, reflecting the corporate culture of the operating company;
  • Simple, accessible navigation that allows you to easily find the materials you need;
  • Registration and authorization forms that allow you to personalize visitors to the resource;
  • Availability of data about the enterprise itself, its development, range of products/services, terms of cooperation;
  • Product catalog and price list, as one of the main parts of the structure. It informs the target audience about the assortment range and pricing policy. Their presence will keep guests on the site pages and convert them into buyers;
  • Often in such formats there is a form of online orders and their processing;
  • Information sections, news feed, blogs, articles, product catalogs, photo galleries, cases. They provide a demonstration of ready-made solutions, permits;
  • Contact information is a mandatory attribute of any commercial project;
  • Internal sections for office use, trade, file storage, control of supplies and expenses.

Design of a corporate website

As a rule, all corporate sites are developed in accordance with the brand book (corporate identity and concept of the current company). And in its absence, everything possible is done to evoke positive associations from all market participants. It is good if it is an author’s design that meets the theme of the enterprise, favorably emphasizes the information provided (text, graphic content). It does not strain the eyes and does not distract from its main purpose. From the very first glance at the design, visitors should feel comfortable and at ease, which contributes to the growth of transactions and purchases.

We have interesting ideas, conversion effects and interactive components to create popular call-to-action designs.

Functions and modules of the corporate business website

Professional creation of corporate sites implies the presence of many built-in functions and modules, the need for which is discussed with the customer. They solve serious issues, but the main thing in them is their maximum efficiency, continuity and clarity in their work. They should be convenient both for staff and for visitors, partners, investors.

The required amount of information when creating a corporate website

This format is designed for a large number of pages and an extensive amount of material. So all content should be not only unique. But also it should be useful so that the visitor can independently find answers to all questions of interest.

The basic project development package includes filling only the main pages. But there are all the conditions to provide you with a complete filling of the Internet portal. Then is prepared text, photo and video material on an ongoing basis. 

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Development stages:


It is necessary to decide on the details, to express as accurately as possible all the ideas and wishes for the future project. It’s important to determine the structure of the sections and the need for functional blocks.

Prototype and technical specification

The development of a convenient and intuitive interface. And all the necessary functionality is thought over there.

Unique design

The unique design for each page based on well-thought-out prototypes. Here are taken into account the modern requirements of UI / UX design and the preferences of the target audience. All layouts are coordinated with the customer.

WEB development

The stage at which the graphic layout becomes a full-fledged website. The site is adapted for mobile devices, connect functional blocks and a content management system.

Filling and testing the site

For content, the site is hosted on a test site. You can already start interacting with your site – check it out, evaluate the convenience and start filling it. At this stage, the site is checked. And the shortcomings are eliminated.

Promotion and advertising

Your site is ready and waiting for its first visitors. To increase website traffic, a set of measures is needed – optimization, promotion and advertising. You can order all these services as additional options as needed.

Technical support

The creation and implementation of the site do not end with the launch on the hosting.

Improvements and maintenance

The end of the site development is only the beginning of its life cycle. Along with the growth of your business, the site also grows and develops. It requires regular content updates, functionality expansion and support in high positions in search engines.

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