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How to Do Spoilers on Discord – The Complete Guide to...

Have you ever experienced the sorrow when the next season of a TV show gets spoiled for you? We surely have. Messages can also...

How to Delete Discord Server – Quick Guide

You might be in a situation where you created a test server on Discord. And now, you cannot figure out how to remove it...

How to Stop Discord From Opening on Startup

Discord is one of the leading applications that provide video, voice, and chat services over the internet. If you have Discord installed on your...

How to Record Discord with Audacity – Simple Method

How to record Discord with Audacity: Sometimes you might want to record your Discord calls for later reference. But, because the transmission of sound...

Discord Overlay Not Working WOW – 9 Working Solutions

Discord is a well-known communication platform for gamers that provides voice, text, and video chat services to the users. The reason why Discord is...

The Ultimate Guide to Discord Text Formatting in 2020

A lot of gamers use Discord for voice calls and live streaming in servers. Discord is a well-known platform among gamers due to its...

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