How to send fax online by Google fax services [Quick Guide]


If you are thinking that fax belongs to antediluvian technology and is out of style, well, you are not quite right. Fax is still preferred as a source of sending documents by many business organizations and health departments.

The difference is that the fax machine is no doubt on the brink of disappearance. With the development of technology and fast pace of life, it is not much entertaining to put off the mails and send urgent documents because you are traveling away from your office or home and there is no landline or fax machine around.

With the internet and the use of Google mailing services, fax had become much more alive and modern. Now you can send and receive fax by using Google fax services with the help of Google products. It is possible to seal a deal on the go and maintain the security of documents without exposing that to any outsider.

What role is played by Google in sending fax online?

Google has incorporated fax within its different products like Gmail and Google drive. Now you can send and receive fax directly from your computer, laptop or smartphone as long as you have an internet connection available.

You cannot send a fax directly from the Gmail account or from the Google dashboard. For this purpose, you need a third party to convert the analog signals sent by the conventional fax machine into digital ones. Online Google fax services are available to do this work. Before choosing any service make sure to know the features it offers. Our recommendation is CocoFax.

CocoFax- most reputed Google fax service:

CocoFax is one of the best online fax services Google offers, as Google Fax Free indicates, a famous online fax blog with everything there is to know about faxing. It has been supported by positive reviews of millions of users and big organizations.

According to Google Fax Free, CocoFax is the software which works as the virtual fax machine and does all the cumbersome work of faxing behind the scene. You just need to give the command and all the work of sending and receiving facsimiles and saving is done by the CocoFax.

In this article, you will know about the procedure in the depth of using CocoFax for sending and receiving the fax. CocoFax allows you to send a fax free of cost for one month, it is not difficult to send the fax by using these new technologies. You don’t have to be a tech-genius; you can easily use them without any hard work or assistance.

Features offered by CocoFax

For sending and receiving a fax you will need a fax number. In old times a separate phone line was required for a fax number but now you can easily get one online free of cost. After one month you have to pay for using that number which is much less than the cost of paper and maintenance required by the conventional methods.

Apart from that, CocoFax has a wide storage capacity. It can store a large number of faxes for unlimited periods of time. CocoFax also provides you mass faxing service. It supports many famous formats. You can use it on any device with internet connection be it your smartphone, laptop or PC.

One of the most beneficial features is a fax to email and email to fax. You can send a fax directly from the CocoFax dashboard or from your email account like you send a normal email. Encrypted messages have increased the worth of fax in security departments. It provides military level security with a fun way of sending and receiving faxes.

How to send a fax through Gmail by using CocoFax:

Google fax services are easy to use and economical. Here are the stepwise guidelines to fax via Gmail.

Step 1: First you need to sign up for a CocoFax account on their official site. Click on the free trial option in the top right corner. A window will open in front of you. Here you will get the fax number online. You can choose the fax number of your choice.

After that in the next step, enter the personal information and the email address you want to use to send and receive the fax from both national and international forums.

Step 2: After signing up go to the Gmail account and click on the ‘compose new email’ option. A new window with different fields will appear. Here you have to fill in the mandatory fields as you do before drafting an email.

Step 3: This step is a little different from the normal email drafting method.

To field: in this field instead of the email address of the recipient you have to enter the fax number of the recipient and after that @ so if the fax number is 123456 you will enter

Subject field: this is not necessary to fill in.

Email body: this will become the cover page of the fax. You can draft a short message here.

Attachment: you can attach the file directly from your computer if they are in softcopy. It will save you from printing and typing that document. If in hard copy you can scan them or take pictures with a smartphone to convert them into soft copy.

Step 4: after drafting a fax review it and hit the ‘send’ button.

After successful delivery, you will receive the confirmatory email in your inbox.

Receive the fax via CocoFax in your Gmail inbox

If you are on the receiving edge, you don’t have to follow any steps. The fax will be received by the CocoFax; it will convert it into a pdf file and send it to your inbox. You can read your faxes in your inbox any time you want.

Send fax from Google drive with CocoFax

Many businessmen prefer to send the documents in Google drive directly without spending much time on downloading or copying them. CocoFax has expanded its services to meet the need. Now Google faxing is not limited to just Gmail, you can fax it from Google drive by using CocoFax.

The initial step is the same, you have to sign up for a CocoFax account and select the fax number. After that download, the CocoFax add-on for free, add-on, and documents will get integrated. After that open the document you want to send and from its menu bar go to the add-on option. Click on CocoFax addon and hit the send button. A new window will open beside the document. Enter the credentials of the CocoFax account. Fax number of the recipient any anything else if you want and once done click on the send option.


Google fax services have revolutionized the faxing process. With CocoFax you can send and receive fax within minutes without the hassle of setting up the fax machine and landline. CocoFax provides you with an incredible set of features within an affordable range. You can choose the package according to your necessity, so fax now with CocoFax in much fun and easy way and you won’t choose any other service after using CocoFax.


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