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MasalaDesi was one of the many Indian forums that used to shine two to three years back. But, unfortunately, it was shut down by the government. In this article, we will tell you more about Masaladesi, why it was shut down, and Masaladesi alternatives.

Also check out Xossip, the best Indian forum like Masaladesi.


masaladesi alternatives

Masaladesi was one of the many adult Indian forums that used to have an active and engaging community. The users were very active and helpful. The discussion was live 24/7/365.

The forum used to offer posts, audios, and media to its users.  The main content of the panel used to be adult posts and links to movies. One of the threads named Masaladesi Veere Di Wedding went viral too.

The forum had more than 100k active members that used to engage in the threads to build a vibrant community. The panel used to offer a login and registration feature that helped users in saving their favorite threads and posts.

Thanks to its former active community, any post in the forum was converted into a thread in no time. The primary age group that was a part of the discussion involved people between the ages of 17 and 30.

Why Was Masaladesi Banned?

As mentioned before, it was an adult website that was available to anyone with access to the internet.

A few years back, the government of India started to ban these types of sites and forums that hosted adult content.

Many other websites, like the renowned Xossip, was also forbidden. However, the members of the Xossip forum forced the government to lift the ban.


masaladesi alternatives

For Masala Desi, this was not the case. The time it was banned by the government, it was banned forever.

Masaladesi Alternatives

Many people, including former members of the forum, asked for Masaladesi alternatives as Masaladesi for them was more than an adult forum. If you are one of those who are looking for an alternative for masaladesi, you are in the right place.

We have collected a list of the best Masaladesi alternatives that are working currently in 2019 and have fewer chances of being taken down by the government.

We have mentioned a list of best masaladesi alternatives that have the same audience that is quite active and engaging.


Xforum is a standout amongst the best Masaladesi alternatives as it is generally fast and much better than the others. This forum offers individuals the chance to sign in or register.

After our audit, we saw that the site has a high number of pop promotions that surface each time you attempt to click. However, the site notifies the user to “Register to remove the advertisements.”



XossipZ has a similar user interface as the original forum. The choices to login and sign up are accommodated returning clients. The interface is flawless, and this site has a less number of ads when compared to others.


The site isn’t so unique when compared with the original forum. Client enrollment is made possible. This site is right now down as we checked. In any case, we will keep you updated.

We have checked the site today, i.e, 10th July 2019 and the site is live now. It is similar to xossip and has an active user base. You can register on now and enjoy the stuff people post there.


This article was based on the best masaladesi alternatives as it was taken down by the government and there are no chances of masaladesi to return. There are several alternatives, such as XossipY, XossipZ, and XForum.

No matter how many alternatives try to take place of the original masaladesi forum, the original was always the best. If you have bumped into any forum that is similar to those which we have mentioned in the list, comment down, or contact us.

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