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Thewatchseries: Movies have been a great time killer in our daily lives. One can enjoy these with either when free or on a holiday, either with your squad or go solo. Everyone has their unique taste over movies and pick over many genres such as action, comedy, mystery and many more. The list is never going to end. 

What is Thewatchseries?

With many movies and as well as web series, comes the responsibility to store these for the users so that they can stream it online or download. 

Thewatchseries is a great website to access a huge movie and web series database. Users can download as well as stream any of the content available on the website for free hence it attracts a large number of users. 

Features of Thewatchseries? 

Thewatchseries is an ideal movie website where you can hopefully find your favorite shows and catch up with the latest update in your favorite genre or exquisite actor/actress. Some of the features of the website are: 

  • Simple UI: 

Thewatchseries has a very clean UI which gives easy navigation to its users. 

  • Faster updates: 

When it comes to the latest updates for any of the movie/web series, Thewatchseries provides services at its best. The content uploaded is faster than any other website. 

  • List for Popular Shows: 

Thewatchseries has a separate list for popular shows across the website among the viewers. The list gets updated frequently as soon as the new show arrives. 

  • Less on-page ads: 

Though the website is not free from ads, still there are minimal on-page ads. There are still popup ads across the website which can be hectic sometimes to its users. 

Pros and cons of Thewatchseries 

Thewatchseries comes with some pros and as well as cons. Some of the Pros and Cons of Thewatchseries are described as follows. 


  • Faster updates among other movies or entertainment websites. 
  • Simple and light UI for all users of all generations. 
  • Dedicated list for popular shows and web series among its users. 


  • Disturbing or annoying popup ads which can divert the users from the main content of the website. 
  • The UI of the website is average in terms of performance and looks among other websites available as alternatives. 

5 alternatives for Thewatchseries 

Thewatchseries is overall a great option if you are looking for movies, web series or any other entertainment stuff still the website provides very limited features to the user

There are a lot of alternatives available for Thewatchseries which provides many features and overcome the cons of Thewatchseries and can be used right now within a click. 

The top 5 alternatives available for Thewatchseries are mentioned below. 

1. Couchtuner 

Couchtuner is a great alternative for Thewatchseries. Here, users can easily download or stream online any of the available movies, web series available on the website without any problem, there it is one of the most famous movies streaming site on the internet. 

One of the salient features of the Couchtuner is that you don’t need to sign up to access the content on the website. The website contains few ads which might not be disturbing to users from the content. 

Users can stream the content using many streaming options available on the website. 


2. 123movies 

123movies is a great website to download and access the latest as well as the oldest movies or web series from its huge database. The website provides a very interactive UI to its users which is far superior to Thewatchseries. 

The users can jump between many servers to stream the content. Along with multiple servers to stream, users can know more about the content by hovering over it, it includes IMDB rating, genre, title and many more. 


3. Todaytvseries 

At Todaytvseries, users can easily download their favorite tv shows without any significant problem at the earliest. The website aims to provide link for every TV show released within a day. 

Users can download the content across different video qualities such as 720p and 480p in few clicks. One of the features of the website is that users can download content easily without any popup ads on the screen. 

4. is another interactive website to download movies. The website supports more than movies as users can easily download as well as games. is also a great alternative for Thewatchseries if you are looking to download or stream HD movies online. The website supports torrent which gives it a great advantage over other websites. 

Users can either download the movie or stream it to watch it online using the third-party streaming website. 

The website has an interactive UI and free from any type of ads and popups which provides overall a great experience to the end-user. 


Primewire is the last suggestion on the list. At Primewire, users can easily download the latest TV shows as well as movies from the website without any hassle. 

The website is free from any type of ad or popup ad like any other website on the list. 

One of the key features of the website is that users can use the helpful filter which can sort out TV shows on many factors such as Genre, Quality, availability of links, Section and many more. Moreover, users can access the schedule of all upcoming TV shows in the schedule tab. 


Undoubtedly, Thewatchseries is a perfect destination to download the latest movies or TV shows. Though in recent time the website has come out to be a pain to its users as it would require a VPN to access the content of the website. Also, the website is full of ads and popup ads which can degrade the userexperience with the website. 

The above article can be helpful if you are looking for alternatives for Thewatchseries. Websites such as Todaytvseries, Mydownloadtube, and Primewire can be helpful to you if you are looking for an ad-free/minimized ad platform to download or stream movies online. 

Todaytvseries is a great alternative if you want to download TV shows at the earliest and across different available video qualities such as 720p and 420p. 

Also, Couchtuner is a great platform for users to download as well as stream movies or TV shows online as it provides many streaming options to its users to choose from. 


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