iPhone keylogger is the latest luxury provided by online spying companies. It records all the text and numbers typed on the iPhone; in short, all the touches of the iPhone will be stored in the dashboard of the tracking service for the user to examine them.

Online spying companies are increasing in number and it becomes confusing to choose any one of them. We have tested some of the best rated online spying applications and have chosen a few of the best ones to explain the features, pros, and cons associated with its use.

Spyier: top-echelon spying application

In the list of top-notch features offered by Spyier, the first one is that the Spyier is the best iPhone keylogger. The keylogging feature keeps track of all the data from different platforms in a serialized manner but it does not differentiate between the data from separate platforms.

You can use it to monitor the social media account activities, the statues updated and the messages sent. The passwords types for logging into different accounts or the iPhone itself will be visible on the dashboard and you don’t have to waste time trying different passwords and try to break into accounts.

PC World, Forbes, CNET, Tech Advisor, Life Wire, Tech Radar, Toms Guide, The Verge, and New York Times are the famous international organizations that have acknowledged the authority of Spyier over the online spying market.

With Spyier you don’t have to damage the software of target device:

Spyier has been designed by using super-powerful cutting edge technology that can copy all the data from the device without jailbreaking or rooting. In this way, it never causes malfunctioning of the tracked device. An in-depth view is taken by Spyier and a Spyier solution is suitable for all the tracking queries.

Spyier will not betray your trust because it keeps the identity hidden and the user can have full privileges without exposing the personality behind the scenes. This way you can maintain your social image without leaving a hint behind.

Do you have to maintain any direct connection with the device?

In the case of the Spyier, the distinguishing feature is its spying from distance without any line connecting the Spyier with the target device. In the case of the iPhone, you must have the iCloud credentials of the device you want to track; just put them in your account on Spyier official page and you are good to go.

From the iPhone, all the data goes to the iCloud server and from there Spyier takes it out for you to have a look. But in the case of Android, the user has to install the application in the target device to synchronize the phone with your Spyier account.

What if you are not a computer expert?

The process to spy on any phone is hassle-free with the assistance of Spyier. There are a few things you must have before starting spying. One thing is a fast internet connection and after that opens any web browser.

The next mandatory thing is signing up and account registration on Spyier’s official account. This is a paid service but to make it comfortable for its users the charges are extremely low. You can use Spyier without disturbing your budget or your daily schedule.

Now you must merge the target device with the help of iCloud credentials with the registered account of yours. After that, the dashboard will open on your screen. There you can see numerous options for tracking along with keylogging features. Click on that and start spying without any delay.

What are the additional features offered by the Spyier?

Spyier has taken care of all the spying aspects and provides you every nitty-gritty from the target device without any perplexing process. No doubt keylogger can replace many features present in Spyier but every feature has its own specialty.

Installed applications detector:

All the applications downloaded by the user in the target device will be visible to you on the dashboard if you will choose this feature. 

Location Tracker:

The location tracking feature gives you the record of all the locations visited by the target device along with the recently visited location. This way you can also know where your child is present outside the home even if your child never told you about the visiting place.

Geofencing feature:

This gives you the authority to keep your child away from a certain place by marking that location on the Google map. Since the Spyier account works in synchronization with the Google maps, it will notify you the moment your child will try to trespass the virtual boundary created by you.

Images and videos stored in mobile:

If you are suspicious of your boyfriend about cheating on you, you must know that your boyfriend will never accept this infidelity in front of you. You can find out the truth by checking the gallery and images stored there without even touching the phone with Spyier.

Call history monitoring service:

Along with images, call history will confirm all your suspicions whether they are right or wrong. You can see for yourself who your boyfriend is talking to on a daily basis for long hours. All this information will be in front of you within moments.


To sum up the whole discussion regarding the spying applications and the review of one of the best software, Spyier it can be concluded that online spying is taking over the various aspects of life and Spyier has been proved to be the top choice of a large number of users.

The best keylogging feature is not the only facility provided by the Spyier; it is a complete package and covers all the applications and surfing of web browsers. You can access its services by paying a little amount of money and can keep all your secrets hidden.

You can clear your uncertainties by trying the application yourself. The team of well-trained operators is available all the time for listening to your queries and solving all the technical problems as soon as possible but I am sure you will not face any error in its working.


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