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Finding a reliable platform to download the latest movies can be a really hard and tough task to do but say no more, thanks to skymovies. It is a great platform for not only downloading Bollywood movies but other movies too.

Even though with a fair UI, the website outstands many of the old websites due to its helpful features.

What is Skymovies?

Skymovies is a great online platform where you can download not only Bollywood movies but also movies across different domains such as Hollywood movies, Bengali movies, South Indian movies, Pakistani movies and many more.

If you are a fan of Old Bollywood movies, then you will definitely love the website as the website contains a treasure of collection of old Bollywood movies.

Features of Skymovies

Undoubtedly Skymovies is a huge and awful platform to download movies across many domains. One can download movies without any hassle from the website or problem.

 Some of the key features of the Skymovies website are:

  • Simple UI: Skymovies is a very simple website easy to navigate and download movies from the platform. One can easily navigate to their favorite categories such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Bengali, South Indian and many more categories to download movies.

Skymovies is undoubtedly a great choice if you are looking to download old movies. 

  • Movies available in 2 parts: It is one of the key features provided Skymovies, you can download movies easily in 2 parts.
  • Make a movie request: Along with downloading movies from the website, visitors can also request a movie from the website.

This is a great feature that allows the website to interact with their visitor’s favorite categories and lets them focus on those domains also. 

Skymovies: Is it legal to watch or not?

The movies and other content provided by the Skymovies platform is pirated content. Since it is illegal to access such content, one should not access such content as pirated movies and shows are banned in many countries and regions. It can lead many people to troublesome.

Therefore, the website is inaccessible by ISPs and banned across many countries.

5 Better Alternative To Skymovies

Due to its piracy contents, the website is banned in several countries and hence the process is very tedious to access the website.

To access the website, one needs to be connected to a reliable VPN and download movies from the Skymovies platform. 

Though in the meantime one can also look for its alternatives. There are tons of websites available on the web which can be a better platform than Skymovies and hence one must try most of them at least once.

Some of the best alternatives are mentioned below.

1. Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u is a great website to download movies. Here, users can not only download movies but also read popular books across many categories.

When it comes to movies, one can select movies to download across many countries such as China, India, US, International and many more and is also available in different regional languages(Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, etc).

You can download any of the movies or books available on the website in a go since it doesn’t require any registrations or any formalities. Visit the website by clicking here.

2. Movieninja

Movieninja is also a perfect alternative for Skymovies. The website consists of a simple and cool black theme that adds another star to its UI.

Here users can not only download the latest Hollywood movies and also web series from the platform but also stream online in HD video quality. This makes the website as one of the reliable alternatives for Skymovies.

Along with features, the website UI is also very impressive and far better than that of Skymovies. The website also shows related information such as Synopsis, Genre, IMDB ratings and many more along with movies and web series which enhances the overall rating of the platform.

3. Gomovies

At Gomovies, you can stream among tons on movies available on the website. Users can easily stream for free in different video qualities.

The website provides two modes (i.e. Day and Night modes) to view the website which makes the website more flexible and comfortable to visitors’ choice. 

The website provides movies as well as TV series across 60+ countries, which makes it one of the tops picks for alternatives for Skymovies.

One can easily search for Top rated, Top favorite, Top IMDB movies just by navigating through its simple and flexible website.

4. Lookmovies

If you still have not decided on for a perfect movie to watch, then Lookmovies can be very helpful to you. The website provides a very helpful “movie filter”, the movie filter can suggest you a bunch of movies, all you need to do is to select a genre, year of release, rating of the movie and the order.

Know more by visiting the website by clicking here. The website contains a light-themed user interface that is suitable for most of its users.


If you are a die-hard fan of Bollywood movies, then this site is of great use to you. Moreover, you can not only download Bollywood movies but also movies from Hollywood, South Indian, Punjabi Movies, Telugu movie industries.

Along with movies the platform also provides the latest TV shows and web series hasslefree from the website. Know more about the website by visiting it here.


Skymovies HD is an online movie platform for users to download Bollywood and as well as Hollywood movies. It can be really helpful to people who are looking for old movies.

Still, there are tons of alternatives available for Skymovies which are far better in comparison to quality of the website, UI, and movies too. Some of the best alternatives for Skymovies are Movieninja, Worldfree4u, Gomovies, and Lookmovies.

Since these movie platforms contain pirated content, hence it might be blocked by your ISP. To overcome this issue, you might need to connect to a VPN, thus making the connection safe and secure and can let you surf the website seamlessly.


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