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SD Movies Point: Watching movies and TV shows these days have become a non-stop source of entertainment. People used to watch movies on TVs when there were no other sources of visual entertainment.

But watching movies on TV has some drawbacks. You can’t watch whatever you want and you have to go through ads every few minutes which spoils the mood to watch any movie.

But time passed and advancement in technology introduced us to smartphones and the internet. Using the internet, we get access to a vast source of entertainment. We can access different websites and applications to watch or download different movies. Although, many of us suffer to find an ideal and reliable source of downloading or watching movies.

That’s why today we’ve brought you some awesome news. We’ve found you a trusted source to download your favorite movies. Sdmoviepoint is a one-stop site for you to watch or download whatever movie or series you want.

If you want to learn more about sd movies point, go through this whole article to find more extra of its interesting and amazing features.

What Is SD Movies Point?

Before talking about SD Movies Point features and how to download movies from this website, we would like you to give some additional information about this website. Sdmoviespoint is famous among users as it never fails to provide you the best links to the latest movies and shows.

So far, the sd movie point has not disappointed any of its users, and everyone who uses this website has rated this website better than most of the movie downloading websites.

sd movies point

One of the best things about Sdmoviespoint is that it doesn’t only include the content from Hollywood or Bollywood, but it also gives you access to almost every regional content that you might want to watch. It includes Tamil Movies, Punjabi Movies, etc. so the figure of audiences that use this website is more than most of the websites out there.

One more thing loved by its users is that you don’t need to login to use this website. You can just go ahead and start using this website without facing much trouble. If you want to acquire some more knowledge about some of its amazing and interesting features, follow on further in this article to find out.

Features of SD Movies Point

If you are reading this, then that means that you are interested in knowing more about sd movies point. We have picked out and separated some of the important and awesome features of SD Movies Point that you must have known before using this website. Without wasting much time, lets jump right into it.

Easy to Use

The simple and interesting user interface used by SD Movies Pointis pretty good and users love it. The interface is bland, and anyone can navigate easily through the whole website without encountering many difficulties. While other websites fail to afford a smooth interface, sdmoviepoint holds still.

Quantity and Quality of Content

The quality of content gathered in small-sized files is appreciated by its users. They provide 480p links of movies and shows wrapped up in a 300 MB sized file, while other sites give you the same quality of content in more than 500 MB sized files. Along with quality, they give you access to huge content from all over the world. They include Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, etc. on their website, which makes it all in one.

Log-in or Sign-up Not Required

You don’t need to sign-up or log-in to the sd movie point to use this website. This gives you your privacy and content you need. You don’t even need to share your phone number or email id to access this website. This keeps you away from getting your privacy invaded.

Arrangement of Movies and Shows

Along with the excellent user interface, you get one more awesome feature, that is, the arrangement and representation of movies and shows on this website are very clear. It might sound related to UI, but it’s not. Many websites also provide you bland UI, but their representation of Movies and shows is not that great due to which users don’t prefer using those websites.

So, these are some of the best features of SD Movies Point that you must have known before using it. We are sure you must be looking forward to using this website. You can jump right away to use this website, but we recommend you go through the whole article to gather some more knowledge about this website.

Is SD Movies Point Banned?

The links of movies and shows given by sd movies point are sometimes illegal. They give you pirated links of the latest released movies, which are also illegal.

They also give you links to the premium content only available on premium websites like Netflix and amazon prime. All these links that sdmoviepoint serves are considered to be illegal, which puts their website at high risk of getting banned.

But SD Movies Point, fortunately, has survived this long and has not been banned yet. The developers of this website keep changing domains of the website, which prevents them from getting banned.

Changing domains now and then leaves no traces behind, which makes it difficult for the govt. servers to trace their path. This is one of the main reasons why they have remained this long without getting banned.

NOTE: Don’t forget to use VPN to access this website as this website is banned on Indian servers but accessible on others.

How to Download from SD Movies Point?

Downloading anything from SD Movies Point is easy, but if you are still facing trouble downloading your favorite movies or shows from sdmoviepoint, then simply follow these given steps to get through it easily:

  1. Go to the website “”.
  2. Don’t forget to use a VPN.
  3. Search for the movie you desire to watch or download.
  4. That movie will be displayed on your screen.
  5. Click on the icon or the name of the movie.
  6. Then the download link of the movie will appear on your screen.
  7. Click on the “Download File” option.
  8. Then you will be redirected to some ads, just close them and come back to the previous tab.
  9. Now, wait while your link is been cooked, you’ll be redirected to the download page on your own.
  10. Now, click on the final download link and enjoy your movie.

That’s it, this is not that hard, is it? After following these steps you’ll be able to download anything you want.

Working Alternatives of SD Movies Point

As we mentioned earlier, there are some chances of sd movies point of getting banned, so we have brought you some alternatives to SD Movies Point, which might help you when this site is blocked.


This website can be considered as the perfect replacement for sdmoviespoint as it also contains the same content as sdmoviespoint.




This is a torrent website that contains all the best links of Hollywood and Bollywood movies and is considered to be one of the most reliable sources to download movies.

SD Movies Point



This is a special website that has all the local Tamil content. This website provides you the best links of all the Tamil movies and shows. SD Movies Point

These three are the best replacement to sdmoviespoint out there. These websites are trusted and loved among users too. If you ever face problems accessing sdmoviespoint, then you can rely on these websites to download or watch your favorite movies.


So that’s all you need to know about SDmoviespoint. We discussed all the best features of this website and if it is banned or not. Although it is banned on Indian servers, we recommended you use VPN while accessing this website. We also talked about how to download movies and shows from this website. Then, we gave you some alternatives to this website in case if it gets banned.


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