MSDN Login – Here’s The New Link [2019]

In this article we will discuss about the recent alterations in the MSDN website and the MSDN Login page. We will tell you how to login to your MSDN account and more.

Microsoft Developers Network

msdn login

MSDN or Microsoft Developers Network is a section of the big firm Microsoft that is responsible for the contact of the brand with small testers and various developers. The firm needs such engineers such as a hardware coder, tester, API master, and more to enhance the proper working of the products.

The contact is generally held online with the help of blogs, emails, conferences, newsletters, and numerous forums. MSDN is a collection of blogs, discussions, and details typically related to the changes and updates authored and issued by both the firm and the developers. The website is available in a total of 56 languages to enhance readability among users of different nations.

The MSDN community offers various services to the users. Below are some of them.

MSDN Services

The MSDN offers services such as:

  1. Blogs – The main home for blogs is the MSDN Blogs website. Users can find articles and posts related to different queries, information, and updates related to the firm and its products.
  2. Forums – MSDN also offers forums where users can discuss a technical or software issue with each other. The panels help the users come closer and help each other in the long run.
  3. BookMarking – MSDN also has a bookmarking service that can notify the user about new feeds and alerts.
  4. Gallery – MSDN Gallery is a collection of code snippets and packages authored by the community itself.
  5. Magazine – MSDN magazines are also available every month. These are available as a printed version in the United States. However, the online version is also available in 11 languages.

MSDN or Microsoft Developers Network suddenly made a slight change in their platform after their integration with Microsoft Visual Studio. They redirected the MSDN login service to another domain. Below, we have explained a step-by-step guide on how to reach your MSDN login page.

MSDN Login

The new Microsoft Developers Network Login has some new features such as account status. The user can select “Work or School” account or sign in from their existing Microsoft account.

Below is the step by step guide to do a MSDN Login from your existing Microsoft account.

  1. The website for the login page was MSDN before and now it has been changes to Visual Studio platform.
  2. Click on the above Visual Studio Link to get redirected to the MSDN Login page.
  3. Enter your credentials and click on Login.
  4. You can also register for an account from here.

msdn login

Congratulations. You have now successfully logged in to your MSDN account.

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