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Kissanime: People from almost all generations love to watch Anime. Anime has originated from Mangas and has a rich Japanese background of art and culture.

Animes come in vast genres, where some of the most popular genres which users love to watch are Adventure, Action, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Mystery, Comedy.

Any genre you wish, you have Animes for that, due to its availability, it makes it so popular and has a broad audience around the world.

You can also download the Official Kissanime App to watch high-quality animes right from your smartphone.

What is KissAnime?

Whether you are an Anime fan or have gained new interest in it, you would have heard this name for once. KissAnime ru is one of the most recognized Anime sites among viewers which provides Animes across almost all genres.

If you aren’t comfortable with the language (Japanese) of the Animes, then you can also download the Animes dubbed in English and also have English subtitles.

This gives KissAnime ru an extra edge among other sites. You can also download or stream Animes in any video quality ranging from 240p to 1080p.

Kissanime: Advantages of watching Anime on KissAnime

Along with the above-mentioned features, KissAnime provides many advantages and features, which makes it better and compatible with users than other Anime streaming and downloading sites.

Below are some of the critical features of watching Animes of KissAnime than any other site:

The User Interface of the website is simple and is designed to provide overall an excellent experience to the viewers. One can easily search through the search bar by entering relevant keywords for an Anime or even go through a particular genre.

Unlike many other sites, you do not need to sign up to watch and stream Animes online as It isn’t necessary to enter login credentials to watch Animes on it.

Although, signing in lets users access many features like viewers can make a list of their favorite Animes or Animes to watch, comment, and discuss Animes with other viewers.

You will also get notified to your email address when selected Anime releases its further series and much more.

At KissAnime, you can find Animes and videos which are not only limited to specific categories nut across a wide range of genres.

Popular genres on Kissanime

Some of the popular genres at KissAnime are

  • Comedy
  • Action
  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi

Also, these Animes are not only limited to their genres and support moral values from which one can learn the lesson to follow in life.

The website even allows its viewers to download Animes across video quality at your wish. To know more about how to download Animes from KissAnime, read the steps mentioned below.

The website is secure and is free of any harmful content and viruses. Perhaps, there are mirror sites which have copied the content of KissAnime and also degraded it in front of the audience throughout the world.

How to download Anime from KissAnime?

One of the key features of KissAnime is that along with streaming, it also allows you to download Anime. To download video, follow the steps below:

  • First, use the search bar and enter the name of Anime or you can also search Animes by genre.
  • After finding a suitable Anime click on the title, which will take to a webpage that contains all episodes of the Anime.
  • From here you can also stream the Animes or download it. To stream click on the desired video which will show a player for streaming.
  • If you want to download Anime, then scroll down and search for an option “Mobile/Download” and select the video quality you want.

Best alternatives of Kissanime – Kissanime alternatives

  1. Anime Freak
  2. Anime Bam
  3. Crunchy Roll
  4. GoGoAnime
  5. Anime Planet
  6. Anime Dao
  7. Anime Lab
  8. 9Anime
  9. Chia-Anime
  10. Hulu

KissAnime is one of the prime choices of Anime lovers across the world and has positive reviews by its viewers. Still, there are some negative comments which refer to issues and complaints about the performance of the website.

Ads are one of the most common problems faced by viewers as these redirects to unknown and malicious landing pages which can be avoided by using a VPN, but KissAnime’s algorithm detects ad blockers and VPN.

If you wish to explore more about the Anime world, the following sites are some of the best alternatives for KissAnime.

Anime Freak

Anime Freak is another great site for watching Animes. The Animes and videos on Anime Freak can be streamed seamlessly without having any buffering.

All can be done without any subscription or membership and is free of cost. A huge collection of Animes which is also supported by dubbing and subtitled in many languages such as English and Spanish.

Anime Freak is not only limited to Animes as it also lets people chat, comment, and build their community.

Moreover, the site faces critics and negative reviews because of its ads. The ads are too miserable as these pop-ups divert the viewer’s attention by redirecting them to anonymous websites across the web.

Hence, it adds a negative comment to its review otherwise Anime Freak is a great platform to watch loads of Animes.

Anime freak

Anime Bam

Anime bam is also a good alternative to kissanime because of its clean and ad-free user interface. The ad-free interface doesn’t mean that the site is free from ads.

If you click on an episode or anywhere on the site, you will be redirected to another site. This happens only one time and as compared to other sites on the list, Anime bam has fewer ads.

You can also download the episodes to stream offline but the download button didn’t work and I was redirected to a pop-up ad instead.

The search button and the random button will serve you animes on one click, you can use the popular button option to see the list of famous anime series. One of the best things about animebam is that they have labeled subbed and dubbed anime.

Anime bam


Crunchyroll has a considerable collection of Animes with over 1000 Anime shows featuring over 25000 episodes. Though the subscription isn’t free at Crunchyroll.

You need to pay $6.95 for a month to access over 200 Animes across many streaming platforms. The subscription is either monthly or yearly.

If you can invest your time as well as your money, then this site can be an excellent option for you. Also, you can buy many goodies, such as toys, outfits, and cosplays from their store.

The connectivity feature of Crunchyroll lets its users chat and comment on their forums.

Although the UI of the website isn’t that good and not liked by all users, apart from this, there are also a lot of ads in the free version, which gives overall an adverse impact on its performance.

Even if you wish to cancel the subscription, the refund policy and customer support by Crunchyroll is not so good and has faced some bad reviews on it.



GoGoAnime is one of the popular websites and also famous among Anime enthusiasts. One of the critical features of GoGoAnime is that here you can find freshly content as soon as it is available in different media quality.

You can also make any query with the team in case of any business integrations; all you need to do is fill a form or directly mail them.

Instead of watching anime on the website, you can also download its android application, which is officially supported by the GoGoAnime team.


Anime planet

Anime planet is similar to AnimeLab that is solely made for anime lovers. The site was founded in 2001 when anime was not so famous in most of the countries and managed to build its goodwill over the years.

Along with animes, the site has also started hosting mangas, charts, and reviews of series you are willing to watch.

The community of anime-planet is also active and friendly, so you can find people who have interests similar to you. Register an account and make a list of animes you want to watch or a manga comic you want to read.

One of the best things I like about anime-planet is fewer ads. Unlike the other anime streaming sites, Anime-planet doesn’t use clustered and pop-up ads that depreciate the user’s experience.

The ads are genuine and won’t redirect you to any spam or malicious site.

anime planet

Anime Dao

Almost all sites in this category are filled with loads of ads and pop-ups which distract the viewer’s mind by redirecting to an unknown site.

But not in the case of Anime dao, being one of the safest sites, Animedao has some of the positive reviews referring to its minimal ad policy.

The website is safe and clean, which makes it easy for people to navigate and browse across many categories and Anime titles.

If you are using Animedao, you can’t download Animes offline but can also watch online seamlessly with almost no buffering.

anime dao


Just like GoGoAnime, AnimeLab also supports its Android application although you can still access through the website to stream.

To start with AnimeLab, all you need to do is to account. It can either be done using credentials or log in via Facebook, and you can watch all Animes at free and don’t require your credit card details to allow access to the site.

In the premium subscription, you can also download the video and get better streaming quality. The website is not complex and designed to provide a better experience to its users with relevant categories.

Overall, it has average performance among websites in this field.

Anime lab


For many users, 9Anime has been one of the most exceptional replacements for KissAnime. Some of the reasons which have forced viewers to change their minds to do so are ads and performance by KissAnime, which has been degraded over time.

Nonetheless, the site is safe and secure from malware, but the problem of pop-ups and ads with mature content is still the issue with this site.

To avoid such issues, one can use AdBlock and Scripts to block pop-ups to prevent such undesirable ads.



With one of the smoothest website interface, Chia-Anime is one of the best Anime sites in the world. You can download or stream Animes in any quality and also supports videos of HD quality.

When it comes to service and support, it is also good and has provided better support than any other website.

The pop-up ads are displayed everywhere on the screen and redirect to another site when clicked. Also, the ads are sometimes inappropriate and contain mature content.



The content of Hulu is not only restricted to Animes. It is one of some sites which provides original content. Hulu offers TV shows, broadcasts, and Animes. Umaru-chan, one-punch man, my hero academia is some of the recognized Animes.

Although, the stream quality and content of Hulu are not up to the mark as you can’t get every content in high-quality resolution or 4K.

This gives other sites such as Crunchyroll, an extra edge over Hulu. When it comes to numbers, here also Crunchyroll leads over Hulu by a significant margin.


So, these were the best alternatives for kissanime. We have checked all of the sites mentioned above before adding them to our list of best kissanime alternatives.


KissAnime mirror sites – safe or secure?

There were some rumors about the safety and security of KissAnime that it is harmful to the devices that Animes and the webpages contain the virus and other malware.

But most of the regular users of KissAnime confirm that it doesn’t have any virus and any harmful content.

The rumors can be due to other websites that have copied and mirrored the website, which can have a virus and have reflected on KissAnime’s image.

Moreover, the official websites guarantee the safety and security of its prominent and also new users.

Is Kissanime ru safe? Does KissAnime give you a virus?

As per the different sources, including the strong ones from r/kissanime, is the only official site of Kissanime. If you encounter site with an extension other than .ru, don’t use it. The official Facebook page of is linked here.

Kissanime hosts content without the permissions of the creators, therefore, sites like kissanime ru use different ad services that sponsor click baits and scams. Kissanime ru is not a virus and if you still are a person who has trust issues, follow these suggestions.

  • Use a secondary browser that you don’t use for logging into Gmail or any other social media. I recommend using Opera mini for pc as it has an inbuilt adblocker and a VPN.
  • Do not click on ads, even if the ad seems legit and appealing, don’t click on it.
  • Turn on real-time protection in windows defender or any antivirus that you are using. If you are streaming on your phone, use Norton Mobile security.

So, these were the tips to browse kissanime ru on your devices. The Kissanime alternatives, we have mentioned in the list are equally amazing as Kissanime.



Animes are a great form of entertainment which have their roots from Japanese arts and culture and is fulfilled with moral values.

It is acceptable that it has given its viewers an extraordinary world to imagine and live within it.

Not all sites are as great as KissAnime, as they are usually loaded with malware and undesired pop-ups which degrade the quality of the site by behaving unusually.

The Kissanime alternatives that we have mentioned in this article are worth it. Instead of randomly selecting any site from the list, I’d recommend you to visit all of the sites and bookmark the one which you like the most.

Also, busting the myth that kissanime ru infects the user’s system with a virus, we have provided a brief answer on that. If you feel like the article is missing some information on the topic, or if you have some more kissanime alternatives, make use of the comment box or contact us.


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