Hindilinks4u: Most of the time while searching for movies to watch for free, we land in unsafe and scam websites that usually leads to real unsavory times. 

Everyone loves movies that are free in which you don’t have to pay a dime for it and respect your privacy by not asking any of your credit card details or anything to signup for while watching.

All the movies that are available on these websites are of high quality and any format that they want to view it. It’s easy getting around the website easily as they are user-friendly so any novice can use it too.

If you are planning to watch movies on your smartphone, then we recommend using one of these applications. They are completely free and offer premium features to the users.

What is Hindilinks4u?

Hindilinks4u is a website that allows streaming and downloading of Hindi, dubbed, Bollywood and Hollywood movies in desired format and quality. It relies on high-speed CDN (Content Delivery Network) for delivering movies and web series to you as fast as possible.

It is a trusted website that respects privacy as you don’t have to give any information for login/signup. All of this is free without paying for anything like other services that you have to pay for just the disadvantage of advertisements and popups. Hindilinks4u is better than some websites that don’t deliver any movies but just advertisements and redirects. 

Hindilinks4u Features

All of the movie sites have their own features which makes it popular among the movie freaks, so does Hindilinks4u. The site has a lot of amazing features, especially for the Indian audience.

Here are the features of Hindilinks4u site:

  • Free Hindi movies 

As the name suggests, Hindilinks4u is a site dedicated to users who are looking for Netflix, Amazon prime, or any other Hollywood movies in Hindi. Hindilinks4u provides its users a direct streaming link and download links for the latest Hindi movies.

  •  User interface

The user interface of Hindilinks4u is amazing. You wouldn’t find it difficult to search up for your desired movie using the search box.

The site has categorized everything according to its genre and release year. On Hindilinks4u you can find movies that are released from 1913 to 2019 which gives us an idea that the site has a huge database of Hindi dubbed movies.


Hindilinks4u website also has various options on its menu which makes it easier for the user to search for the movies.

  1. Latest – This option will bring you the latest and the newly released Hindi movies that have been uploaded on the Hindilinks4u website.
  2. Series – This option gives you a list of various premium content streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime, and more. You can select any of the options from the drop-down list of the stream the web series and movies of that platform.
  3. Browse by – This section is for those avid movie lovers who enjoy watching movies of a specific actor or director.
  • Amazing Streaming Quality

One of the best things about Hindilinks4u is that it provides its users with an amazing streaming quality. You can find the low, medium and high quality of tv shows and movies. Therefore, you can stream or download the content depending upon your internet connection.

  • Watch Documentaries

Find a place to watch and download documentaries is really a tiring task. Well, the Hindilinks4u website has made it a lot easier for you to watch documentaries online.

With Hindilinks4u you can watch the latest and the old documentaries for free. You just have to select the documentaries category from the menu and choose the one you want to watch.

Is Hindilinks4u safe? 

Hindilinks4U is absolutely safe. It respects users’ privacy as it doesn’t require any email or personal details as there is no login\Signup to watch the movies and web series present in the website.

The website has some considerable amount of advertisements that can be avoided by closing them when they pop up or use an adblocker to avoid any sort of intrusive advertisements. 

Is Hindilinks4u blocked? 

Every ISP blocks Hindilink4u as they are considered as a pirating site as they don’t have any official license to stream and allow downloading such websites.

The website does keep on changing its domain name to beat the DCMA takedown requests. As of now the current domain of the Hindilinks4u website is also blocked in India.

How to unblock Hindilinks4u? 

Hindilinks4u is blocked by ISP’s as the site is considered as a pirating website. But a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that is available for free and is also paid can unblock it.

Paid VPN’s are way better than any free VPN’s if the ISP’s have DNS Resolvers which will resolve the free VPN’s exposing the real IP address while paid ones don’t as they don’t leave any trails or metadata. One of the free ones that provide great service and is secure is Ivacy Vpn.

You can read the review of the Ivacy VPN before giving it a try.

Well, if you don’t want to spend your money on paid VPN service, you can use Turbo VPN for Free.

Or, you can use the method mentioned here. It is an alternative method to unblock hindilinks4u on any device.

  1. Download the Opera Mini web browser from its official site.
  2. Install the browser on your pc and set up the browser after installation.
  3. Once done, go to settings and enable adblocker from the settings, you can also block trackers and pop-ups using opera mini’s inbuilt adblocker.
  4. Now, search for the VPN using the search bar in the settings. Enable the VPN option and go to the homepage.
  5. On the left side of the primary URL bar, you will notice a VPN symbol, click on that.
  6. Set the location to the Americas, this is because the site is still working in other countries except for India.
  7. Once done, go to “hindilinks4u.to” and browse the latest Hindi movies for free.

12 Best Hindilinks4u Alternatives 2019

Hindilinks4u is no doubt, an amazing movie streaming site. However, it depends upon the user whether he likes the website or not.

Therefore, we have curated a list of some Hindilinks4u alternatives that work like hindilinks4u and are quite a popular movie streaming sites.


Putlocker is a website that doesn’t require any login and signup. It streams movies in high quality that can also be downloaded.

Putlocker puts up movies within 48-72 hours of their release. It is a great website that has easy UI and has a great collection of movies that can be streamed or downloaded in an instant. It has a great player which has many functions and easy to use.

Couch tuner

Visit Putlocker


123movies is a website that is known widely within people as has a great collection too. It has high-resolution copies of the movies that people watch.

You can download and movies too, it has a fast CDN, which allows fast streaming and downloading speeds that allow smooth viewing experience.

Some ISP’s may have the website blocked but you can get around with a simple VPN.

Visit 123Movies


TeaTv.xyz is a great website that doesn’t have any advertisements. It can all be blocked by the adblockers.

It has a fantastic UI that allows for easy usage and has fast servers that can stream every movie and web series from any of the paid services for free and fast.

The download is fast as it relies on good relay servers. It has an app that can also help with watching on Mobiles and Tablets for a handy experience.

It has a huge collection of movies and even regional ones that are handy to some users that don’t speak English but want to watch episodes or movies in their language.

Visit TeaTv


It is a movie streaming website that is decent and has a huge collection of movies for all the people that like recent flicks. It has movies in high resolution and can be streamed and downloaded. Some ISP’s may again block it. So use a VPN to get around it to watch it without any interruptions.

 Visit Fmovies


Vexmovies is one of the best in free websites for movies. It has no advertisements and no popups, so uninterrupted movie time with no advertisements. It has a huge source of movies that are in high quality and can be used for downloading and streaming of content. 

Visit VexMovies


1377x is a torrent website. It has all the movies and Web series in any quality one can think of. It is one of the best in the game but the issue is that torrenting is illegal in many countries.

We suggest you to use a strong VPN service while visiting any torrent website or any movie streaming websites


Visit 1337x


GoStream is a movie website that is free of advertisements and popups. It does have all the latest movies that can be watched in several resolutions like Standard Quality, High Quality, and CAM rip.

t has easy to use interface that can be used by any novice who is new. It is streamlined and has no issues with any device.

Visit Gostream


OnlineMovieWatch provides movies in all languages like Hindi, English and Telugu i.e Bollywood, Hollywood and Tollywood.

It is a good site that provides movies with high resolution and has fewer advertisements than any site and works 90% of the time. UI is clean and can be used.

Visit Onlinemovieswatch


Worldfree4u is another popular movie streaming and downloading website in India. It uploads movies within 3 days of its release and sometimes within a few hours of the release.

As expected, wordfree4u is blocked by many ISPs, therefore you will have to use a strong VPN service to enjoy downloading and streaming movies.

Visit Worldfree4u


Filmywap is an old site that has been present for the last 8+ years and is a Bollywood movie dominated website. It has all sorts of movies that anyone wants to watch at any time. It does change its URL from time to time but you can easily find it with a google search.


Visit FilmyWap


It’s a movie site that has Tamil dubbed and original movies and also has some Bollywood movies. It has some high-quality content but is filled with advertisements and supports streaming and download of the highest quality. 

Visit TamilyYogi


PirateBay is a website that also provides torrents for movies of all languages and has all sorts of web series.

It is regarded as an illegal website so use a paid VPN and you will be good to go. It has more than movies and Web series and has Games, software, etc.  

Hindilinks4u apk

While researching for the details about hindilinks4u, I encountered a lot of sites that are providing a download link for hindilinks4u apk.

All of that hindilinks4u apk are injected with malware or adware, therefore I request you not to fall into the trap and do not download any file named Hindilinks4u apk.

Even on the official Hindilinks4u website, there is no information about their Android or iOS app, therefore all of the third-party apps which are being distributed under the name of Hindilinks4u apk are malicious.

How to Download movies from Hindilinks4u?

Hindilinks4u is indeed a great platform for not only streaming but also downloading Bollywood, Hollywood or Hindi dubbed movies. You can also visit this page to download documentaries on different subjects.

All of this is completely free! Just go to the main home page of this website with the help of your browser. Select any latest or old movie that you want to download.

By clicking on this movie, you will be directed to a new page. This page will show you a mini screen where the video will be loading. As soon as the loading is completed, you will be provided with the options at the bottom of the screen to play, pause or download the movie.

Click the download arrow to further continue the process. It will take a while but as soon as your movie is downloaded, you can enjoy it in an offline mode with your friends and family. Just don’t forget to grab your popcorns!


Hindilinks4U is a website that is reputed and does have one of the largest databases of movies with any desired quality and resolution.

It respects privacy as you don’t have to log in for anything. You don’t have to pay for anything as its all free in the cost of advertisements and popups.

Even though these websites like hindilinks4u provide content for free, we request you to support the creator and watch movies in a legal way.

These websites turn out to be useful if we fail to find a movie in our nearby theater or if the movie is old and not available on any premium content streaming platform.



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