Gogoanime – 20 Best Working Alternatives of Gogo Anime

Gogo Anime

Gogoanime: It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Animes have gathered a big fanbase across the world. People, whether they be kids or men, are fond of Animes and often wait for the latest release of their favorite Anime series with utmost patience. 

Over time as people moved over the internet, the Animes were made available to the netizens. Here also it has gained great popularity among the people as it can be easily accessible for free or some site even charge a minor fee to let you enjoy one of your favorite Anime series with popcorn! 

What is GoGoAnime? 

All of the hardcore anime fans must have about Gogoanime as it is one of the best sites to watch anime online. Even though there are a lot of sites available to watch animes online, Gogoanime.io has its fanbase and the site has millions of viewers every month.

User interface

Gogo anime website has a mesmerizing user interface. Black background and yellow borders won’t affect the viewer’s eye even while watching anime during midnight under the blanket because that’s what a weeb does.

User experience

Gogo anime has a pretty amazing user experience. A lot of factors should be considered while talking about user experience. Even though Gogoanime site has ads, it wouldn’t compromise with the user experience.

The ads and pop-ups on Gogo Anime can be blocked using an ad blocker, you can use any trusted adblocking extension from Google Chrome Store.

GogoAnime Features

When it comes to streaming anime online, we know how amazingly Gogoanime performs its Job. You all might be wondering what is so amazing about the Gogo Anime, well here are some of its features.

  • Gogoanime fetches links from up to 4 servers for every anime, if one server goes down user can switch to a different server and continue to watch anime online.
  • Most of the anime series that you will find on Gogoanime home is dubbed and subbed, hence your hunt for anime streaming sites that provide subbed anime series is over.
  • The right sidebar shows a list of ongoing anime series, therefore you won’t have to search a list of ongoing anime series.
  • Gogoanime uploads the latest and the new episodes within the few hours of its release, this is quite amazing as you wouldn’t have to wait for hours or borrow your friend’s Crunchyroll account.
  • Gogoanime site also has a section of the anime series that are recently added to the gogo anime database.
  • You can even watch anime movies at Gogoanime.
  • You can request an anime series or movies using the Request feature. This feature can also be used to give an idea for a new feature that can enhance the user experience of the users at GogoAnime.

How to download anime from Gogo Anime?

We found that a lot of users have been looking out for methods to download anime series from gogoanime. Well, if you don’t know this already, Gogo anime allows its users to download anime series for offline streaming.

Here is a tutorial on how to download anime from GogoAnime:

  • The very first step is to head over to Gogoanime.io.
  • Search for the anime series you want to download.
  • Go to the anime series

  • You will notice a download button on the top left corner of the streaming area, click on that.

  • A new tab will open which looks like this (see screenshot below).
  • Click on the first button and the download will start. If somehow the links don’t work, you can try using the mirror links.

So, this is how you can download anime from Gogo Anime.

Is GoGoAnime safe? 

Privacy is a major concern in the era of digitalization. If you are wondering whether Gogoanime is safe or dangerous, we have an explanation for you.

All of the famous anime streaming sites such as Kissanime, Chia anime, uses an ad service. These ad services leave behind trackers in your browser which can be later used to serve you with personalized ads.

You don’t have to worry much as these trackers do not steal your personal information. You can even block trackers and advertisements using any third-party extension or Opera Mini web browser.

The Opera-mini web browser has an inbuilt adblocker and can also block trackers. You can also use its inbuilt VPN which is free to use but slows down the connection speed.

Coming back to our main argument, Gogo Anime has an option to register an account, we suggest you to use secondary email id to create an account on Gogoanime site. Although, it is not necessary to create an account on Gogoanime but creating an account will give you access to some more features like bookmarking a series.

Gogoanime apk

A lot of users are searching for Gogoanime apk on the internet. Well, we tried to find an official Gogoanime apk but it doesn’t exist anymore. There was an app named Gogoanime on the play store which has been removed now.

The app had a very bad user rating as it was full of bugs and couldn’t even stream anime series properly. For users who are still looking for Gogoanime apk, we suggest you not to use any app named Gogoanime apk.

All of the apps are fake and not associated with the Gogoanime site in any way. But, if you are still looking for an app that can let you stream anime on your Android smartphone, you can a shot to Kissanime app.

Best working alternatives for Gogoanime.

Even though a Gogo anime has been around for a long period, there are chances that it may shift to a different domain or temporarily go down due to critical server issues.

There are hundreds of anime streaming sites available on the internet that offers similar features as that of Gogoanime. We have compiled a list of some best sites that can be used as an alternative of Gogo anime if you face issues while visiting the site or downloading anime from Gogoanime.

All of the sites below are tested before writing down the review, these alternatives of Gogo anime works like a charm with VPN and an adblocker. Make sure you bookmark this page as we will keep updating information related to Gogoanime sites.

1. AnimeLand 

AnimeLand is an excellent Anime streaming platform if you are looking for dubbed anime episodes. The website provides the latest and as well as popular Anime series.

Viewers can download as well as stream online the latest and popular anime series such as Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Sword Art Online 2, and many more in English. 

One can easily navigate to their favorite Anime series using the search bar at the top-right of the website or the navigation bar at the top of the website.  However, Animeland is also known as DubbedTv, so do not get confused when you visit the website.

2. KissAnime 

KissAnime is a great website to download the latest Anime in HD video quality across various video formats.

The website is responsive to its users among different devices which makes it easier to download and stream their latest Anime series for free. 

On the homepage of Kissanime, shows the latest released Anime episodes which can be downloaded as well as streamed seamlessly. 

Kissanime doesn’t promote any pop-up ads or malware which can affect the performance or the user experience of the website but there are some issues if you use adblockers on the site. 

You can also download the Kissanime app to watch anime on your android smartphone.


3. AnimePlanet 

With integration with other Anime streaming sites such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and many more, AnimePlanet is the perfect destination to meet your latest and popular Anime series requirements.

Viewers can also log in or Sign up to add their favorite Anime series to the collection to watch later.

AnimePlanet provides non-dubbed as well as a dubbed Anime series, which makes it accessible to a large number of people in the community. 

The user interface of the site is pleasant purple which makes it look attractive. One of the best things about AnimePlanet is ad placements. The ads are not cluttered on the home screen or the buffering page.

anime planet

4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is another good alternative for GoGoAnime though not free. The website provides a massive collection of Animes as well as Dramas.

The website doesn’t provide content for free but at a reasonable and low price. It also comes with a 14-day premium trial where users can avail all such premium features at free of cost for the first 14 days.

Another best thing about Crunchyroll is that you can use it on your Android TV, Ps4, Xbox or Amazon Fire TV stick.


5. Stremio 

Just like any other video streaming platforms available out there such as Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, and many more, Stremio also works the same.

The application is available on many devices such as windows where users can log in and look up for their favorite Anime and also any TV show.

You can also search using any of the tags available such as Genre, Category, Rating and many more.  On Stremio, you can add extensions for Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll and also for other anime sites,


6. Anime Kaizoku 

Anime Kaizoku is a responsive and well-curated website that Anime shows in different video qualities such as 480P, 720P, and also 1080P.

Users can also stream the Anime shows online instead of downloading. The website contains pop-up ads and which can be irritating to some of the users.

Moreover, the overall performance of the website is above average due to its designed and outstanding theme.   


7. 9Anime 

9Anime is an Anime streaming website that streams the latest Animes in high quality such as 1080P and many more.

The website provides a very simple though an attractive UI to its visitors along with many features. 

9Anime also provides a schedule for upcoming events that mention the release of the latest Anime episodes including a description of forthcoming series which can be a lot helpful for their fans.

It shows minimum ads to its visitors which is also a useful feature of the website. The official Reddit page has the rest of the information about the site. 

You can block ads using uorigin, both video player and website ads can be blocked using uorigin, the whole procedure has been explained on the Reddit’s official thread.


8. AnimeUltima 

AnimeUltima is an excellent alternative for GoGoAnime. Here you can easily find the latest Anime releases on the top of the webpage along with trending shows, All-time popular, Latest Anime Added, etc. 

Viewers can also lookup for necessary details such as Episode number, Date released, and whether the episode is Subbed or Dubbed.

Moreover, users can participate in the community by engaging in the posts with the people on the platform. You need to log in to use this feature. 

There are only a few ads and the overall user experience is fantastic. You can choose the streaming quality from the settings and even use the dark theme mode from the menu.

Another highlighting feature of AnimeUltima is that you can request an anime if it is not available on the site.


9. AnimeFrenzy 

AnimeFrenzy is a website that offers the latest Anime series and movies. Visitors can also download the Dubbed and Subbed Anime episodes and series if it is available on the website. 

The website contains pop-up and ads on the homepage, which can hinder the bring down the overall performance of the website.

Although,  AnimeFrenzy provides many servers to stream the content and also has the option to download it to save it offline. 

You can join their discord servers to report an issue, request a series or movie or to have fun around in the community.

My overall experience with AnimeFrenzy is good, I would recommend you to use an adblocker to get rid of misleading ads.


10. PutLocker 

At PutLocker, you can’t only download Animes but also can download movies and other TV shows from its huge database. The website offers simple UI, which is free from any pop-up ads or any malicious programs.

Putlocker.me embeds links from other third-party uploading platform and doesn’t have its collection. If a mirror link fails to load the content, you can choose another one from the list.

So far, Putlocker.me is one of the best sites to stream movies, tv shows and anime series all three of them in one place.

Couch tuner

11. Nyaa 

Nyaa is another website in this list where you can download from a massive collection of Animes. At Nyaa, you can only download the latest Anime series or episodes from the torrent or the magnet link provided by the website. 

The design of Nyaa is plain and simple where users can also upload their content but make sure you have logged in to do so. The website provides minimal or no ads to their visitors.

Recently, the site administrators received some allegations about racism from its peers which has nothing to do with the Nyaa. The site has been shifted to a new domain for now.


12. Kawaiifu 

Kawaiifu is another good alternative in this list where you can download the latest English dubbed and non-dubbed Anime shows and movies. Viewers can sort Animes using tags such as Season, Year, Genre, and many more. 

Along with Animes viewers can also access TV series on the website in top 1080p and also available in different servers which is a handy feature in case any of the provided links are broken or not working.  

Other than Tv series, anime, and movies, you can also listen to the intro music of any anime series from the music section which is a pretty awesome feature in my opinion.

There are only a few ads on the site, no pop-up ads appeared while streaming or surfing the list of anime. One of the best features of Kawaiifu is that you can take a screenshot from the video player directly.


13. Chia-Anime 

Chia-Anime is a simple website to download and stream the latest Anime series. The website is supported by an understandable black UI which organizes most recent released Animes and also new Anime series.

Viewers can also sort the Anime list using the helpful search bar at the top-right of the webpage and also across many genres such as Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Erotica, Fantasy, and many more in the list.

Chia-anime also provides you a separate section of Anime soundtracks just like Kawaiifu. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite anime soundtracks on chia-anime.

You may need to set up a VPN connection to access the website as it is blocked by ISPs in many regions.


14. Animeshow 

The website is similar in performance to just like every other website in this article. Animeshow provides a huge list of latest uploaded Anime shows and episodes along with ongoing Animes.

Animeshow also suggests random Anime suggestions to its users in case if they are confused about what to watch. Although, users can easily search for their desired anime using the search box.

However, it also contains pop-up ads which can contain harmful viruses or program that can affect your device. I’d recommend you to use an adblocker and a strong VPN to play on a safer side.

15. AnimeLab 

AnimeLab is not only an interactive website where you can watch or download your favorite or latest Anime series and episodes but also has an application.

The website provides the latest as well as a considerable collection of Animes for almost all people in the community as the Anime shows are Subbed as well as Dubbed.

Though the content provided isn’t available for free, and the website requests users to complete payment to access the content. 

If you wish to pay-to-watch, AnimeLab is a perfect choice for you. Users can download the app on their android, iOS, PlayStation or Xbox platform. 

Anime lab

16. Anime Tosho 

Anime Tosho is a simple website from where users can download as well as add some downloading links to their favorite Animes.

The website is somehow like a community where users help each other by providing links from reliable sources. The links provided here are available on different platforms such as Torrent, Openload, SendSpace, SolidFiles, ZippyShare, and many more. 

17. Narutoget 

Narutoget is more like a dedicated character website than an Anime website. The website is dedicated to Naruto and Baruto, and it contains almost all shows and movies too from Naruto and Boruto Shippuden series. 

The website contains both subbed as well as dubbed Anime shows and movies too. NarutoGet.com is not live anymore, therefore an alternative to that has been established where fans can enjoy watching Naruto.


18. Zona Wibu 

Zona Wibu is an ordinary Anime hosting website just like any other website on this list. The Animes shows are available on the website along with subtitles which is helpful to the big community of viewers. 

Users can download form G-drive, ZonaFile, and other many platforms as well as stream the content online. The shows are available across different video qualities ranging from 360P to 1080P. 

The website is free from ads and pop-ups, therefore, user experience is pretty amazing. You can also request for an anime or report a broken link to the administrator.


19. MyAnimeList 

MyAnimeList is a nice and interactive website for its viewers. The website provides the latest uploaded Animes on the web as well as Animes are sorted as season-wise.

The website holds more than 20000 Anime episodes which show the huge collection of the website. Apart from these, the website also has a manga store though it is still restricted to some countries. 

The website also has a community where people can interact and share their views and interests in particular Anime shows. 

20. Random Anime 

If you are a bit confused regarding the Animes to watch and looking for any random Anime suggestion, then this is the best place for you.

At Random Anime, you can perform a random search from its huge database and get some good Animes across many genres. 

The users can also perform a selective search which includes Anime search results from selected categories or genres. You can also add options such as Rating, Released year, Episodes, and many more. 

Before visiting any of the listed sites, I would highly recommend you to use a strong VPN. A Vpn can help you to stay anonymous so that the government doesn’t track down your activities on the internet.

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network that allows you to securely connect to a site without compromising your privacy. You can also use a VPN to access sites that are blocked in your region due to some reasons.

There are a lot of VPNs available out of which I would suggest using Ivacy VPN.

Features of Ivacy VPN:

  • Ivacy Vpn is one of the cheapest and reliable VPN services.
  • You can connect to any region no matter what plan you are using.
  • Appreciable customer support.
  • Available on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Chrome extension, Xbox, PS4, Firestick, etc.
  • Plans start as low as $1.87 a month.

Final Words

Gogoanime is a great website to watch anime online, but at times the servers crash due to extreme load or maintenance.

The ads on Gogo Anime are quite annoying which degrades the user experience, however, it is the only way for the owner to pay the server bills.

In this article, we have listed the best Gogoanime alternatives. You can choose any of the websites from the list in the replacement of Gogoanime when it is either down or blocked in your region.

I would also recommend you to use a strong VPN to stay anonymous while using any of the sites mentioned in this article. If you face any difficulties or have a suggestion for us, use the comment box.


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