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Bookzz: There are times when you don’t find a book in your nearby stores because of no stock or the publishing of the book has been discontinued.

One of the best ways to get any book for free was, which has been shut down in 2017 as the site hosted copyrighted content. The owner mailed the subscribers about the issue and later moved the site to a new domain that is

If you have never heard about bookzz and always ended up on sites that offered free ebooks but are full of pop up ads and malware, this article is for you. We have penned down the information regarding the bookzz website and the best alternatives to bookzz.

Bookzz – What is Bookzz?

Bookzz was an online digital book distribution platform that used to provide ebooks in the form of raw PDFs and other extensions. It was a very well known and popular website as it offered premium books for free.

The website was a massive success in its time and was the most competitive website during its peak intervals. Bookzz used to offer every genre and type of book. The kinds included fiction, literature, programming, novels, etc.



The primary reason for Bookzz success was that the users on the internet found issues while downloading their favorite books and PDFs.

On the other hand, this website made their work more comfortable by providing direct links to the user. The website was taken down due to some reasons that we are going to discuss below.

Why Was Bookzz Taken Down?

Bookzz was a digital book distributing service that used to provide the users with direct links to the book that they wanted.

As expected, Bookzz did not own the rights for any of the books or entities, so a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) case was filed against them which forced them to shut their website down.

As we all know, sharing and downloading pirated content is strictly prohibited and should not be promoted. The peak intervals for Bookzz were the late 2016 and early 2017.

Then, they started getting more and more issues as a result of which they had to shut their services down forever.

Bookzz Alternatives – Top 5 bookzz alternatives

As Bookzz has now shut down and it has no chance of making a comeback shortly. Finding ebooks on random sites is not safe, as most of them redirect to ads and other malicious links that are not safe for your device.

We have made a list of sites that are similar to bookzz, and you can easily find ebooks for free. The below-mentioned sites are also not legal as distribution of copyrighted content is strictly prohibited, and at no cost, it is going to be legal.

You don’t have to worry about this, as you can download ebooks from these sites without getting into any trouble.




Sources say that this is the official rip off of the original Bookzz. The website has an extensive collection of books that are available to download for the users.

However, this website is not advised as there are chances that you will run into a spammy ad link every time you click somewhere.

Update – The site has been taken down and the domain has been put up on sale.


PDF Drive




PDF Drive is currently the number 1 digital book provider out on the internet. The reason for their tremendous success is their website’s direct link system.

They do not have any spammy or pop up ads, and the website looks clean and spam-free. PDF Drive has a vast collection of various genres of books.

The main thing to admire about PDF Drive is that they update their book database every few seconds. They also have a live book counting system that notifies the user about how many books currently reside in the PDF Drive database.


Library Genesis


Library Genesis is like GOOGLE for ebooks. The website is entirely legit because it offers books and docs that do not come under the copyright act.

Library Genesis is often referred to as LibGen. It has a simple yet working user interface that looks like a ’98 Google. There are a couple of addresses for Library Genesis. Don’t stress; we have summed them all for you.


Gutenberg Project


The Gutenberg is a project that is based on providing free digital books to the users. The Gutenberg database currently contains around 59,000 books that are entirely legal and safe to download.

The root of this project goes back to 1971 when it was started by an American writer named Michael S. Hart.

Open Library


As the name suggests, Open Library was founded with a motive. The motive was to create a single web page that contained links to all the books ever published.

The website is available to the users in English. It was started by Aaron Swartz, Brewster Kahle, Alexis Rossi, Anand Chitipothu, and Rebecca Malamud. The interface of the web page is simple and uncluttered.

The main benefit of these websites to the users is that they are free of ads and do not contain any spammy links.


Free ebooks and pdf are easy to find on the internet but most of the time it becomes a headache to surpass the pop-up ads and download one ebook that you were desperately looking for.

Bookzz was an ocean of books that were available to download for free to everyone. It was taken down as it hosted content in an illegal way but we have provided you with the best alternatives of bookzz in this article.

If you ever come across a site that is similar to bookzz, contact us and we will update the list. Feel free to comment on any issues regarding the Bookzz website alternatives and do not forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more such articles.

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