Admitme TV – 5 Working Alternatives In 2020

admitme tv

Admitme TV: Choosing a perfect streaming service which can stream a huge database of movies and TV shows from the web is a hard and tedious task as there are plenty of alike of them out there, some might be a bit expensive or might not have features such as downloading for offline streaming; etc. is a great online streaming platform where users can stream a variety of movies and TV series across many genres or categories.

The website maintains its secrecy as it is an invite-based platform, which means users can join only when invited by the existing users.

Therefore, it is hard for users to use this platform as their streaming option.

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These apps are completely free and provide premium features to the users.

Once you are invited by one of the existing users, you are all set to access Admitme TV as a streaming platform and use its features. Some of the cool features of Admitme TV are:

  • Free and subscription-based membership:  Admitme TV provides free as well as subscription-based membership. In free membership, users can access old movies as well as TV shows, whereas in subscription-based membership users can access to new movies and TV shows in addition to the free content on the platform.
  • No ads: The website is free from all types of ads or popups which can be misleading or can interfere with the user experience.
  • Better video quality: Once you are into the website, you can experience the content of the website in HD quality.
  • Fast servers: The website is empowered with fast servers to serve the HD movies and TV shows in almost no time.

What happened to Admitme TV?

Admitme TV was undoubtedly one of the best online streaming platforms as it was free to all users as well as with a low subscription fee with no ads.

Though the Admitme TV platform is not available anymore as the team has completely shut down the project. It might be hard for users to look for alternatives for Admitme TV with such features.

Some of the most valid reason which leads to end Admitme TV to end its services can be:

  • Piracy Issues:

The content provided by Admitme TV is not licensed and hence should be termed pirated. Therefore, sharing such pirated content can be a good reason leading to the shutdown of Admitme TV.

  • Closed community:

Admitme TV community was closed and was known to limited users. It was very hard to get into the Admitme TV community and platform.

Hence, this can be also a reason to close the platform as it was not profitable anymore to run the community.

Alternatives to Admitme TV

Admitme TV was indeed a great platform to stream movies as well as favorite TV shows across many channels of high quality.

Since it is gone, it is tough for users to find such a streaming site with such features and also no ads which are the main reasons most of the users choose to opt-out from the service provided by the different streaming platforms.

Some of the top alternatives for Admitme TV which tend to match up to its features are:

1. is a great alternative for Admitme TV. On Popcornflix, Users can easily watch movies, TV shows as well as other viral videos. The platform has no ads hence it can be a reason for such big popularity.

Users can start watching the content on the Popcornflix as soon as they are on the website. hence, you don’t need to log in to the website to get the content.

admitme tv


Snagfilms is also another great alternative for Admitme TV. Just like Popcornflix, users can easily stream movies or TV shows without getting logging in to the website.

Though the website supports ads, they are placed efficiently which doesn’t affect the overall user experience. The website has a dark and clean UI which can be relaxing and soothing to eyes.

The website streams movies and other content in the highest video quality possible. Also, users can stream in different video quality.

Snagfilm’s aim is to promote Filmanthrophy, which means to promote the action and work of many communities and people with the help of documentaries or such movies.

It offers movies across many categories such as Documentary, Climate change, History, Refugee & immigrant stories which can be heaven for the movie addicts.

admitme tv

3. is another alternative for Admitme TV on this list. The website has a dark UI with no ads which can be a great reason to use it as an Admitme TV alternative.

In case you are looking for a specific genre, you can look across many genres such as action, adventure, animation, and biography. Also, users can sort it using the release year. Users can stream movies across different video qualities available ranging from 360 P to 1080 P as per their convenience.

The website offers many streaming channels which makes it a reliable source to its users. In case, you aren’t comfortable with the language you can select any of the closed captions available across many languages.

The website also offers information regarding the movie such as IMDB rating, synopsis, complete cast info, screenshots, and many more to know more about any of its available content.

One of the key features of the, which makes it superior to other alternatives available is that one can also download movies to save it for offline access. The website is banned across many countries due to piracy issues since the website provides illegal content, hence to access the website users might need to connect to VPN.

4. is a great platform for streaming and as well as downloading not only movies but also web series. Users can easily find the latest as well as their favorite movies or web shows.

The website offers a great UI to its users as it provides an option to switch between night mode. Users can also look for the latest, trending and also most view movies by the users across the website.

The website also provides additional details such as Duration, Actor, Quality, Year of release, IMDB rating, and many more to sort movies by your choice.

Users can stream movies of their choice using different mirror streaming options available on the website. To stream movies in high definition, you must be logged in on the website.

5. is the fifth and last alternative in this list. Cinebloom is just like another movie website on the list. Users can easily download the latest movies, web series, and also the latest TV episodes.

The website is blocked across many countries since it provides illegal content and encourages piracy. Hence it is suggested to use a VPN to use the platform.

The platform provides multiple streaming options to stream TV shows and episodes.

Users can also add their comments to any of the TV series. The  .com and .info are new and .org is the currently active domain on the web.

admitme tv


Searching for a perfect streaming platform with great features such as no ads, HD video quality, latest movies, fast and regular updates, etc can be hard for everyone.

Admitme TV is a great platform that provides all of the abovementioned features in addition to other features.

It is hard to get into Admitme TV as it follows invite-based membership. Hence once existing users can add new members to it. With the shutdown of Admitme TV, it is hard for users to find such a website.

Meanwhile, users can look for an alternative for Admitme TV. These alternatives have similar features to it and also update their content regularly.

Snagfilms, Movie4k, and Popcornflix are some of the tops pick from the list. These platforms are easily accessible to its users and of course free.


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